Financing: Growth is good

Transcript: Financing: Growth is good

Growth is good

(Our host is looking at a tablet computer and turns toward the camera.)

Hi, I'm Kevin. I work for Industry Canada.

(Text on screen: Looking for government financing? Your search starts here.)

(An animation of a small building growing into a large building appears as the host speaks.)

Here at Industry, we help Canadian companies, organizations, and researchers increase their expertise and knowledge through a wide range of financing solutions so they can grow and compete on the world stage.

(The words "YOUR GOALS" appear on screen. An animated dart lands in the middle of the "O" in GOALS.)

Let me show you how you can find the specific programs that meet your goals and needs.

For businesses just starting out, the first step is to develop a solid business plan.

(A graphic of a "mind map" appears as our host speaks. The word "Business" is in the middle of the map. Surrounding the word Business are other titles. These are: market trends; human resources; customers; suppliers; competitors; risks; products and services; and, pricing and distribution.)

Now you're ready to research financial solutions for your business—Canada Business is one of the best places to start. Here you can quickly locate financial providers and programs that fit your business objectives.

(A screen shot from our website appears. The heading "Find money for your business" is featured. This is followed by screen captures from the Canada Business Network website

If you need hands-on advice, advisors at the Business Development Bank of Canada, part of the Industry portfolio, can help you assess, plan and implement cost-effective solutions. From over 100 offices across the country, BDC promotes entrepreneurship by providing highly tailored financing, venture capital and consulting services to entrepreneurs.

(A screen shot of the Business Development Bank of Canada's website home page appears while the host describes the program.)

There are also programs for small businesses that are ready to grow—like the Canada Small Business Financing Program.

If you're looking for financial support for your research, you'll also find that here.

(Shot of host is replaced by a screen shot of the NRC-IRAP program while the program is described)

The NRC's Industrial Research Assistance Program, IRAP, provides technical and business advisor services customized to your specific needs and goals so that your business can grow stronger, faster and bigger through innovation and technology. And through IRAP, you can obtain financial assistance to support your firm's research and development technical projects.

At Industry, we encourage innovation in business and science through research — so that discoveries and breakthroughs can take place here, in Canada.

(A screen shot from our website appears. It features the heading: "Find money for your research.")

Research in areas ranging from consumer issues to genomics to the development and commercialization of technologies.

Fueling innovation and growth: It's part of what we do for you.

(Industry Canada signature and Canada wordmark)

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