Import, export and investment: Business beyond borders

Transcript: Business beyond borders

Business beyond borders

(Our host is looking at a tablet computer and turns toward the camera.)

Hi, I'm Kevin. I work for Industry Canada.

(Text on screen: Business beyond borders)

(While our host is speaking, an animation appears. The animation is an outline map of Canada. Two cargo ships are then shown passing each other off the Atlantic coast. One is carrying shipping containers from Canada and the other is carrying containers to Canada.)

At Industry, we support businesses in many ways, like helping them go beyond borders and administering the rules for foreign investments to ensure they benefit Canada. Whether you are looking to import products for manufacturing or for resale, or want to tap into foreign markets, we have the information and data you need.

(Screen captures from our website appear next to our host. The first web page shows the headings "Export," "Import," and "Invest in Canada." Information about importing is featured. The next web page features the heading "Find Canadian importers.")

If you're thinking of importing, we have the basic information you'll need to get started.

(A screen shot of the "Export" section of our website is shown next.)

And, if you want to grow your business abroad, you can:

  • Find companies that import by product, city or by country of origin;
  • Create custom reports to see trade volumes between Canada and over 200 countries; and
  • Download guides and checklists that can help you successfully move your goods across the border.

(As our host speaks, a new screen shot of the Invest in Canada section appears.)

If you are considering investing in Canada, you can research industry performance, and determine what rules might govern your venture.

(Information under the "Forms and e-Services" tab of the Invest in Canada section is highlighted in a screen shot behind our host.)

If you need to, you can even apply for a review of your investment under the Investment Canada Act.

For more information about our world class investment climate, visit

(The Invest in Canada homepage appears on screen.)

Helping you take your business beyond borders: it's part of what we do for you.

(Industry Canada signature and Canada wordmark)

(End of script)

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