Intellectual property and copyright: Protecting innovation. Creating value.

Transcript: Intellectual property and copyright - Protecting innovation. Creating value.

Protecting innovation. Creating value.

(Our host is looking at a tablet computer and turns toward the camera.)

Hi, I'm Kate. I work for Industry Canada. We support Canadian innovation in many ways, like protecting intellectual property and copyright.

We want to make sure our creators, inventors and businesses have the confidence to take risks and innovate because an innovative, growing and productive economy is good for all Canadians.

Whether you want to protect something you've created, or understand how intellectual property and copyright works, you've come to the right place.

(A sequences of Canadian inventions is shown as our host speaks. Illustrations of a vintage "candlestick" telephone, a basketball and net, a snowmobile, the Canadarm and then a cellphone appear.)

Let's say you come up with an idea and you want to put that idea into practice — as a creation, invention or a unique business process. You can apply for intellectual property rights and protect the implementation of your idea.

(A screen capture from our website appears as our host continues to speak. The web page shows the Copyright and Intellectual Property page with the "Protect IP" tab highlighted. A close-up of the web page appears showing the headings "Is IP protection right for you?," "What do you want to protect?" and "Protect your IP.")

On our website, you'll find information to help you decide which type of IP protection best serves your needs from copyrights to patents and industrial designs.

(Another web page appears. This one is titled: "What do you want to protect?")

We also have information about the law, and how it affects you as a consumer, creator or entrepreneur.

(The Copyright Modernization Act web page is shown next. The "Understand copyright law" tab is featured. The screen shot transitions to the "Search Records" function.)

And, did you know we have databases of registered IP so you can research what your competitors are doing and build your business intelligence.

(The "Just for IP professionals" tab and related tools on this web page are shown.)

If you're an agent, you'll find a one-stop-shop for you to serve your clients… and if you want to become a registered IP agent, you can find out how.

Helping you create value by protecting your innovation: It's part of what we do for you.

(Industry Canada signature and Canada wordmark)

(End of script)

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