Science and technology: Investing in innovation

Transcript: Science and technology

Investing in innovation

(Our host is looking at a tablet computer and turns toward the camera.)

Hi, I'm Kate. I work for Industry Canada.

Here at Industry, we foster innovation through advances in science and technology. Innovation that results in economic growth, job creation, and other benefits for Canadians. It all starts with curiosity.

(An illustration of a question mark appears. An animation of an atom with four orbiting electrons appears inside the dot at the bottom of the question mark.)

We help researchers find answers to their questions. Answers that can lead to cures, new technologies and other breakthroughs.

(An illustration of a microscope is drawn on a puzzle piece. This is followed by an animation of many puzzle pieces that come together to form a maple leaf. Each piece contains an image representing an area of science and technology. These images include: a circuit board, a rack of test tubes, a DNA string, a molecule, a planet (Saturn), a human brain, a satellite dish and so on.)

By investing in programs that support basic and applied research, we help Canadians bring their ideas to market, creating new jobs and opportunities for growth.

(A screen shot from the Science, Technology and Innovation Council website appears. The "About Us" page is featured.)

We get advice on the state of science and technology from key experts — you can meet them here.

Want to see how the government is investing in scientific innovation? We have that here, too.

(A screen shot from our website is displayed featuring information under the "Find Financing for S&T" tab. Other tabs on this page are: "See Canada's investments in S&T," and, "See Canada's S&T Performance.")

(The web page showing "Find money for your research" information appears.)

If you are a scientist, researcher, or business investing in research and development, we may be able to help you find funding for your work.

If you want to see all things science for the Government of Canada, please be sure to visit

(The main page for the website is displayed.)

Investing in discovery and innovation: it's part of what we do for you.

(Industry Canada signature and Canada wordmark)

(End of script)

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