Weights and measures: Helping you get what you pay for

Transcription : Weights and measures

Helping you get what you pay for

(Our host is looking at a tablet computer and turns toward the camera.)

Hi, I'm Kate. I work for Industry Canada.

(One-by-one, illustrations appear of a grocery bag containing items like bananas, grapes, cheese and poultry (food that is sold by weight); a small car; and a house.)

We do a lot to help keep our economy running smoothly so that—whether you're a business or a consumer—you can focus on what's important to you… confident that you're getting what you pay for. Whether you're buying groceries, filling up your vehicle, or lighting and heating your home or business.

(Illustrations of an electronic weigh scale for food, a gas pump and nozzle and a residential electricity meter appear.)

Measurement Canada, a part of Industry Canada, works with service providers to ensure we can count on the scales, pumps and other measurement devices we use. It's not just good business, it's the law.

(A screen capture from our website is displayed. The web page shows the headings "You buy measured goods," "You sell measured goods,"  "You make measuring devices," and, "You inspect devices.")

Here, you'll find:

  • Information about buying measured fuel — including gas, firewood and propane

… And what to do:

  • If you feel you have received an inaccurate measurement.

(Further information from the web page is shown under the heading "You sell measured goods.")

If you sell measured goods, or make measuring devices, you'll find tools you can use to meet your legal requirements.

(More information from the web page is shown under the heading "You inspect devices.")

If you are looking for a Measurement Canada Authorized Service Provider, or want to become one, we can help with that too.

Making sure you get what you pay for: It's part of what we do for you.

(Industry Canada signature and Canada wordmark.)

(End of script)

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