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Transcript: Mobile Spectrum

(Music plays)

(Industry Canada signature and Canada wordmark appear over white bars at top and bottom of video)

(Earth spinning on blue background)

Female Voiceover:
Canada is big. Really big. Big like bigger-than-all-of-Europe big.

(Zooming in to spinning earth)

We're second in size, 228th in population density.

(Earth stops spinning on Canada, satellite flies by, Canada raises from the Earth and tilts as camera zooms in through clouds)

That makes connecting to each other pretty hard and really important.

(Reveal beginning of sequences showing video clips floating right to left, background is illustrations of landscapes and sky)

(Sepia-toned video of train travelling through trees towards mountains)

That's why we built the railroads then and why we're working to free up airwaves, or "spectrum," now.

(Video of worker on phone, suspended from cellular tower)

Spectrum is what all wireless devices use to transmit data.

(Animatied bar graph with bars that rise to correspond with information in voiceover)

In the past year, we've increased spectrum for wireless services by more than 25 percent. And by summer 2015, we'll increase it by that much again.

(Video of woman holding phone, in front of a case of phones at a retail store)

Now, when we free up spectrum, we license it to companies in a way that creates more choice for consumers.

(Animated pie chart with wedge that increases to correspond with information in voiceover)

In 2006, three large companies held 98 percent of all commercially available wireless spectrum. By summer 2015, we're giving new competitors a chance at 25 percent of the pie. That should help level the playing field and lower prices.

But Canadians don't just want more service, they want better service.

(Video of two women in night-time city scene using a tablet)

That's why we're releasing more spectrum, so Canadians can enjoy blazing fast wireless and broadband Internet.

(Video of grandparents camping and holding tablet, and grandson behind them waving)

Oh yeah, and one more thing.

(Zoom out of sequence back to Canada raised above Earth)

We're changing the rules to enable a new competitor to finally provide satellite and cellular service from coast to coast to coast.

(Overlay representing signal covers Canada from bottom to top)

We like to think Sir John A. would be proud.

(Canada recedes back into Earth, satellite flies by, zooming out from Earth as it resumes spinning)

More choice, lower prices and better service?

We've got you covered, Canada.

(Video fades to website)

(Industry Canada signature, and the Canada wordmark)

End of Transcript

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