The Marrakesh Treaty

Transcript—The Marrakesh Treaty

(Music up)

(Industry Canada employee host on camera.)

(Music fades)

Host on camera: The Government of Canada has committed to joining the Marrakesh Treaty.
So, what is it? And what will this mean for Canada?

That's what you need to know.


(A title screen appears. It contains a photo of the Centre Block of Canada's Parliament Buildings. The Government of Canada signature and Canada wordmark appear at the top and bottom of the screen.)

Text on screen:
The Marrakesh Treaty
What You Need to Know

(Music fades)

(While our host is speaking, there are visuals that support what she is saying. First, there is an illustration of 100 books in 10 rows of 10, which fade out to become only 7 books. Next, a map of Canada appears, superimposed with the number over 3 million. The next image shows a book crossed out with "93%" written on top. Close-ups of hands reading a Braille book follow, and then a refreshable Braille reader. Finally, a graphic showing an open Braille book with a turning page appears, and under it, a graphic representing an audio volume monitor with blinking lights.)

Host on camera: Imagine your local library only had 100 books. And you could only access 7 of them. What would that mean for your education or job prospects?

That's what it's like for over 3 million people across Canada who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise print disabled, who don't have access to 93% of the world's books because an accessible format isn't available.

And that's what the Marrakesh Treaty is all about.

It's an international agreement that will make it easier to create and share accessible versions with people around the world.

When a country joins the Marrakesh Treaty, it allows copyrighted print materials to be adapted into accessible formats like Braille and audio books.

Bottom line: The ability to access printed information is essential to preparing for and participating in Canada's economy, society and job market.

And that's why Canada is joining the Marrakesh Treaty!

So, now you know!

(Canada wordmark)

(Music ends)

End of transcript

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