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Transcript: Computers for Schools

(Music up)

(The video begins with a female on-camera host, an Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada employee, standing against a white backdrop. She will address the camera directly throughout the video.)

Host on camera: The Government of Canada has announced that it's expanding the Computers for Schools program.

So, how does it work? And how might it benefit you? That's what you need to know.

(A title screen appears. It contains a photo of the Centre Block of Canada's Parliament Buildings, the Government of Canada signature and the Canada wordmark.)

Text on screen:
Computers For Schools
What You Need To Know

Host on camera: Computers for Schools is a government program that helps, you guessed it, bring computers to schools.

But did you know that the program will expand to reach even more Canadians through non-profit organizations that support low-income Canadians, new Canadians and other community groups.

(Three videos appear beside the host, respectively showing a stack of used computers, a student employee fixing a computer and children using computers at school.)

This program works by taking unwanted computers and other equipment, refurbishing them with the help of student employees, and giving them to schools and other organizations that help kids get the digital skills they'll need to succeed.

Computers for Schools has already delivered over 1.4 million computers.

(A video appears beside the host showing a pallet of computers being placed in a warehouse.)

Text on screen :
Pentium IV 3.2 GHz
17-inch LCD monitor
40 GB hard drive

So, if you have computers or other devices that you want to get rid of, first check to see if they're still usable and meet our criteria. If they do, great! Contact us to see if and how your donation can be made.

When a donation is accepted, you may be eligible for a tax credit.

(A video appears beside the host showing a student employee fixing a computer.)

Text on screen:

If you're a student or recent graduate who wants to get some hands-on experience with computers and acquire digital skills, check our website to see if we're looking for help in your area.

(A video appears beside the host showing children using computers at school.)

Now, if you're a school or a charitable organization that promotes digital literacy and you need computers or equipment, simply contact us to review your needs and talk about delivery arrangements.

Computers for Schools: helping the environment and giving students and communities access to computers and digital skills.

So, now you know!

(Canada wordmark)

(Music ends)

End of transcript

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