Budget 2016—Investing in Business

Transcript: Budget 2016—Investing in Business

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The Hounourable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism

So, Budget 2016 has just been released.

But what does it mean for entrepreneurs, small businesses and people like you?

That's what you need to know.

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Budget 2016: Investing in Business

Well, we've introduced new ways to help small businesses grow and prosper in Canada.

(photo of male and female professionals)

For example, a higher number of smaller innovative companies will now have access to much-needed technical advice and financing through a $50 million injection to the Industrial Research Assistance Program.

(photo of two women in a large indoor space)

We're also encouraging start-ups, and businesses of all sizes really, to work together with post-secondary institutions and governments by investing $800 million in innovation networks and clusters.

(photo of male and female professionals in front of large office windows)

And to help you go global, we're launching a new initiative focused on helping high-impact firms scale up and further their global competitiveness.

Bottom line: these measures and more will help Canadian businesses and the middle class grow.

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#Budget 2016

Check out the full budget online!

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