Government of Canada launches search for Chief Science Advisor

Transcript—Government of Canada launches search for Chief Science Advisor

When Prime Minister Trudeau appointed me Minister of Science one year ago, I was given a mandate to ensure that science is front and centre in our government's decision making.

And my key deliverable on guaranteeing that happens?

Appoint a chief science advisor for Canada.

It's something scientists have asked for—for years—to ensure that science has a voice at the highest level of government.

It's something policy-makers have been looking for—and need—to help them develop good policies.

And it's something Canadians have called for—to ensure that science informs decisions that affect their lives and science is used to build a stronger middle class.

So, after months of consultations, we are now launching our search for a chief science advisor.

Visit our website to find out more about the position.

And think about how science can shape a bold, bright future for our country.

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