Canada Learning Code Week, June 1–8, 2017

Canada Learning Code Week, June 1–8, 2017

Hi, I'm Science Minister Kirsty Duncan.

Why are Canadians learning to code this week?

Experts say that in 2020, there will be more than two hundred thousand information and communications technology jobs without qualified people to fill them in this country.

To keep Canada innovative and strong in today's hyper-competitive world, we need digitally savvy Canadians in these positions.

It is important to demonstrate the value of all sciences to all Canadians.

That includes technology, engineering, math and social sciences.

Events like Canada Learning Code Week teach young Canadians the language of the digital world. 

By improving science and technology literacy in our young people, we are preparing them for the careers that await them in the future.

That's why our government is investing to teach grade school children to code.

And it is why I applaud the work of those behind fantastic initiatives like Canada Learning Code Week.

Maybe what you learn this week will help you build the next app.

Or design a new operating system for our smartphones.

Or create software for a self-driving car.

Who knows? Anything is possible!

I encourage everyone to roll up their sleeves and help build the Canada of the future, today.

And have fun while collaborating, computing and coding!

Happy Coding Week Canada!

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