Minister Chagger welcomes Canada-China Year of Tourism 2018

Minister Chagger talks about the 2018 Canada-China Year of Tourism (CCYT). CCYT is an opportunity to build on the people-to-people ties between Canada and China and welcome more Chinese visitors to experience all that Canada has to offer.

New statistical data has become available since this video was developed. Nearly 1.8 million Canadians have Chinese ancestry.

Transcript—Minister Chagger welcomes Canada-China Year of Tourism 2018

[Music up]

Ni hao.

[Text on screen: The Hon. Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism]

Hello, I’m Bardish Chagger, Canada’s Minister of Small Business and Tourism.

For the Government of Canada, we are very much looking forward to all of the good things coming in 2018, during the Canada-China Year of Tourism.

More than 1.5 million Canadians have Chinese heritage. They are strong ambassadors for Canada and demonstrate the close bond between our two countries.

China is also Canada’s second-largest trading partner.

[Video clips play, featuring the Northern lights, kayaking in the ocean, restaurants and city streets, and Indigenous tourist attractions]

We want to build on our common interests. We want Chinese visitors to see everything that Canada has to offer – from the Northern Lights, to our amazing East Coast; from our rich cultural heritage in our diverse cities, to the unique and unforgettable experiences offered by Indigenous operators across the country.

2018 is our chance to make it all happen!

So let me just say: Huanying

[China-Canada Year of Tourism logo]
[Canada wordmark]
[music fades]

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