What is ISED?

Immerse yourself in this 360 video to discover how ISED supports Canada through aerospace, automotive, science, tourism, spectrum and much more.

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Transcript—What is ISED?

[Animation in white space indicating to look around during 360 degree video]

[360 degree view in a white space with the Canada wordmark on the right and the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada signature on the left]

Narrator: Hi there. Welcome to the world of 360 video. Take a look to your right. You've probably seen this. Now take a look to your left. Have you heard of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, or ISED? Probably not, but we're everywhere.

[Music starts]

[360 degree view inside cockpit of jet plane]

Check it out. We're now in the cockpit of a jet. This aircraft is the type of innovation ISED helps develop and commercialize through its services and programs. And, by the way, feel free to look around in any direction throughout this journey. We don't just invest in aerospace; we invest in all sectors.

[360 degree view inside vehicle being manufactured in automotive production plant]

You see this plant?  This is an automotive production plant in Alliston, Ontario—recipients of ISED funding for research in the development of more efficient vehicles. You see all these people? They're the reason why we invest in innovation—to create jobs and grow the middle class.

[360 degree view of the inside of a human eye]

And now we're in a human eye—a healthy eye composed of over 2 million working parts. In the future, treatments for eye diseases will come from novel stem cell therapies. ISED is helping to advance this research and its applications by investing in organizations such as the Stem Cell Network, which are at the leading edge of science and innovation.

[360 degree view of the skating rink in Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto]

Now we're in Toronto. You see all these people? They all have cellphones, which use spectrum airwaves. We don't see these airwaves, but if you could, you'd see these signals bouncing everywhere. These signals need to be managed, and that's what we do. You see her in the pink on the right? She's sending a video. We free up spectrum so people like her and you can share moments like this with friends and family. Speaking of special moments...

[360 degree view of Niagara Falls from an observation area near the edge of the falls]

This is Niagara Falls, one of the world's most spectacular sites. All these people you see here are part of the 20 plus million visitors that come to Canada yearly because they heard of all the amazing experiences we have to offer. And that's what we do as well. We promote Canada as a tourist destination and make it easy for people to come here, which helps keep our economy strong. We support Canada at home... and beyond.

[360 degree view of the ISED signature in a white space]

Innovation, Science and Economic Development. You may have never heard of us, but we support you and Canada everywhere.

[Music ends]

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