Youth Can Do It! Supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs.

If you're a Canadian entrepreneur between 18 and 24 years old and apply before March 12, you may be selected to share your story at an exciting networking and business building event in Ottawa this summer.

Transcript—Youth Can Do It! Supporting a new generation of entrepreneurs.

[Minister Bardish Chagger speaks to camera, in front of a white background]

Minister Chagger: Throughout Canadian history, our entrepreneurs have shaped our country and changed the world.

[Photos of old Hudsons Bay storefront and old map of Hudson Bay area appear beside Minister Chagger.]

We all know a few. Their stories are legendary.

Do you have one of those stories? A story so good people will be telling their friends about it for years?

Well, we want to hear from you!

[Text on screen: The Honourable Bardish Chagger, Minister of Small Business and Tourism]

I'm Bardish Chagger, Canada's Minister of Small Business and Tourism.

[Photos of young entrepreneurs, of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with a group of entrepreneurs, and of Minister Chagger with entrepreneurs beside her appear on screen.]

And if you have a legendary business idea or an innovative new product invention, it's time for you to be centre stage!

It's the story – your story, your journey – that counts.

[Videos of entrepreneurs in discussion and working together appear on screen.]

Minister Chagger: You are the next generation of entrepreneurs. And you will be the ones creating jobs and growing the economy of tomorrow.

This will be your chance to get to know mentors and to mingle with government and industry leaders.

[Videos of young people in hard hats on a construction site, photos of young people at a podium and a large group photo of youth and Minister Chagger together appear on screen.]

We will celebrate your achievements and the important role that young Canadian entrepreneurs are playing right across the country.

[Video of smiling young people in a work environment appears on screen.]

This is your chance to be one of these legendary young Canadians!

And I'm eager to hear all about it.


So good luck, and make sure you get your videos in by the deadline.

[Text on screen: YOUTH CAN DO IT! #YCDI
APPLY BY MARCH 12, 2018.

[Canada wordmark]

[Music ends]

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