Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster

The Digital Technology Supercluster will use bigger, better datasets and cutting-edge applications of augmented reality, cloud computing and machine learning to improve service delivery in the natural resources, precision health and manufacturing sectors.

Transcript—Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster

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[Text on screen: SUPERCLUSTERS
Canada's Digital Technology Supercluster]

[Text on screen: What is your vision for Canada?]

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[Supercluster member speaks to camera]

[Text on screen: Josh Blair, Executive Vice President, TELUS Health and Business Solutions West; Chair, TELUS International]

Josh Blair: Canada's digital supercluster represents over 200 organizations that have a vision to make Canada a global leader when it comes to digital innovation.

Whether that's leveraging big data to create advanced treatments for cancer or tapping into data visualization to create best practices in the mining and natural resource sectors, we believe Canada can be one of the best players in this regard on the global map.

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