Protein Innovations Canada Supercluster

The Protein Industries Supercluster will use plant genomics and novel processing technology to increase the value of key Canadian crops, such as canola, wheat and pulses.

Transcript—Protein Innovations Canada Supercluster

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Protein Innovations Canada Supercluster: Unleashing the Potential of Canadian Crops]

[Text on screen: What did you learn putting together your supercluster?]

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[Text on screen: Dave Dzisiak, Commercial Leader Grains & Oils, Dow AgroSciences]

David Dzisiak: We learned that there's a tremendous amount of energy and passion to really help bring this notion to life. There's a lot of great innovation happening around plant protein that isn't been realized.

So the cluster can really be the enabler to help accelerate development of these small companies, of our industry, and really do some interesting things to open up new markets for Canadian plant protein products.

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