Building an Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster for Canada

The Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster will build up next-generation manufacturing capabilities, incorporating technologies like advanced robotics and 3D printing.

Transcript—Building an Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster for Canada

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Building an Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster for Canada]

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[Text on screen: Jayson Myers, CEO, Next Generation Management Canada]

Jayson Myers: Superclusters are all about building collaboration. And our advanced manufacturing supercluster aims to combine the technology strengths of southern Ontario with the manufacturing strengths that we have across the country. That's important for Canadians because it means we're going to be developing and producing new products, new technologies, new industries here in Canada.

We're going to be improving our manufacturing processes, really upping our game in terms of competitiveness, and we're going to be creating some of the skill sets that Canadians will need as they participate in Industry 4.0.

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