Meet Rachade Hmamouchi (Long version)

The need for people trained in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields has never been greater. Rachade Hmamouchi provides insight on her personal journey in STEM. The world needs your ideas. It all starts with you! #ChooseScience

Transcription – Meet Rachade Hmamouchi (Long version)

[Music up: calm and relaxing background music]

[Shots of a woman jogging and walking on a city sidewalk in winter]

[Shot of the interview subject seated in a lounge and speaking directly to camera]

[Text on screen: Rachade Hmamouchi, CEO, Iaso Genetics Inc., M.Sc.]

Rachade: My name is Rachade Hmamouchi, and I'm the founder of Iaso Genetics.

[Shots of Rachade going into a café. Shots of Rachade speaking directly to camera alternating with shots of her working on a computer in the café.]

Rachade: I figured out I really like science and technology. I went to Switzerland—Geneva—to do my master's. We were maybe less than four girls in the classroom.

[Shots of Rachade talking to her mentor in a café and of her speaking to another woman in a lounge. Shots of Rachade showing a test swab to a client and of her talking to another client in a lounge]

Rachade: I have a mentor. She's in the STEM field also. It's really interesting to see her point of view because she had the same challenges.

[Shots of Rachade speaking directly to camera alternating with shots of her talking to a client in a lounge]

Rachade: It's really the best time to be in STEM because it's a big revolution now. Science is going to be in our life forever, and it's starting now.

[Close-up of Rachade smiling]

[Text on screen: Start your story]

A message from the Government of Canada

[Canada wordmark]

[Music ends]

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