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Meet Nyla – entrepreneur and film/VR producer

The need for people trained in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields has never been greater. In this video courtesy of Bell Media, Nyla provides insight on her personal journey in STEM. The world needs your ideas. It all starts with you! #ChooseScience

Transcription – Meet Nyla – entrepreneur and film/VR producer

[Music starts]

[Text on screen: STEM Stories: Nyla]

[Video consists of shots of Nyla addressing the camera as well as various coloured backgrounds on which animated elements appear as she speaks. The animated elements include the keywords being spoken and STEM-themed illustrations related to Nyla's work.]

[Nyla stands in a studio surrounded by audio-visual equipment.]

Female narrator: This is Nyla. Nyla is an entrepreneur and producer of film and virtual reality content. Her STEM journey grew from her passions as a youth in Nunavut.

Nyla: Growing up in Nunavut, I didn't see myself or my culture represented in video games or movies. By working in VR, I feel like I'm able to change that.

Female narrator: STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Did you know only 22 percent of all Canadians working in STEM are women? But the future's looking bright.

Nyla: The perception of women working in tech is changing, and I think that's why it's so important to have women actually creating content.

[In the studio, Nyla places a VR headset on a woman and adjusts it. Next Nyla is seen wearing the headset.]

Female narrator: Nyla founded a tech start-up aimed at creating film and VR experiences for everyone, including young women and people of indigenous culture.

Nyla: My advice to girls who are interested in technology is to just go out and try it. It's important to share your story and share your resources.

[Text on screen: Share your story, share your resources]

Female narrator: Start your story. Go to

[Text on screen: #ChooseScience]

[Music ends]

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