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Meet Margaret – director of engineering and health advocate

The need for people trained in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields has never been greater. In this video courtesy of Bell Media, Margaret provides insight on her personal journey in STEM. The world needs your ideas. It all starts with you! #ChooseScience

Transcription – Meet Margaret – director of engineering and health advocate

[Music starts]

[Text on screen: STEM Stories: Margaret]

[Video consists of shots of Margaret addressing the camera as well as various coloured backgrounds on which animated elements appear while she speaks. The animated elements include the keywords being spoken and STEM-themed illustrations related to Margaret's work.]

[Margaret stands in an office space.]

Female narrator: This is Margaret. Margaret is a director of engineering and health advocate. Her STEM journey started when she was a curious youth.

Margaret: I was always interested in solving problems and curious about how the world works, so choosing science was a great way to turn that into a career.

Female narrator: STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Did you know only 22 percent of all Canadians working in STEM are women? But the future's looking bright.

Margaret: I think that there's a perception that women aren't interested in STEM fields, but I like to think that that's changing. I've seen lots of really strong women working in the technology industry.

[Margaret smiles while collaborating with a team member and pointing something out on his computer monitor.]

Female narrator: Margaret leads a team of over 20 software engineers. Her work helps people live healthier lives every day.

Margaret: Everyone starts out as a beginner. As you're taking those first steps in your career and you're unsure of yourself and you don't know the answers to everything, find someone who can help you answer those questions, and then one day you'll be the person answering those questions.

[Margaret stands with arms crossed in the office space.]

[Text on screen: Find someone who can help you answer those questions]

Female narrator: Start your story. Go to

[Text on screen: #ChooseScience]

[Music ends]

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