FIRST Robotics: A love for STEM begins here

The Canadian government helps youth connect science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), to their daily lives by supporting hands-on and interactive activities like the FIRST Robotics Competition.

Transcription – FIRST Robotics: A love for STEM begins here

Eighty percent of young women who are in First Robotics stay in STEM fields. (Cheers, applause).

When I looked around that gymnasium, I saw our future, Canada's future.

When students are able to take a concept and put it to work, and then actually see their ideas, their innovation, their technology working first hand and to do that in a healthy, competitive spirit, it's a confidence builder and it's also a motivator. Because they have so much fun, and they see the potential that they have to do more, to do better, to take it to the next level.

I got into U of T.


Nice. For what?

Mathematical and physical sciences.


It's not just about the robot; it's about the leadership skills they learn, the teamwork they learn.

We want more young women, we want more Indigenous people. We want their smarts, we want their ideas to help us build a better future and a better world. We have a team that is competing here that has travelled 18 hours from Pelican Falls, and I got to meet this tremendous team this morning.

And the last thing I'm going to say is impossible is a dare. If someone tells you you can't do it, take it as a dare. Impossible is a dare. And today I dare you: have a great competition. Go, teams, go! (Cheers, applause).

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