Meet Canada 150 Research Chair Azim Shariff

Azim Shariff is the newly appointed Canada 150 Research Chair in Moral Psychology representing the University of British Columbia. Learn what his research means for Canadians.

Transcription – Meet Canada 150 Research Chair Azim Shariff

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Azim Shariff
The University of British Columbia | SSHRC
Canada 150 Research Chair in Moral Psychology]

Azim Shariff: I’m Azim Shariff. I am the Canada 150 Chair of Moral Psychology, which looks at the origins, explanations and mechanisms that underlie how humans judge what's right and wrong, and I look at that in a sort of applied setting. I look at that—the intersection between moral psychology and various areas of social importance, things like religion or climate change or the economy or technology.

One of the limitations that we've had in the field has been a narrow focus, with an attempt to generalize to a large body of people. So one of the things that the funds that are associated with the chairship allows is to actually do broader research, where you get research on a much larger and more diverse group of people, so you can generalize to, well, the whole planet.

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