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Meet Larkin Mosscrop-Kee

Dr. Larkin Mosscrop-Kee is an ecologist and project manager working for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories. Dr. Mosscrop-Kee is chair of the Eastern Ontario branch of Women in Nuclear (WiN) Canada and is on the WiN Canada board.

Transcription – Meet Larkin Mosscrop-Kee

[Music starts]

[Fade in to Dr. Larkin Mosscrop-Kee seated]

[Text on screen:
Dr. Larkin Mosscrop-Kee
Project Manager,
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories]

Dr. Larkin Mosscrop-Kee: I'm Larkin Mosscrop-Kee, and I work for Canadian Nuclear Laboratories as a project manager in the nuclear field. I was first interested in science because I as a kid always wanted to know, you know, how things worked and why things worked how they did. And then I was always curious in understanding how things are connected. And I think that's why I got into biology, was because of the connection between everything. Learning those connections and learning how things worked was really what drove me to science and math.

Your education is the – the cornerstone to your future, so keep going to school, keep trying, keep being engaged in what you're interested in. You're not done learning because you're finished your degree. You need to continue to engage and learn, and be open to growth. When I got to Canadian Nuclear Labs as an environmental remediation specialist, I started to learn about nuclear, and I started to learn about how incredible of an industry it was and what kind of story it had. And being a environmental biologist is really – puts me in a unique position to advocate for nuclear. And so I've just continued my career as a biologist in this project manager role.

The only advice I can really give to people is follow what you're passionate about and continue to learn.

[Dr. Larkin Mosscrop-Kee fades out, #CHOOSESCIENCE text is enlarged with background science graphics]

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