Meet Canada 150 Research Chair Judith Elizabeth Mank

Judith Elizabeth Mank is the newly appointed Canada 150 Research Chair in Evolutionary Genomics representing The University of British Columbia. Learn what her research means for Canadians.

Transcription – Meet Canada 150 Research Chair Judith Elizabeth Mank

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Judith Elizabeth Mank
The University of British Columbia | NSERC
Canada 150 Research Chair in Evolutionary Genomics]

Judith Mank: So I'm Judith Mank, and I'm moving to University of British Columbia. I'm an evolutionary biologist, and I study the genetic differences between men and women. Yeah, so I've been involved in a project of late where we're knocking out every gene in the mouse genome, and been trying to understand the effect of these genes on over 200 different traits. What's been really amazing about this is that about half the genes that we've knocked out have had really different effects in male and female mice. And there's concern that, because we're screening male animals for drug targets, that we're missing many that would be more effective in women than in men. This is being used as justification and – and an explanation for why we really need biomedical testing to be done on both male and female animals.

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