Canada’s Science Vision

Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Sport, shares how the historic $4-billion investment announced in Budget 2018 supports Canadian scientists and researchers.

Transcription – Canada’s Science Vision

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[Text on screen: The Honourable Kirsty Duncan, Minister of Science and Sport]

Kirsty Duncan: We have so much to celebrate because we’ve come so far over the last few years. We’ve made sure that government researchers can speak openly and freely about their work.

[Text on screen: Prioritizing scientific evidence and advice]

Kirsty Duncan: We’ve reinstated the long form census because we need the evidence to make good decisions. We’ve put in place a new scientific integrity policy across government with the help of our new chief science advisor, the amazing Dr. Mona Nemer.

[Text on screen: $4 billion for science and research]

Kirsty Duncan: And this year, we made an historic investment of 4 billion dollars in science and research right here in Canada.

[Text on screen: Historic investment]

Kirsty Duncan: This includes the largest investment in basic research in Canadian history.

[Text on screen: Researchers and students benefit]

Kirsty Duncan: It will mean better opportunities to discover, learn and train for about 21,000 researchers and students across Canada – every single year.

[Text on screen: new infrastructure

[Text on screen: better health

Kirsty Duncan: On top of that, we are investing in new research infrastructure and digital research infrastructure across the country so researchers have the labs and tools they need to make the important discoveries that will help improve our health, our environment and our communities.

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