Prime Minister’s Awards – Give a teacher the ultimate gift

This holiday season, we want Canadians to think about giving teachers the ultimate gift: a Prime Minister's Award. The nomination deadline is January 14, 2020. Nominate a teacher today!

Transcription—Prime Minister's Awards — Give a teacher the ultimate gift

[Music up]

[Teacher, slightly hunched over a student's desk, points to paper and is about to ask a question.]

[Bell rings]

Teacher: Okay, everyone.

[Female student looks at male student and gives him a look as if to say, "Do you have it?" Male student silently confirms that he has the piece of paper the female student was inquiring about.]

Teacher: This is the holidays. So see each other in January. Have fun!

[Teacher sits at his desk.]

[Students leave the classroom. Some high-five the teacher on their way out or give him a gift.]

Teacher: Thank you!

[Male student is the last to leave and hands the teacher a piece of paper on his way out.]

Male student: Merry Christmas.

[Teacher looks at the piece of paper curiously.]

[Student looks back at teacher as he's leaving.]

[Teacher has puzzled expression, opens paper and reads it. Paper reads: "You've Been Nominated, Prime Minister's Awards: Honouring Excellence in Education."]

[Teacher is pleasantly surprised.]

[Students peek their heads through the classroom door to see the teacher's reaction.]

[Door creaks.]

[Teacher looks up and smiles at the students in the doorway.]

[All the students come back into the classroom to congratulate and high-five the teacher.]

Text on screen:
Nominate an exceptional educator today

Text on screen:
The Prime Minister's Awards

Text on screen:
Special thanks to École élémentaire et secondaire publique
Maurice-Lapointe, Mr. Fournier and his Grade 5 class.

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[Canada wordmark]

[Music ends]

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