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Find out what government can do for your business. The right programs to start, grow or access new markets.

Transcription – – Grow from here

[In an open-air office, four entrepreneurs watch virtual cars moving on a computer.]

Narrator: "Your product turns heads."

[A hand sketches with a lead pencil. A man draws a diagram on a white board. Lines of code are rapidly typed. An architect and her client, wearing safety helmets, examine a blueprint in a building under construction.]

Narrator: "Your ideas are a leap forward."

[The two women shake hands and leave the building with their equipment, as labourers get to work on the construction.]

Narrator: "Your business is growing."

[A vegetable producer examines a vine of tomatoes in a greenhouse. Boxes of fresh vegetables are shipped beneath a superimposed map of Canada and the United States.]

Narrator: "Visit and find programs to help your business start, grow or access new markets."

[In the office, the four colleagues examine a web page with the Government of Canada logo at the top. A slogan in the middle of the screen reads, "Big plans? Let's talk money." The architect scrolls through a similar web page on her phone, while the vegetable producer consults it on his tablet.]

Narrator: "Grow from here."

[Text on screen:]

Narrator: "A message from the Government of Canada."

[The Canada wordmark.]

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