Maximizing Opportunities for Economic Growth in Rural Canada

Transcription – Maximizing Opportunities for Economic Growth in Rural Canada

[Music starts]

[Fade in: Minister Jordan speaking from her office.]

[Text on screen: The Honourable Bernadette Jordan, Minister of Rural Economic Development]

Minister Jordan: Hi, everyone, I'm Bernadette Jordan. In January, the Prime Minister appointed me as the first ever Minister of Rural Economic Development, a dedicated voice in Ottawa to represent rural Canadians!

[Photos of Minister Jordan interacting with a variety of people in rural Canada appear throughout the video.]

Minister Jordan: Since my appointment, I have travelled the country, meeting with rural Canadians, listening to what matters most to your families, businesses and communities.

Everywhere I've been, the people I meet tell me how proud they are to live and work in rural Canada. They want an equal opportunity to participate fully in our nation's economy and share in its prosperity.

I am happy to launch Canada's Rural Economic Development Strategy.

[Graphic of Rural Opportunity, National Prosperity: An Economic Development Strategy for Rural Canada]

This strategy is based on input from you and is focused on true partnerships between the federal government with rural communities.

It responds to the different challenges that rural communities identified, while enabling sustainable economic growth and supporting good, middle-class jobs.

Of course, a crucial part of supporting rural opportunities involves access to reliable high-speed Internet. So I'm happy to also launch High-Speed Access for All: Canada's Connectivity Strategy.

[Graphic of High-Speed Access for All: Canada's Connectivity Strategy]

Canadians in rural areas rely on connectivity to access essential services—like health care, education, government services—and doing business.

These strategies work hand in hand to support strong rural communities and a strong Canadian economy.

They are also a foundation to build on, and I look forward to continued collaboration with rural Canadians across our great country.

[Fade to white]

[Government of Canada signature]

[Canada wordmark]

[Music ends]

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