Doing business with CRC

The CRC leverages research capacity by working with academia, industry, research labs and institutes through one-on-one partnerships, or consortia collaborations. The CRC also fuels innovation by providing access to our intellectual property portfolio of patents and copyrighted software.

Collaborations in 5G

If your company has expertise in 5G, either in networking or applications development, contact the CRC about collaborating and using the CRC-City of Ottawa test site.

R&D collaboration

The CRC collaborates on R&D projects to complement our skills and knowledge, and to advance our Grand Challenges. By collaborating with the CRC, partners may gain access to:

  • a world-class research facility to undertake research into spectrum and next-generation wireless networks
  • internationally recognized scientists, whose expertise can be invaluable to partners, including academics who are training the next generation of experts
  • the CRC's intellectual property portfolio, which can facilitate faster product development and release.

To illustrate, the CRC has collaborated with industry partners and R&D labs to:

  • Develop dynamic spectrum management solutions
  • Further research on millimetre-wave propagation measurements and modelling
  • Enhance designs of 5G arrays in support of the fifth generation of broadband wireless communication technologies
  • Optimize antenna design more generally
  • Enhance spectrum monitoring for CRC's Spectrum Explorer® licensed software
  • Advance printed electronics and engineered surfaces

Similarly, the CRC has collaborated with universities to:

  • Develop new methods and techniques to collect, process and exploit spectrum knowledge using big data analytics, data fusion, machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Conduct research in 5G, including research on millimetre-wave propagation measurements and modelling
  • Investigate advanced design techniques for reflect-array antennas

Access to CRC technology

Through our advanced research, the CRC has developed a wealth of intellectual property that is available for uptake, including licensable software, patents, data, and technical know-how.  Depending on the technology, access may be on a fee and royalty basis, or on a free open-source basis.

A search by owner in the database of the Canadian Intellectual Property Office or by assignee name in that of the United States Patent and Trademark Office will show the patents currently available from the Communications Research Centre.

Contact us

To discuss collaboration opportunities or access CRC technologies, please contact the CRC's Office of Business Development.

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