Our focus today

Wireless communication is revolutionizing the way we speak to each other, conduct business and organize our lives. Today, smartphones, GPS devices and wireless Internet connections are as indispensable as they are commonplace. Our reliance on wireless communication will only increase in the future. In fact, experts believe that by 2020, mobile data traffic will likely be 1,000 times what it is today!

At the Communications Research Centre (CRC), we recognize that this rapid growth in the use of mobile services poses a major challenge—the supply of radio frequency spectrum used to support wireless communication is limited. But it also presents a great opportunity. In Canada alone, the wireless industry contributes an estimated $50 billion to the economy, supports some 280,000 jobs, and inspires the innovation of new products and services.

As an integral component of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada and its Spectrum and Telecommunications Sector, the CRC is ideally positioned to meet the challenges, so that Canadians can realize the opportunities offered by the growing use of wireless communication.

Since 1969, we have been Canada's primary advanced telecommunications applied research centre, working closely with partners in government, the private sector and academia.

In 2017, we opened the Big Data Analytics Centre, a state-of-the-art research lab with visualization tools that will allow us to perform leading-edge research.

Our vision

  • As Canada's federal centre of excellence for wireless telecommunications R&D, be a leading contributor to solutions for wireless demand in a modern economy.

Our mission

  • Perform wireless telecommunications R&D that advances the efficient exploitation of the radio spectrum, and serves as the government's leading source of scientific knowledge and long-term technical advice for spectrum management, regulation and policy purposes;
  • Support critical wireless telecommunications operational requirements of Government of Canada departments and agencies, such as National Defence and Public Safety; and
  • Take part in strategic R&D collaborations that leverage CRC's activities, resulting in knowledge and technology transfer, to the benefit of Canadian industry, the economy and Canadians.
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