CRC's Grand Challenges

The Communications Research Centre's Grand Challenges projects are designed to tackle fundamental problems facing our wireless future. Much of CRC's R&D is performed in pursuit of its three Grand Challenges: spectrum environment awareness; breaking the frequency barrier; and making better use of spectrum. Learn more.

Spectrum environment awareness

How do we currently use the spectrum? The truth is, we don't know. CRC researchers are working to develop a prototype system that will monitor and analyze spectrum usage in real time, a necessary first step in moving toward better management of the resource.

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Making better use of spectrum

Can we use our spectrum more efficiently? CRC researchers are developing innovative technologies and techniques for making better use of the spectrum through, for example, spectrum and network sharing.

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Breaking the frequency barrier

Can we open up new bands of spectrum for commercial mobile communications? CRC researchers are studying advanced technologies, such as new antennas and engineered surfaces, that will allow us to open up new swaths of spectrum for future commercial mobile communications.

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