Corporate name search

Before approving a new corporate name, most provincial and territorial governments require a Nuans report. The Nuans report is a list of existing corporate and business names, as well as trademarks, that are similar to the one being proposed. A Nuans report helps avoid choosing a name that is already in use.

Order a report yourself

$13.80 per report

You can order reports yourself only in the following jurisdictions:

  • Canada (at the federal level)
  • Northwest Territories.

For all other provinces and territories, contact the relevant authority.

Get help with ordering a report

Find a Nuans member who can give you more information on:

  • ordering your Nuans report
  • choosing a name
  • understanding policy and regulation requirements.

You can also contact a law firm or search house in your area.

Order reports for my clients

As a member, you can:

  • do a pre-search
  • order multiple reports
  • inquire against a reservation
  • surveil Trademarks
  • recover copies of older reports
  • receive monthly billing.

Consult Nuans service commitments.

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