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Find it EZ Success Story
Kelowna, BC

Working with Government helped bridge the gap

As CEO of Find it EZ Software Corp, Ken Gnazdowsky knows growing a high-tech start-up can be tricky. “Our start-up needed access to highly skilled people to help bridge the gap between where we were, and where we needed to be with the limited resources we had available,” says Gnazdowsky.

Like most high-tech firms, Find it EZ started out with a product they dreamed could become a commercial success. Since 1998, the firm had been working on a cross-functional software program to pinpoint problems in code when clients make changes and easily identifies them for the developer. In 2010, the company decided the program had matured enough to market commercially.

Advice on best programs helps fill expertise gap

Gnazdowsky connected with an Innovation Advisor at an industry event hosted by Accelerate Okanagan whose efforts to understand Find it EZ’s business needs and innovation goals yielded great results.

Through their consultation, a number of options were identified for Find it EZ. One was the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Engage Grants program that would give them access to the skills and expertise they desperately needed to help accelerate their growth.

“What I really appreciated about the support we received was the fact that they were extremely knowledgeable and provided key insights into the program,” says Gnazdowsky. “They also developed a solid understanding of our business needs and goals to determine how they could help our company grow in the right direction.”

Partnership made “EZ”

Once they were matched, Find it EZ established a partnership with the University of Calgary’s Laboratory for Software Modification Research (LSMR) and the company is excited about the potential opportunities it may bring. Thanks to funding and support provided through NSERC, they now have access to state of the art facilities, knowledge and expertise from researchers focussed on their R&D issues.

“Searching on my own for the right programs and services became a daunting task and took valuable time away from focussing on building our technology,” says Gnazdowsky. “Working with the Innovation Advisor was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a government program to date. The targeted results provided not only saved me a lot of time and effort, but helped move us in the right direction.”

When asked if he would recommend this program to other Canadian start-ups facing a similar situation, Gnazdowsky didn’t hesitate: “Without a doubt. We found an R&D partner match made in heaven! And it was really only possible because of our Innovation Advisor. It’s only onwards and upwards from here.”

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