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Canadian space industry

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Space: A critical part of our Canadian infrastructure

Space technologies are essential to supporting our national needs. Contributing to the economic well-being of our country, space assets serve Canadians and government departments by strengthening our national sovereignty, safety, security, resource management, and environmental monitoring capability.

The Canadian space sector has established a world-class reputation in many areas, including:

  • Earth observation;
  • Space robotics;
  • Space science and exploration;
  • Satellite communications.

The Canadian space sector

The Canadian space sector generates knowledge-intensive employment and significant commercial ventures in related industrial sectors. In 2014, the sector generated total revenues of $5.4 billion, from which 29 percent came from exports. The sector employs over 10,000 individuals, of which over 40% are highly-qualified professionals.

Canadian space organizations are internationally renowned for their leading-edge technologies. With the support of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA), Canadian space organizations have developed long-standing relationships with prime contractors and space-faring nations. Among its international relations, Canada has collaborated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in a wide range of space science and exploration activities over the past four decades. Canada is also the only non-European country to participate in the European Space Agency (ESA) programs.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

The Aerospace, Defence and Marine Branch (ADMB) of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada promotes the development of an internationally competitive and sustainable space sector. Working closely with the CSA and other government departments, ADMB promotes research and development opportunities that will result in new advancements for Canadian space capabilities. The Branch participates in the development of space policies and strategies, and ensures that the needs of the sector and the government are taken into consideration.

Space Advisory Board

ADMB provides secretarial support to the Space Advisory Board. The Board’s mandate is to provide advice to the Government of Canada on the Canadian space program to ensure a growing and sustainable space sector in the long-term. Details on engagement and activities can be found on the Space Advisory Board webpage.

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