How to get involved

Engaging with potential bidders or current contractors:

Canadian companies can follow some key steps to get involved:

Identify opportunities

  • Research upcoming and current procurements and identify who the contacts are at the major IRB/ITB contractors;
  • Research the bidder's/contractor's products and those of their suppliers;
  • Contact an ITB manager and/or officials at the Regional Development Agencies for specific project information and advice;
  • Prepare a marketing plan that demonstrates how your product or service is competitive and how it could fit with the bidder's/contractor's business activities;
  • Make sure your company has any  necessary accreditation (ISO, Controlled Goods, etc);
  • Register on the Canadian Company Capabilities List


  • Gather additional intelligence; and make contacts through trade associations, industry days, conferences and trade shows

Make contact

  • Make direct contact with the contractors and their major suppliers and present your marketing plan; and
  • While the ITB website and RDA officials can help point companies toward each other, it is up to you to make contact and sell your product or service.

Engaging with a contractor's major suppliers

In some projects, the contractor may involve their Tier 1 major suppliers in its strategy to meet its IRB/ITB obligations.  This means that Canadian companies like yours may be able to market themselves to these major suppliers as well. 

Identifying a contractor’s Tier 1 suppliers is part of your research and networking activities outlined above.

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