Application toolkit – Letter of Intent


The deadline to submit a Letter of Intent has now passed. The submission deadline for invitation-only Full Applications will be announced following the assessment of Letters of Intent.

Applications for Phase 1 (Letter of Intent) of the Innovation Superclusters Initiative application process are due July 21, 2017 at 12pm (noon) Eastern Daylight Time. The application process for Phase 1 (Letter of Intent) includes the following steps:

1. Read the program guide

The Program Guide has been developed to provide details on the Innovation Superclusters Initiative, including program objectives, terms and conditions, selection criteria and process. Please review.

2. Read the applicant guide

The Applicant Guide has been developed to assist in the completion of a Letter of Intent to the Innovation Superclusters Initiative and provides instructions for preparing a complete application, including guidance on information to be included.  Applicants are encouraged to review the Applicant Guide in conjunction with the Program Guide.

3. Download the ISI application form

Applicants must apply online through the ISI Application Form (ZIP file, 186 KB).

Information on decompressing a ZIP file 

Information on downloading a PDF reader 

4. Download the application templates

There are templates (below) that must be completed and attached to the ISI Application Form upon submission. Each template comes with specific instructions on how to complete it.

5. Download the additional attachments form

The size limit of all attachments for the ISI Application Form is 100MB.  If your attachments exceed 100MB of data, please download the Additional Attachments Form and submit the extra attachments through this form.

Information on decompressing a ZIP File 

You will also be required to submit the additional supporting documents, including required Letters of Commitment and Letters of Support.

*The Application Toolkit will be updated following the close of Phase I: Letter of Intent to provide documents and instructions required for preparing a submission for Phase II: Full Application.

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