Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster

From Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Based in Ontario, the Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster will build up next-generation manufacturing capabilities, incorporating technologies like advanced robotics and 3D printing. By focusing on training and technology adoption, this supercluster will help make the words “Made in Canada” synonymous with “innovative” and “value added.”

Regional concentration: Ontario

Technology focus: Internet of Things, machine learning, cybersecurity, additive manufacturing (3D printing)

Expected economic impact

Expected economic impact
GDP impact over 10 years (in billions) Job creation over 10 years
More than $13.5 billion More than 13,500 jobs


Sample activities

Technology leadership
Undertaking leading-edge applied research and technology development projects related to product and process design, and more
Partnerships for scale
De-risking technology acquisition, including support for technology demonstration and scale-up projects
Diverse and skilled talent pools
Supporting training secondments in research centres and work-integrated learning programs, including for women and underrepresented groups
Access to innovation
Mapping sources of technology and expertise and providing a solutions concierge service for manufacturers and technology firms
Global advantage
Undertaking activities to enhance supplier capabilities in international supply chains and attract talent and investment mandates to Canada

Participants (at application phase)

More than 130, including:

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