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Canada's Supercluster projects

With leading-edge innovations focused on digital health, food supply, advanced manufacturing, supply chains, and the ocean economy, Supercluster projects have a direct impact on our lives and economy. Here is a list of the exciting projects Canada's Superclusters have launched so far.

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Project description
ISI funding ($M)
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Digital Technology Supercluster Multi-omi-based Environmental Analytics (MOMI) PHEMI Systems Corp., Providence Health Care, BC Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Services Authority, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute More than ever, healthcare organizations are seeking more efficient and effective ways to deliver healthcare. This project seeks to add valuable data to enhance the capabilities of health data platforms currently being developed and deployed by provincial health authorities across Canada. It proposes a feasibility study for creating a MOMI engine to improve the resiliency of health systems, advance translational medicine and enhance health research and innovation capabilities in Canada. $0.20 $0.26 2020-11-19 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster TRUSTSPHERE Careteam, UBC, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute, IDENTOS, Secure Key, MedStack, SmileCDR, MITACS This project aims to empower Canadians through the creation of a scalable and trustworthy health-access platform that enables each person to utilize a strong digital identity to easily view, share and manage their own health data in a private, secure and informed manner. Owing in part to the increased COVID vulnerability of diabetes patients, the pilot will focus on improving patient-centered care for children with Type 1 diabetes by connecting them with their families, caregivers and clinicians $2.25 $5.91 2020-08-31 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Healthcare to Homecare XCO, Careteam Technologies, University of Victoria, Providence Health Care, iClinic Systems, Indoc, Kinduct, Ontario Brain Institute, Theory and Practice, Government of BC, Quebec Network for Research on Aging, Canadian Frailty Network, IBM In its early stages, this project assessed the feasibility of developping a precision medicine platform that uses real-time, remote monitoring and assessment to deliver data for prognostic, diagnostic and treatment regiments. Now, the project will focus on developing a Frailty Care System (FCS) to help frail individuals remain in their homes as long as possible, while providing essential services at their home. This solution intends to reduce costs and optimize individual care through remote monitoring. $1.10 $2.46 2020-08-31 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Healthcare to Homecare XCO, iClinic, Indoc, Kinduct, Uvic, Ontario Brain Institute, Government of BC, Quebec Network for Research on Aging, Canadian Frailty Network, IBM This project is working to develop real-time remote monitoring solutions to optimize the quality of remote healthcare services for patients in need and support physical distancing. $1.00 $2.33 2020-08-31 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Satellite-based Environmental Analytics (SEA) UrtheCast, Microsoft, Harfield Consultants, Environment and Climate Change Canada, BGC Engineering Inc., BC Parks Foundation, MITACS, Uvic This project uses machine learning to automate and provide faster, more accurate geographic information through satellite imagery to better understand the health of the environment and mitigate against, and adapt to, climate change. $1.12 $2.91 2020-08-13 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Protecting our Oceans MDA Systems, VizworX and SFU This project will use machine learning, artificial intelligence and data visualization to identify, track and apprehend illegal fishing vessels in order to protect our global fisheries and marine ecosystems. $0.66 $1.55 2020-08-13 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Athena Pathways Artificial Intelligence Network of BC (AInBC), UBC, SFU, BCIT, Northeastern University, Teck Resources, MetaOptima, Careteam, D-Wave, SCWIST, KPMG, Microsoft This capacity building project will help more Canadian women see the potential of the tech sector, and how a career in AI could align with their skills and interests. Through training programs in computing science, as well as internship and mentorship programs, this project will support Canadian tech companies to fill job vacancies and, in turn, become more competitive while addressing the gender gap in AI. $0.06 $0.87 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster The Competency Assessment Mapping Platform (CAMPFIRE) BCIT, Immigration Employment Council of BC Society (IEC-BC), LifeLabs This project will help mid-career workers gain skills needed to thrive in the digital economy. The Competency Assessment Mapping Platform will personalize services to individual users' needs and will be driven by their actual skills and competencies rather than simply basing the process on credentials. The project will initially focus on three key economic sectors: forestry, healthcare, and mining, and is expected to help impacted workers reduce their time to re-employment by 25 percent. It is also designed to be scalable and extended to other sectors, providing a much-needed approach for building capacity and supporting workforce transformation across the Canadian economy. $0.07 $0.52 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Future Capital (Canada 500) Female Funders, Microsoft, SFU This project will provide investment education to 500 women, enabling them to lead and shape the future of the economy. By providing female leaders with the skills to invest in early-stage ventures, this program will help women to participate in the next generation of high-growth businesses and close the gender gap. $0.11 $1.20 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Design for Startups Emily Carr University of Art & Design, BC Tech, A&K Robotics, CoPilot AI, Innovate BC, 40 technology start-ups This project will connect design students with technology startups through intensive 12-week sessions to develop applied solutions to product design problems. The project aims to bridge the gap between the technology and design communities in order to improve digital products, platforms and services. This hands-on program will help advance the careers of emerging designers and advance the core product offering of up to 40 regional startups. $0.06 $0.47 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Diversifying Talent in Quantum Computing UBC, D-Wave, Microsoft This outreach project will work with youth and Indigenous education leaders to ensure that students are aware of career opportunities in the quantum computing space. The program will deliver ready-to-use education kits and curriculums through workshops, summer camps, specialized programming for girls and Indigenous students, teacher training through an online quantum computing resource hub and a bi-weekly "Quantum bits" podcasts that will host well-known international academics and industry experts. $0.06 $0.50 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster HyperTalent BC Tech, Accenture, Arrow Lakes School District 10, BCIT, Microsoft, Providence Health Care, St Paul's Foundation, SAP, Unbounce, Vancity, Vancouver School Board This project will tackle the tech talent shortage by working with K-12 urban and rural educators to build awareness around careers in technology, and connecting school curriculums with real-world examples of the opportunities ahead. The program will also provide a number of Indigenous youth with hands-on exposure to the tech sector through industry internships at leading technology companies. This broader approach will help youth align their interests and skills with prospective careers. $0.07 $0.45 2020-01-16 Vancouver and Kootenay Region, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Autonomous Systems Technician Program Teck Resources, BCIT, College of the Rockies Project partners will tackle talent shortages by equipping students with the skills needed to install and maintain autonomous telecommunications systems through a new certification program based on BCIT's existing Telecommunications System Technician diploma. This program will have additional content to meet the needs of natural resource companies and remote communities today, and will focus on training women, Indigenous peoples, and youth who are currently under-represented in the field. As resource companies shift to operating remote facilities with real-time sensors and systems, the program will prepare students to work with innovative technologies such as AI, IoT and machine learning to enhance operations, ensure worker safety, monitor equipment, and increase productivity. $0.08 $0.82 2020-01-16 Kootenay region, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster W Venture Victoria Innovation, Advanced Technology and
Entrepreneurship Council (VIATEC), Accelerate Okanagan, Purpose Five (BLAST), Communitech, UVic
This project will build capacity for female entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds aimed at increasing the representation of women in the technology sector. As an entrepreneurship development program designed by women for women, it will support female entrepreneurs and their tech ventures through boot camps, workshops, mentorship and peer sharing on leadership skills. This project offers women a more meaningful and impactful experience than programs available through traditional incubators and accelerators. $0.11 $0.63 2020-01-16 Victoria and Kelowna, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Inspection Boeing Vancouver/Aeroinfo, Unity Technologies, SFU This project will revolutionize aviation maintenance by building a new augmented reality engine to allow aircraft inspectors to examine historical and current data in order to compare a plane's current state to its state during previous inspections. Learnings from this project could lead to a host of applications that leverage augmented reality for the inspection of large objects across the transportation industry and beyond. $0.23 $0.56 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Precision Agriculture to Improve Crop Health Terramera, Sightline,, BC Cancer Reserach, Trent University, SFU, Universtiy of Saskatchewan, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Genome BC, Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre Project partners will be working to develop new pest and pathogen controls to improve crop health through the use of computational biochemistry, genomics, machine learning, and robotics. The project will identify and test new pest management formulations and their ability to attack specific fungi on specific crops. It will also look into how crops and pests interact with different pesticides, pesticide enhancers, and alternatives. The computing tools developed by this project will be applicable in other fields outside of agriculture, including medicine, biotechnology, chemistry, and computer science. $2.66 $7.33 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Fresh Water Data Commons Carl Data, Teck Resources, Microsoft, Astra Smart Systems, I4C Innovations, Living Lakes Canada, UVic, Genome BC This project will pilot a platform to harness water monitoring data from a river basin in B.C. to better understand the health of the surrounding ecosystem, and the relationship between water quality, microorganisms, and industrial activities. Real-time data will be collected across the pilot area with a network of low-power, low-cost sensors in the environment to measure water quantity, water quality, as well as climate data, including precipitation. This platform offers a new monitoring tool that can help every part of Canada — and the world — use data to improve regional water management, and ultimately protect water, people, ecosystems and the economy as the demand for fresh water continues to rise. $1.62 $4.96 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Point of Care Ultrasound Providence Health Care, Change Healthcare, UBC, Clarius, Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc), Canada Foundation for Innovation This project will develop a bedside tool for doctors that combines machine learning, handheld ultrasound devices and a cloud-based platform to create an integrated and intelligent point-of-care ultrasound network to deliver faster, more accurate diagnoses to patients whether they reside in urban, rural or remote areas. This will position Canada as a leader in the development of integrated, point-of-care diagnostics while improving healthcare delivery and outcomes for Canadians.  $0.65 $2.56 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Personal Health Wallet Molecular You, Stone Paper, UBC, MITACS This project will use blockchain technology to create a personalized health wallet platform that will allow individuals to confidently manage their medical data with approved parties, while ensuring that their privacy and the security of their data is protected. This will enable patients to present a complete medical history to healthcare professionals when needed, including test results; prescription history; and treatment records, leading to more efficient and accurate diagnoses and treatment. $0.54 $1.38 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Opioid Reduction Careteam, Excelar Technologies, Providence Health Care, Thrive Health, UBC, BC Children's Hospital Research Institute, Xerus Medical, NRC, MITACS This consortium will collect and centralize patient data from multiple sources to create a complete snapshot of a patient's treatment before and after surgery. Physicians face the challenge of needing to balance pain management, with prescribing adequate and effective medication for each patient. This project offers a solution with customized post-operation strategies for each patient through a monitoring system that will ensure doctors have the information they need to manage and reduce the prescription and use of opioids. $1.71 $4.38 2020-01-16 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Earth Data Store Urthecast, Sparkgeo, Microsoft, Geoscience BC, UBC, UVic, MITACS This project will see partners use earth observation data and environmental sensors to develop a comprehensive global imaging system for monitoring and predictive purposes. Through interactive visual maps and running deep learning algorithms, the project will foster cutting-edge analysis of Canada's vast forests, fields and mines to facilitate better observation and protection of remote areas. This will allow researchers, businesses, and government agencies to be able to make more informed decisions on a wide array of key environmental issues. $1.73 $3.94 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Forest Machine Connectivity CanFor, UBC, Mosaic Forest Management, Lim Geomatics, FPInnovations This project will use an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform — which is a network of 'smart' devices that can monitor, collect, exchange and analyze data — to develop an application that will be used to solve technical barriers that impact efficiency in the wood product manufacturing industry. This application will allow contractors, machine operators and forest managers to identify bottlenecks, improve productivity in real time and develop best practices throughout the timber harvesting supply chain. $3.27 $7.77 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Secure Health & Genomics Data Platform Microsoft, DNA Stack, Genome BC, LifeLabs, Molecular You, Deloitte, UBC, Provincial Health Authority Parent This project will leverage the Supercluster's ecosystem leaders in cloud computing, bioinformatics, data security, genome science and health services to aggregate health and genomic data across the country in order to develop a pan-Canadian digital heath platform that will improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with cancer and rare diseases. $1.40 $3.42 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Dermatology Point-of-Care Intelligent Network Change Healthcare, BC Cancer, Meta Optima, Careteam Technologies, Providence Healthcare, UVic, UBC This project will use a cloud-based technology platform to reduce time-to-diagnosis and help improve patient care by training artificial intelligence (AI) models on real-life clinical data in order to create algorithms for clinical decision support. The project will use tele-pathology and tele-dermatology imaging augmented by AI to expedite urgent cases faster through e-referral and e-triage. This new platform will serve as a basis for building similar end-to-end processes in other image-intensive service lines such as Cardiology, Radiology, Pathology and Ophthalmology. $3.63 $9.85 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Tailored Health — Pharmacogenomics TELUS, GenXys Health Care Systems, LifeLabs, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Genome BC, Invitae, MITACS This project will use a digitally-integrated solution to combine an individual's genetic makeup with their biophysical, drug and medical history. The outcome will be a gene-based medication management system that integrates both Electronic Medical Records and Pharmacy Management Systems. This initiative will enable population-based risk assessments, enhance prescribing effectiveness, reduce adverse drug reactions, and deliver better health outcomes for Canadians. $2.05 $4.73 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster The Learning Factory Digital Twin Avcorp, Convergent Manufacturing Technologies, AMPD, Boeing/Aeroinfo, LlamaZoo, Microsoft, UBC This project brings industry, academia and researchers together to simulate and model industrial factory processes using real-time, data-driven technologies. This consortium will create a digital twin of two industrial production lines for complex Boeing aircraft parts. Partners will merge full-scale industrial production with technology to create new digitally-driven industrial tools in spatial planning, asset tracking, data collection and process automation. $2.12 $4.81 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Predictive Analytics for Manufacturing Processes D-Wave, Avcorp, Solid State AI, SFU, MITACS This project will see project partners create a digital twin of Avcorp Industries' metal finishing process line and uncover opportunities to capture key insights for fault detection. It will use Solid State AI's algorithms and D-Wave's quantum computers' capabilities to transform the fault-detection process from reactive to predictive-based solutions. $0.19 $0.42 2019-03-02 Vancouver, BC
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster New PCB Manufacturing Process Addem Labs Inc., COREngineering Ltd. This pilot project aims develop a innovative professional printed circuit board manufacturing facility in Ontario, in order to attract the electronics supply chain to Canada and provide an ultra-clean option to manufacture electronics in record time. $0.25 $0.50 2020-11-16 Toronto, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Zero Transition Process Axiom Group Inc., MS Falcon Tooling Inc., Kytech Machine Works Ltd., Bulldog Polymers Inc. This project is developing a technology to eliminate visual transitions between different plastic materials, typically hard and soft plastics, for use in automobile interior and exteriors, with applications in broader advanced manufacturing industries. This solution will strengthen Canada's automotive industry and the broader high-performance plastics manufacturing industry, and will have applications in aerospace, medical devices, construction, heavy equipment, and sport equipment manufacturing. $0.88 $1.98 2020-11-16 Aurora, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Cluster Digital Transformation Program Blue Water Wood Alliance This project will enable Blue Water Wood Alliance (BWA), a not-for-profit wood manufacturing cluster, to undertake a digital transformation program to help SMEs grow and run their businesses through virtual access to BWA's programs and activities. Anticipated economic benefits include increased sales and productivity, engagement and suport of remote SMEs, and process improvements for member companies both inside and outside the cluster. The program will also foster collaboration with other organizations involved in the Canadian wood industry, further strengthening the wood manufacturing ecosystem. $0.07 $0.13 2020-11-16 Hanover, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Module for digitalizing work instructions to augmented reality DeepSight Réalité Augmentée Inc., Avior Integrated Products Inc. Project partners will add a new module to the current DeepSight augmented reality (AR) platform that allows organizations to create holographic guides to help workers in the assembly of aerospace components and composite parts. This will greatly increase productivity and reduce the number of defects, as the employees will be empowered by immersive and intuitive instructions.  $0.17 $0.34 2020-11-16 Montreal, QC
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Saskatchewan Industrial Mining Supplier Association (SIMSA) Digital Saskatchewan Industrial Mining Suppliers Association This project will create a new, digital platform that will allow members and members' clients to continue to do business together by digitizing current practices and developing new partnerships and business opportunities. The new platform also allows SIMSA and its members to link virtually to other mining industry associations across Canada, encouraging innovation and collaboration with new partners in both traditional and non-traditional industry sectors. $0.08 $0.15 2020-09-28 Saskatoon, SK
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster AI-enabled robotic hand with human-level dexterity for assembly Sanctuary Cognitive Systems Corp., ForceN Inc., Dr. Christopher Doherty M.D. MPH FRCSC (Western University) This project aims to engineer a robotic hand prototype capable of mimicking the mechanical abilities of a human hand for small part assembly and object manipulation. This has the potential to transform the advanced manufacturing industry by allowing for a greater percentage of assembly processes to be automated, addressing a key barrier to the use of robotic technology in complex manufacturing processes. This technology will have broad based applicability across numerous market categories beyond manufacturing and demonstrates Canadian leadership in aspects of Industry 4.0. $0.25 $0.51 2020-09-15 Vancouver, BC
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Integrating automation for scale up of carbon fibre cascade production Formula Solutions Inc. (FSI), AXYZ Automation Group, Promation, Weber Manufacturing This project consortium is working to integrate automated vacuum infusion technologies to scale up the production of engineered carbon fibre parts while reducing production costs. The scale up period, which will extend to the end of 2021, will position Canada as a leader in the production of aerospace components, securing long term employment and technological capabilities for Canadians, as well as securing the Canadian supply chain for complex material manufacturing. $3.63 $8.17 2020-09-15 Burlington, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Technology Feasibility Demonstration for Stroke Diagnosis Artificial Intelligence Imaging Sensors (AiimSense Inc.), Sorena Tech Corporation This project will see partners develop a prototype for a portable brain scanner based on electromagnetic imaging and artificial intelligence that will allow for the diagnosis of stroke faster and earlier than is currently possible. $0.06 $0.11 2020-09-15 Waterloo, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Development and validation of automated patient specific medical device software to improve additive manufacturability Orthopedic Innovation Centre, Pega Medical Inc., Spinologics, Conceptualiz, Precision ADM Inc. This project will see project partners create a fully integrated platform for the manufacturing of customized orthopedic implants for patients based on pre-operative imaging and physician recommendations. These new medical devices can be created "on demand" – within hospitals — thereby simplifying surgeries, improving patient recovery time and greatly enhancing their quality of life. These made-to-order implants will replace off-the-shelf implants that come in fixed dimensions, ensuring a much better fit for each patient, while costing no more than current off-the-shelf models. $2.07 $4.93 2020-07-08 Winnipeg, MB
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Advancing large steel press technology Conrex, Macrodyne Technologies Inc., Source Industrial Services Inc. This collaborative project will create the world's most sophisticated large steel forming press and will bring new capacity to manipulate large thick panels for domestic shipbuilding needs on Canada's East and West coasts. The consortium aims to challenge conventional capabilities and push new possibilities within the industrial use of Canadian steel, strengthen Canadian supplier networks, and showcase unique Canadian IP and manufacturing capabilities in press and crane technologies. $2.22 $4.99 2020-07-08 Toronto, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Digital transformation of secondary metallurgy facility at ArcelorMittal Dofasco ArcelorMittal Dofasco, IBM Canada Ltd., Tenova Goodfellow Inc. and IFIVEO Canada Inc. This project is an opportunity to marry the best in oxygen steelmaking with the best in digital transformation with the goal of digitally transforming a manufacturing asset in a mature, heavy industry. Digitalization in heavy industry lags that of other manufacturing subsectors. This project will create value in advancing the state of understanding of the digitalization process in Canada—in a real heavy manufacturing environment—including: the process execution required to implement intelligence, the standards required to enable the flow of data, as well as the impact on the workforce. This is especially critical as all global industrial economies are racing towards these goals. $3.91 $12.07 2020-07-08 Hamilton, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Advanced manufacturing applications in mining and mineral processing Exergy Solutions, Suncor Energy, Precision ADM Inc. This consortium will develop new oil sands and mineral processing technologies that will reduce energy intensity and resulting greenhouse gas emissions. It will also develop cleantech solutions that will mitigate the environmental impacts of using solvents, significantly reducing water usage and eliminating the need for tailings ponds. $2.14 $4.82 2020-07-08 Calgary, AB
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Development and Testing of Cube Molding Methodology Molded Precision Components, Niigon Machines Ltd This project will see project partners develop a new manufacturing process that will transform the way automotive components are made, allowing cycle times to be cut in half, increasing productivity and decreasing costs. $0.25 $0.50 2020-07-08 Oro-Medonte, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Advancing large-scale graphene and thin-film membrane manufacturing Evercloak Inc., Zen Graphene Solutions Project partners will work together to develop a production process for graphene and thin-film membrane that will be primarily applied in the cleantech sector. $0.25 $0.50 2020-07-08 Kitchener, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Pilot scale of Nanogel Lubricants, or Superabsorbent (SAC) Lubrication for the automotive stamping industry KSL Lubricants, Wolfdale Tool & Stamping This project will develop a solution that will improve tool life and reduce costs by reducing the amount of lubricant required in manufacturing processes. Their project will validate KSL's proprietary gel based lubricant technology in various industrial settings and machining operations, and aims to show a 50% overall improvement performance and cost improvement compared to traditional lubricants. $0.14 $0.32 2020-07-08 Mississauga, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Roll to roll continuous printing of transparent conductors and heaters Nano Cnet Ltd., Evercloak Inc. This project will develop an automated system that can manufacture flexible, transparent electrodes and heaters utilizing Nano Silver Strand technology with a diverse range of clean technology applications such as batteries, electronics and solar cells. $0.25 $0.50 2020-07-08 Waterloo, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Real time overall equipment effectiveness monitoring & optimization Panevo Services Limited, Accuenergy Canada Inc Project partners will develop and pilot a software platform which utilizes the latest IIoT technologies to enable cost-effective, real time monitoring of production assets to help manufacturers identify inefficiencies, boost productivity and reduce waste. $0.13 $0.26 2020-07-08 Vancouver, BC
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Leadership in Gene Therapy iVexSol Canada, Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine, GE Healthcare, Project partners will develop an advanced manufacturing process for gene-editing tools that have been successfully used to fight cancer and repair a variety of rare and inherited genetic disorders in both children and adults. The new manufacturing process advanced by this project will address the challenges that face the current production of this gene therapy tool, such as outdated and inefficient processes, and will minimize the cost and footprint in manufacturing, while maintaining a high level of quality and safety. This project aims to establish Canada as a world leader in gene-editing tools and technology. $1.89 $4.26 2019-06-26 Toronto, ON
Ocean Supercluster Blue Futures Pathways Students on Ice Foundation, Centre for Ocean Venture Entrepreneurship (COVE), ECO Canada, Mitacs This ecosystem-building project will connect youth across Canada with education and employment, and support participants in developing a successful career in the sustainable blue economy. The initative is supportive of all youth aged 18-30 and will have a particular focus on the inclusion and inspiration of under-represented, remotely located, and Indigenous people. $1.49 $2.41 2020-11-25 National
Ocean Supercluster CARIS Cloud Technology Teledyne CARIS, Ocean Floor Geophysics, Marine Institute, UNB - Ocean Mapping Group (OMG), Interdisciplinary Development Centre for Ocean Mapping (CIDCO), Hydrospatial International Inc. (H2i) This project will develop and utilize highly specialized software in the Cloud that will reduce the need for operators in the field, and enable increased processing and quality control from an office or home setting.  The techbology developed through this project will bring efficiencies, cost savings and reduce human risk particularly for higher risk, high priority areas where measurements are currently conducted using regular field surveys. $0.94 $2.13 2020-11-20 New Brunswick
Ocean Supercluster Smart Protective Coatings   Graphite Innovation Technologies (GIT), Horizon Maritime Services Ltd., Netukulimk Fisheries Limited (NFL), Mitacs This project will develop and commercialize new graphene-based protective coating products for vessels. These coatings provide a number of advantages to marine industries including reduced fuel consumption for vessels, non-toxic protection, and reduced underwater radiant noise. The products will not only help position Canada as a global hub of ocean innovation, but also deliver shared competitive advantages in accessing those world-wide market opportunities across different ocean sectors - particularly with its environmental focus.  $2.24 $4.65 2020-11-19 Halifax, NS
Ocean Supercluster Ocean Allies Pisces Research Project Management, Upswing Consulting Solutions, Huntsman Marine Centre, Assembly of First Nations, BioNB, Center for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE), Irving Shipbuilding, Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), Ocean Technology Council of Nova Scotia (OTCNS), Ocean Advance, PanGeo Subsea, Synapse PEI, Mitacs This innovation ecosystem project will foster a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable space in the ocean economy for untapped communities, through partnerships with key ocean sector organizations and targeted strategic activities. $0.25 $0.42 2020-11-19 National
Ocean Supercluster Vitality  Pisces Research Project Management, Dalhousie University, Perennia Food and Agriculture Inc., Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy (FORCE), University of Victoria, St-Lawrence Global Observatory (SLGO), Tula Foundation, Marine Renewables Canada (MRC), COIN Atlantic This innovation ecosystem project will leverage Canada's ocean data to deliver definitive commercial outcomes to the businesses involved by advancing ocean data analysis, management and visualization capabilities, and products. $1.50 $3.80 2020-11-19 Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Quebec, and British Columbia
Ocean Supercluster XO-G2  XOcean Canada Ltd., XOcean Ltd., ABCO Industries, DMR Boat Design, Ocean Floor Geophysics, Department of Oceans and Fisheries Marine industries are seeking safer, lower cost, unmanned solutions for collecting ocean data. This project will develop the next generation of Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) that addresses these challenges and expands existing capabilities to survey faster, deeper, further offshore with negligible carbon emissions. $2.00 $3.36 2020-11-19 Nova Scotia
Ocean Supercluster Marine Search and Rescue Simulation Bluedrop Learning Networks, Cougar Helicopters Inc., Memorial University of Newfoundland This project will deliver a new device and capability to train search and rescue (SAR) operators under realistic mission scenarios including turbulent flow zones, sea state, complex ship and offshore installation geometries and rescue rafts, while simulating the full array of harsh East coast and arctic environmental conditions. $1.03 $2.06 2020-11-13 Newfoundland / Nova Scotia
Ocean Supercluster CoLab Enterprise - 3D Engineering Review, Communication & Collaboration Hub CoLab Software Inc., Genoa Design, Kraken Robotics, PRNL This project aims to build and commercialize a highly configurable, enterprise-ready communication platform that supports the future of Agile Model-Based Enterprises and Digital Twin Solutions. This new platform will contribute to Canada's competitive advantage in the management of complex engineering projects, using a cloud-based solution that combines 3D design review technology and mechanical issue tracking to securely support thousands of users working together in real-time.  $1.63 $2.80 2020-11-13 Newfoundland
Ocean Supercluster Building an Inclusive Workforce for Innovative Arctic Ocean Technology SmartICE Sea-Ice Monitoring & Information Inc., Pinnguaq Association, Nunavut Fisheries Association, Ilitaqsiniq Literacy Council, Social Research and Demonstration Corporation This ecosystem-building projectseeks to provide technical skills training for Inuit participants across Inuit Nunangat. The holistic and culturally contextualized training curriculum will address the barriers faced by Inuit in remote northern communities and promote their inclusion and participation in the ocean economy.  $1.15 $1.79 2020-11-13 Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Newfoundland, and Quebec
Ocean Supercluster Ocean DNA System eDNAtec, Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador (PRNL), Nunavut Fisheries Association, Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), IBM Project partners will work in collaboration to revolutionize the development and commercialization of genomics solutions in order to modernize the way we monitor, measure and assess fish stocks and characterize the ocean. $2.21 $4.91 2020-09-24 Various, NL
Ocean Supercluster Indigenous Career Pivot Pilot Ulnooweg Development Group, JEDI, College of the North Atlantic This pilot program will facilitate and support meaningful work placements for Indigenous peoples wishing to explore career options in the ocean economy. The project will support the employment of approximately 10 Indigenous peoples in Ocean Supercluster member organizations for 12-month placements. Participants will gain valuable experience in a new industry and will enhance their knowledge through placements that complement their existing skillset and natural aptitudes. $0.55 $0.74 2020-09-21 Truro, NS
Ocean Supercluster Ocean Aware Innovasea, Emera, Xeos Technologies, Dartmouth Ocean Technologies, Ocean Choice International, DFO, The Ocean Tracking Network, Irving Shipbuilding, Dalhousie University, Memorial University of Newfoundland This project will develop next-generation underwater observation systems for deployment in zones of high commercial interest to enable both Canadian and global ocean industries to balance business efficiency and profitability with sustainable ocean business practices. The technologies and information-sharing concepts developed will improve monitoring capabilities over wide areas of ocean and will allow such monitoring to be done more economically and more quickly. $13.72 $29.39 2020-07-28 Various, NS
Ocean Supercluster Ocean Startup The Genesis Centre, Innovacorp, PEI Bioalliance, New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, Dalhousie University, Springboard Atlantic, Mitacs, ACOA, (Provincial Governments) Through this project, partners will be supporting the development of ocean technology start-ups and increasing the industrial use of marine technologies. This innovative project will address talent challenges by growing the ocean workforce, helping new businesses hire employees with the skill sets they need. In addition, the project will encourage the participation of under-represented groups such as women and Indigenous groups in this vital economic sector. $4.08 $7.10 2020-02-21 Various, NB, NL, NS and PEI
Ocean Supercluster OceanVision Kraken Robotics, Petroleum Research Newfoundland & Labrador, Ocean Choice International, Nunavut Fisheries Association, NRC, Government of Newfoundland These project partners will develop a turnkey service solution for the collection of seafloor imaging and mapping to be used by a number of ocean industries, including oil and gas, fishing, hydrographic, search and salvage, and military and defence. This new underwater service hub uses new marine technologies and products to produce high-resolution images of the seafloor, and will reduce the cost and risk of operating in ocean environments. $6.26 $18.78 2019-06-28 Various, NL and NS
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Development of new plant protein products for domestic and Asian markets Mera Development Corp., Mera Food Group Inc., Benson Farms, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre (SFIDC), KGS Group, Kenlin Design Group, Process Innovation – Food Safety, Specialty Process Systems Ltd., Federated Co-operatives Limited This project will use Western Canadian commodities such as oats, lentils, hemp, fava beans and chickpeas to develop new plant-based protein products and ingredients, dietary alternatives that can be sold to markets in Canada and Asia.  $3.61 $7.22 2020-11-18 Regina, SK and Saskatoon, SK
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Improving Taste and Use of Canadian Pulse Ingredients Ingredion Inc., Verdient Foods Inc., T. Base 4 investments Corp., O.M.D. Food Products Corp.  This project will improve the taste and functionality of pulse-based ingredients. Initially focusing on yellow peas, partners will use physical processing techniques to turn the commodities into ingredients that will be available to food processors and manufacturers in Canada and internationally. $12.84 $25.68 2020-11-10 Vanscoy, SK
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Automatic Risk Management Systems for the Value Chain Farmers Edge, ClimateCHECK, NRC, Next Instruments, OPI Systems, Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI), Standards Council of Canada Project partners will be capturing farm-level data related to crop and storage health management to develop predictive models using AI and machine learning. These models will help farmers enhance production practices, as well as make better storage and marketing decisions. This is expected to increase return on investments related to all areas of seed selection, irrigation, equipment selection and post-harvest management. $7.41 $20.95 2020-09-16 Winnipeg, MB and Calgary, AB
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Yellow Peas & Data Trust Tech: Economic Game Changers for Western Canada Sightline Innovation, 20/20 Seed Labs, Cornerstone C5 Group, DL Seeds, Global Health Systems, Global Institute for Food Security, NRC, SeedNet, University of Saskatchewan, University of Winnipeg, This project will use leading-edge artificial intelligence and data trust tools to optimize current plant-breeding processes. The objective is to develop yellow pea varieties that combine high-yield potential and high-protein content, a composition long awaited by farmers and processors in the plant-protein ecosystem. $1.76 $3.51 2020-08-27 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Modernizing Agriculture Via the Zero-Chemical Residue Ecosystem Precision.AI, Exceed Grain Marketing, Aberhart Farms, Global Institute for Food Security, NRC, Panvion Technology, Providence Grain, Provision Analytics, Pure West Commodities, Puely Canada Foods, RMD Systems, SAIRS Ltd (Shearer Agricultural Imaging & Remote Sensing), Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Sure Growth Solutions, VeriGrain, Wilmar Farms Project partners will develop a new technology that specifically targets pests when spraying fields, increasing efficiencies and providing economic benefits for farmers. The technology uses artificial intelligence to detect weeds and other crop pests while passing over a field. This is estimated to reduce pesticide use by up to 95 per cent while maintaining crop yield, saving farmers approximately $52 per acre per growing season. $12.80 $25.81 2020-08-20 Regina, Saskatoon, Langenburg and rural, SK
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Research and develoment of new plant-based protein ingredients Griffith Foods Ltd., Persall Fine Foods Co., K2 Milling, NRC, Saskatchewan Food Development Centre This consortium will work together to develop new plant-based protein ingredients for food processors throughout Canada, helping meet the rising demand for vegan and flexitarian food options. The results of this project will diversify the plant-based protein market in Canada. $0.61 $1.22 2020-08-06 Various, ON
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Production of minimally processed, sustainable and local pulse ingredients for vegetable protein and plant-based food applications AGT Foods and Ingredients, Ulivit, Saskatchewan Food Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture; Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences, Recipe Unlimited Corporation Project partners will work together to process pea, lentil and fava bean protein concentrate into high moisture meat analogue, Texturized Pulse Protein (TPP), tempeh, tofu, pasta and non-dairy analogues. These ingredients will then be further developed into market-ready food for the consumer and restaurant markets, helping to meet the increasing demand for vegetarian and flexitarian diets. $5.67 $11.33 2020-06-24 Saskatoon, SK
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Furthering pea and fava bean processing Roquette Canada, Prairie Fava, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre, University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba, Hatch Ltd., Dedert Corporation, KEP Entreprises Ltd., University of Alberta, Canadian Centre for Agri-Food Research in Health and Medicine (CCARM), The Food Development Group, DL Seeds, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Together, this project consortium will address nutrition and processing challenges for pea and fava in Western Canada, such as how to mitigate the effects of cold weather, while also exploring the utility of blended pea-fava protein products. This knowledge will be key in further expanding Canada's ability to be a global leader in the production of plant protein. $9.58 $19.16 2020-06-19 Portage, MB
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster New uses for by-products from processing Lucent BioSciences, AGT Foods and Ingredients, 4D Labs (Simon Fraser University), Kwantlen Institute for Sustainable Horticulture, National Research Council This project aims to develop a micronutrient fertilizer using products that were once considered waste in processing, such as pea and lentil hulls, to deliver nutrients to plants. This project will help Canadian organic growers and processors by developing a new use for by-products from the pulse processing industry — increasing the value of Canadian pulse crops. $1.25 $2.92 2020-03-03 Rural Western Canada, BC
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Empowering Farming Through Data Provision Analytics, Verge Technology, Skymatics, Coutts Agro Project partners will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to develop an integrated data platform to make farming more transparent, efficient and profitable. The consortium of agri-food, digital mapping and technology firms will be collecting farm-level data on activities such as seeding and fertilizer application, fuel consumption and wear and tear of machinery to improve on-farm logistics and food traceability along the value chain. This will reinforce Canada's reputation as a global supplier of sustainable and traceable food. $4.63 $9.26 2020-02-27 Calgary, AB and Kindersley, SK
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Creation and Utilization of High Protein Canola Corteva, Botaneco, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Bunge, Botaneco, NRC, University of Manitoba This project will use gene-editing technology to create hybrid oilseeds in order to breed higher-protein canola. These new canola seed varieties are expected to be well suited for both traditional processing methods like crushing, and other newer technologies. This will make Canadian canola even more of a premium product in global markets over the next decade, resulting in economic benefits across the entire value chain. $13.63 $27.69 2020-01-15 Calgary, AB
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Novel Pea and Canola Protein Merit Functional Foods Corporation, The Winning Combination Inc., Pitura Seeds Inc., Burcon NutraScience Corporation Project partners will work together to produce and commercialize a new highly soluble, highly functional pea and canola protein isolate. These novel isolates will eliminate the grittiness experienced with less soluble proteins, and improve the flavour profiles of plant-based products including in plant-protein beverages and other meat alternatives. This project aligns with the shift in consumer trends, which has led to a growing demand for more options, and will provide Canadians with better tasting plant-based alternatives. $9.55 $19.10 2020-01-10 Winnipeg, MB
Protein Industries Canada Supercluster Better Oil and Protein — Improving hemp and Canola Production Botaneco, Centre for Aquaculture Technologies, Corteva, Food Processing Development Centre Leduc, Rowland Seeds, Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre, The Food Development Centre, University of Alberta, University of Lethbridge, University of Manitoba, University of Saskatchewan This project will see project partners develop and commercialize a novel processing technology that will improve the separation and purification of Canadian crops such as canola and hemp. This new technology will increase the current value of Canadian oilseeds by yielding new high-protein products and ingredients for the global food, feed, and aquaculture markets. $5.86 $11.81 2019-06-26 Calgary, AB
Scale AI Supercluster Improve demand forecast accuracy Loblaw Companies Limited, Plotly, Government of Canada This project will develop an AI tool to improve demand forecast accuracy, and by extension a large set of supply chain aspects affected by demand forecast accuracy (i.e. fulfillment, inventory, assortment, planograms), in order to optimally manage store supply and ensure the best possible shopping experience for consumers. $0.66 $1.65 2020-09-21 Brampton, ON
Scale AI Supercluster Smart supply chain for the minerals and metals sector Optel Group, Aluminium Association of Canada, Université Laval, Laserax, Lithion Recycling, SmartyfAI, Government of Quebec The project will enable a highly advanced AI algorithm to ensure full traceability of the supply chain for minerals and metals, from extraction to the end of the product life cycle. The traceability system makes it possible to guarantee the North American origin of the materials, which will reduce the processing time for exports at the border. From an environmental perspective, analyzing the data will facilitate the implementation of initiatives to reduce greenhouse gases and ensure that industry complies with the OECD guidelines on responsible sourcing. $1.24 $16.56 2020-07-21 Quebec, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Port Logistics Optimization Tool Montreal Port Authority, Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership, Canscan, EI Systems, Termont, Government of Quebec Project partners will work together to develop a data-driven approach to port logistics that will provide upstream visibility on the rail and marine supply chain to support decision-making at the tactical level through AI. The movement of containers through the Port of Montreal's infrastructure is driven by complex information in the possession of numerous stakeholders. A better synchronization of all the elements of the supply chains is expected to bring substantial benefits to the entire gateway ecosystem. $0.66 $2.68 2020-07-21 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Demand forecasting and real time monitoring in retail businesses FIND A.I, Pr Chi-Guhn Lee, Pacific West Commercial Corporation, Boathouse Apparel, Cook Culture Ltd, Bella Group, Plenty Apparel, Purdys, Northern Reflections This project will advance an industry-specific inventory and supply chain planning solution for retailers in the apparel, footwear and accessories space that ensures improved predictability of product demand and control of production. The goal of this solution is to reduce production waste and environmental impacts, while maximizing financial gains. $1.08 $4.46 2020-07-21 Vancouver, BC
Scale AI Supercluster An AI-based prediction platform for driving supply chain efficiencies Fleet Complete, Pitstop, Sensata, NPL Canada, Superior Propane This project will result in a robust and scalable big data analytics solution to better manage the maintenance of commercial vehicle fleets with predictive analytics around components. Equipment downtime is a leading cause of supply chain and logistical inefficiencies. This technology will be able to provide advanced brake and tire prognostics to fleet owners and managers to significantly reduce downtime and, consequently, lower the cost of ownership of their mobile assets. $0.88 $3.51 2020-07-21 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Supercluster Intelligent forecasting for a more reliable supply chain Distribution Pharmaplus, Groupe Horizon Santé, Pharmacie SM, CS et AP Inc, Sodan Conseillers TI, Thales Digital Solutions, Government of Quebec This project will offer a new way for the pharmaceutical industry to improve pharmacy inventory management, reduce shortages and increase revenue through an innovative cloud-based platform for the drug distribution chain. $0.39 $1.55 2020-07-21 Quebec, QC
Scale AI Supercluster AI Solutions for a Home Care Staffing Crisis AlayaCare, CBI, IntegraCare, Polytechnique Montréal, Bien chez soi, Government of Quebec This project will see partners use an AI-informed software platform to give home healthcare agencies better planning and management tools to optimize and prepare the home care workforce to meet the growing demands of our aging population. By creating efficiencies in scheduling, time reporting, clinical documentation and patient monitoring, this innovative software will enable home care providers to deliver best-in-class services aimed at improving patient outcomes in Canada. $0.60 $1.82 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Augmented Reality: A New Approach to Aerospace Defect Detection Ova, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney Canada, CiMMi, Government of Quebec This project will tackle a key supply chain issue of the aerospace industry: better and faster detection of defects to significantly speed up production pace. It uses augmented reality, combined with AI-powered computer vision to optimize the identification and repair of defective equipment, which in turn will lead to increased production. $0.31 $0.77 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Adaptive AI Powering the Oil & Gas Supply Chain Stream Systems, IBM, Paramount Resources, NAL Resources, Trans Mountain, Drift Technological Solutions, Egistix Corporation, Government of Quebec Project partners will use simulation tools to create virtual reality replications of field operations to provide energy producers with a better understanding of the drivers and bottlenecks that affect the flow of assets through the oil and gas supply chain. This will allow producers to take appropriate actions before the revenue opportunity is lost or gained. $1.79 $5.90 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC and Calgary, AB
Scale AI Supercluster Breakthrough AI and Machine Learning Models for Canadian Supply Chains Plotly, Hydro-Québec, S&P Canada, Musashi Canada, Dex Clothing, Enhance Energy, RenoRun, BuildDirect, Xtract AI, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (AMII), Government of Quebec Project partners will use a breakthrough AI and machine learning software to facilitate easier access and engagement with complex data collected to bring integrated solutions to supply chain issues. This software will be used to develop interactive data-driven web applications that decision-makers can easily access and analyze in order to draw actionable takeaways for their respective supply chains. $1.44 $5.66 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Taking Flight: Optimization in the Airline Industry Air Canada, Plotly, Government of Quebec This project will apply machine learning and optimization to the value chain in order to predict passenger no-shows, revenue, and competitor behavior, in turn leading to an enriched information feed and a better prediction of consumer demand. $5.99 $16.80 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster AI for the Air Cargo Industry Air Canada, OEC Group, Edgenda, Government of Quebec This project will adopt AI-powered solutions in order to enhance airline cargo operations and performance by optimizing asset utilization, forecasting shipments, and identifying errors. $3.53 $14.29 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Intelligent Platform for Automated Construction of Optimal and Localized Price and Promotion Plans Rubikloud Technologies, Rexall, Google, Vector Institute This project will use AI-driven workflow engines to automate promotional planning and demand forecasting capabilities for retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies. This new technology will generate an entire promotional calendar, given the objectives, constraints, local consumer conditions and business rules on behalf of corporate planning teams in order to maximize profitability. $1.01 $3.24 2020-01-14 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Supercluster New Intelligent planning tool for Shipyards Thales, Sodan, Simwell, Genoa Design International, Polytechnique Montréal, Université de Laval, Dalhousie University, Seaspan Victoria Shipyards, Government of Quebec This project brings together specialists in technology and design, in addition to university researchers, to develop an innovative optimization solution for the planning of naval in-service support. Partners will be developing a new intelligent planning tool to help shipyards manage complex sets of constraints and adapt to unplanned events. $0.89 $2.43 2020-01-14 Montreal, Laval, Quebec City, QC and Halifax, NS and Mount Pearl, NL and Victoria, BC
Scale AI Supercluster Retail Supply Chain Platform Ravel by Cadillac Fairview, Coveo, Fintech Growth Syndicate, Adeptmind, Mackage, Penningtons, Reitmans, Roots, RW&Co, Softmoc, Thyme Maternity, Government of Quebec This project will have partners working together to create an AI-powered retail supply chain platform that will help Canadian export innovation. This platform will connect people, physical and virtual spaces, and data -enabling retailers to better predict customer demand, optimize inventory and deliver products faster. $4.61 $12.99 2020-01-14 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Supercluster Cognitive Supply Chain in Aerospace CAE, GFI, Groupesag Laser/Jet d'eau, BMP Metals Inc, Avanade, Lixar, Createch, CGI, Deloitte, Presagis Canada Inc., Government of Quebec Project partners will work together to optimize the aerospace supply chain and manufacturing processes, further develop capabilities to reduce production cycle times and improve product time to market. $2.24 $10.78 2020-01-14 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster AI for customized packaging Nulogy Corporation, Mars Canada, Shenker Canada, Menasha, Lake City Foods, Linsey Foods, Alliance This project will see project partners leverage production and demand data for an AI platform that will allow for better supply chain planning and delivery. This AI-enhanced platform will also benefit other consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands and suppliers by accelerating growth in this space. $0.61 $1.74 2019-06-27 Toronto, ON
Scale AI Supercluster Farm to Market Local Line, Flanagan Foodservice, Ontario Fresh, Ontario Farmers Collective This collaborative project will establish an innovative online platform that will significantly reduce distribution costs and enable access to new markets. The AI algorithms created will identify co-loads in advance, giving farmers an entirely new logistics model where ship dates are projected and synchronized months into the future. $0.20 $0.50 2019-06-27 Kitchener, ON
Scale AI Supercluster Reducing installation and repair times for telecommunication customers Bell Canada, Exfo, VuPoint Systems, Government of Quebec Project partners will employ AI models to assign technicians; optimizing field installation and repair processes. This will reduce the number and average time of visits, and ultimately improve the Canadian consumer experience. $0.19 $0.48 2019-06-27 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Increasing Efficiencies in the Multimodal Transport Industry Ray-Mont Logistics, SimWell Consulting & Technologies, Government of Quebec Project partners will develop a solution for better planning of container movement, maximization of space and crane scheduling. This AI solution will manage uncertainties and variability to ultimately increase efficiency of Canadian exports and the attractiveness of Canadian products. $1.28 $3.20 2019-06-27 Montreal, QC

This list is current as of November 30, 2020 and is updated monthly.

Note: This list includes those projects that have been announced and launched, and totals will differ from the data on the home page, which references all approved projects, including those that have not yet launched.

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