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Canada’s Supercluster projects: COVID-19 response

In the face of a global pandemic, Canada's Superclusters rose to the challenge by creating leading-edge innovations and initiatives to keep Canadians safe and help our economy recover. Here is a list of the projects that Canada's Superclusters have launched to respond to the challenges of COVID-19 so far.

Project title
Project partners
Project description
ISI funding ($M)
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Total project cost ($M)
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Project location
Digital Technology Supercluster COVID Cloud DNAstack, BioSymetrics, The Centre of Genomics and Policy at McGill University, FACIT, Genome BC, Mannin Research, McMaster University, Ontario Genomics, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR), Roche Diagnostics, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Vector Institute, Microsoft, Global Alliance for Genomics & Health, Hospital for Sick Children In its feasibility study phase, this project enabled the scientific and medical communities to share and discover knowledge about the genetics of the COVID-19 virus in real time over a cloud-based global network. Now the project is evolving to develop "COVID Cloud", a software solution that will enable researchers to harness COVID-related genomic and clinical data and deliver timely insights through state-of-the-art biomedical data discovery, analysis, and access. This will improve our knowledge at a speed and scale that would not otherwise be possible, and inform new ways to diagnose and treat people affected by the virus. $3.43M $5.40M 2020-10-22 Toronto, ON
Digital Technology Supercluster LifeSaver Unity Technologies (formerly Finger Food Advanced Technology), MNP (formerly T4G), EventBase, Matidor, Microsoft, University of British Columbia (UBC), Government of BC, Provincial Health Authority Parent, Technical Safety BC, Fraser NW Division of Family Practice, Telus, SpectrumMD, FEMA At the feasibility study phase, this project built the underlying platform for an interactive tool for businesses, emergency responders and policy leaders to make data-driven decisions based on predictive modelling that optimally balance operational needs and health risks. In using data from public sources, health authorities and medical institutions, in addition to weighing weather and travel conditions, this project will evolve to provide customized solutions for a wider variety of organizations, enabling them to make data-driven decisions in response to COVID-19. $2.31M $4.37M 2020-10-22 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Raven2 Variational AI, adMare Bioinnovations, University of British Columbia (UBC) At the feasibility study phase, this project used artificial intelligence to rapidly establish links between drugs that have the potential to combat the effects of COVID-19, helping to fast-track life-saving treatment for patients. This project is now evolving to build on its success and find new, safe COVID-19 therapeutics that could be sold commercially in Canada and worldwide. $1.88M $2.37M 2020-10-22 British Columbia, Quebec
Digital Technology Supercluster Feeding our Front Lines FoodX, Microsoft, Adaptech, ETG Consulting, Routific, OpsGuru, AtlaML, Meridian Farm Market, SPUD, 1Qbit In its early stages, this project funded a proof of concept e-Grocery management system that manages food quality and freshness, while optimizing packing and deliveries. This project has pivoted to introduce the Scaling Safe Food Delivery for Canadians: A Pandemic-Ready e-Grocery Solution, covering everything a retailer needs to offer online grocery sales at scale and helping to ensure food security for all Canadians. $2.83M $3.95M 2020-10-22 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Screen O/S EcoScreen Solutions Inc., EcoMine Technologies, University of British Columbia (UBC), Patriot Technologies, Univerity of North Dakota, Nomadic Pictures, Thunderbird Entertainment In its initial phase, this project assessed the potential of an innovative, low-cost, on-the-spot screening technology for the detection of COVID-19. This project now builds on that work, focusing on minimizing the spread of COVID-19 through improved workplace health and safety through a solution that instantly screens pathogens. This new system will provide reliable and anonymized risk reporting to leaders and regulators, as well as secure and private results directly to students and employees. $0.56M $1.17M 2020-10-22 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Looking Glass: Protecting Canadians in a Return to Community Kings Distributed Systems, Queen's University, Riskthinking.AI, Limestone Analytics, aiSight inc., Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN), Server Cloud Canada, The Dymond Group, AMPD Holdings, PHEMI, Krate Distributed Information Systems This project will create a platform tool for all levels of government to model the effects of policies (ex: physical distancing measures, school and business closures/opening, and vaccine campaign rollout) on both public health and the economy all the way down to the community/municipal level. This would power the ability to say that policy x will have public health impact y and economic impact z. $1.30M $2.20M 2020-08-06 British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario
Digital Technology Supercluster Healthy Access Invixium Access Inc., TriVue Services, Invent Canada, MARA Technologies Inc., Manawa This project will result in a hygienic, touchless screening process platform for demanding, high-throughput environments. The initiative brings together industry-leading face recognition technologies, infrared thermal imaging sensors, detection technology for vital signs like heart rate and respiration levels, and AI to process the data. This combination will pair identity verification with health signs collected without any contact. $0.85M $1.60M 2020-08-06 Toronto, ON
Digital Technology Supercluster Direct Food Store (DFS): Securing the Food Supply Chain Wisebox, i-Open Technologies, Novex Delivery Solutions, Nutriva Group, Berryhill Foods, Eat Fresh Pizza, Mission City Pizza This project will further develop and scale the (DFS) platform – a one-stop shop for consumers to source fresh food directly from local producers, all without warehousing, processing facilities, stores or other distributors. This will help address challenges to the supply chain, promoting healthy eating, responding to evolving consumer preferences, enabling traceability and transparency in the supply chain, and adapting to the Internet grocery revolution. $1.00M $1.50M 2020-08-06 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Supporting Canada's Elderly During the COVID-19 Pandemic 3DBridge, Careteam, Wellness Pharmacy Group, Wescana Pharmacy Group, SnapPea Design, CenseoPharm Consulting, MedStack, ProLucid Technologies This project will include the development and deployment of a unique digital hub that directs a biometrically controlled tamper-resistant e-dispenser. The digital hub controls who can access the medication in the e-dispenser, when they can access it, and provides alerts (to the patient and authorized third parties) if the medication is not accessed as prescribed. The solution also reports and tracks compliance for authorized third parties (like health care providers and caregivers). The solution allows people to receive treatments safely within their existing living arrangements with remote support from caregivers and medical professionals who can monitor medication intake through alerts based on secure real-time data. Healthcare practitioners can also assess when elderly patients need further support by being able to view a pattern of medication non-adherence. $0.65M $0.87M 2020-08-06 Ontario
Digital Technology Supercluster Reduce Risk: Post-COVID Analytics Platform for Returning to Work Molecular You, AltaML, MRM-Proteomics, Roche Diagnostics, Alberta Blue Cross This project will utilize the large sets of high-dimensional COVID-19 patient data to provide the needed insights into how SARS-CoV-2 affects an individual and what puts an individual at risk to severe COVID-19 disease. These insights can be used to help minimize risk for employees to return to work. $1.41M $2.24M 2020-08-06 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster ReSTART: Post-COVID Surgeries and Medical Procedures SeamlessMD, Excelar Technologies, Xerus Medical, AltaML, Fraser Health, Trillium Health Partners This project will provide an intelligent platform for patient screening, risk prediction, and monitoring to safely restart surgeries and medical procedures in hospitals during and post COVID-19. The platform will also provide quality-improvement insights and data analytics dashboards for improving hospital operations. $1.60M $1.66M 2020-08-06 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Clothing Tech to Remotely Connect to Care Myant, CardioComm Solutions, SouthLake Hospital, University Health Network (UHN) This project will deploy a textile-based, wearable health-monitoring system that enables remote detection and triaging of COVID-19 symptoms. It will also provide access to telemedicine for patients with chronic illnesses. The solution leverages Myant's textiles that can sense and react to the human body and a platform that enables machine-learning-driven health and performance outcomes. $1.12M $2.24M 2020-08-06 Toronto, ON
Digital Technology Supercluster Virtual Pulse Technology Training Associates Ltd. ("TTA"), BCIT, Animism, Unity Technologies (formerly Finger Food Advanced Technology), CAE Inc., Fraser Health, Vancouver Coastal Health This project will address the training needs of over 500,000 current and aspiring nurses in Canada to respond to COVID-19, and become available to nurses and healthcare providers globally. This will assist hospitals as they respond to the COVID-19 pandemic by expanding capacity, re-training staff for new roles, and inviting retired healthcare workers to return to duty. $2.20M $3.15M 2020-08-06 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Global Clinical Network for Infectious Diseases SpectrumMD, Unity Technologies (formerly Finger Food), National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases (NCCID), World Health Organization (WHO), Saskatchewan Health, Alberta Health Services, Nova Scotia Health Authority, Fraser Health, Provincial Health Authority Parent, Horizon Health Network, Vitalite Health Network, New York City Department of Health This project help to quickly share the most current knowledge on infectious diseases to front-line healthcare providers and institutions. This global knowledge network will consolidate and share epidemiological datasets and evolving clinical guidelines, and thereby "democratize" this critical information in a pandemic. $2.33M $2.57M 2020-08-06 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Rapid Assessment of Disability Claims During and Post COVID-19 Owl Labs, Royal Bank of Canada Insurance (RBCI), Reinsurance Group of America (RGA), Deloitte Canada, Labarge Weinstein LLC This project will focus on minimizing anticipated insurance premium increases for Canadians and their employers as a result of COVID-19-related claims, by identifying fraudulent claims. $4.73M $12.78M 2020-08-06 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Telewound Care Canada Swift Medical, AlayaCare, SE Health, University Health Network (UHN), Centre of Genomics and Policy at McGill University, Central East Local Health Integration Network This project will develop, deploy and scale an innovative tele-wound solution that will enable patients isolated in their homes and communities to access remote wound-care experts and resources to ensure continuity of wound-care during COVID-19. To ease health system capacity pressures and mitigate vulnerable patients' exposure to COVID-19, the project will embrace an integrated care model, working with regional health systems, hospitals and home/community care providers to streamline hospital discharges and prevent avoidable re-admissions. $2.52M $3.08M 2020-08-06 Toronto, ON
Digital Technology Supercluster AI-based Prediction Tool for COVID-19 Patient Care 16bit, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, London Health Sciences Centre, Layer 6 AI, SofTx Innovations, Roche Diagnostics, Vector Institute This project will collate and release a large high-quality clinical dataset of hospitalized COVID-19 patients and develop AI-based clinical prediction tools for improving the morbidity and mortality of hospitalized COVID-19 patients in Canada and abroad. This prediction tool will help frontline clinicians to make decisions, test solutions with predictive clinical decision support systems, and help administrators and policymakers better understand future capacity constraints. $1.30M $1.87M 2020-08-06 Toronto, ON
Digital Technology Supercluster Leveraging AI in Canada's Social Response to COVID HelpSeeker, AltaML, Corsac Technologies, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, Mount Royal University, York University, Canadian Observatory on Homelessness, University of Calgary, A Way Home, City of Lethbridge, City of Abbotsford, Edmonton Police Services, Sagesse This project will partner Canada's top social researchers and machine-learning experts in order to develop a predictive algorithm to anticipate occurrences of homelessness, suicide, and domestic violence to strengthen Canada's COVID response and recovery capacity. $0.60M $0.68M 2020-08-06 Calgary, AB
Digital Technology Supercluster Mobile Wellness Declaration BioConnect, Mara Technologies, Suprema, Chartwell Long Term Care Home, Aptum, City of Toronto, City of Stratford, MaRS Discovery District This project will create a cost-effective health screening solution targeting the highly vulnerable population found in long-term care facilities by retro-fitting existing card access systems with: (1) Wellness Declaration surveys to screen prospective entrants for COVID-19 symptoms or; (2) new thermal imaging technology to detect elevated body temperatures – thereby delivering a solution to detect potentially ill entrants before they enter a facility. $0.57M $0.95M 2020-08-06 Toronto, ON
Digital Technology Supercluster Emergency Food Distribution Network Mesh Exchange (FoodMesh), Traction on Demand, Salesforce Canada, United Way, Overwaitea Food Group, Daiya Foods, Buy Low, Vancity enviroFund, Metro Vancouver, National Zero Waste Council, City of Richmond, Fraser Valley Regional District, Vancouver Coastal Health, Frasre Health In Canada, 58% of food produced is either lost or wasted. Meanwhile over 1 in 8 families are food insecure. Wasted food is a local, and global problem, with steep economic, environmental and societal costs. These impacts have been magnified during the COVID-19 pandemic due to volatility in the supply chain, creating further economic uncertainty and increased food waste. This project will seek to improve and expand the FoodMesh platform and repurpose it to serve as an Emergency Food Distribution Network. The work will commercialize the proof of concept platform, while refining the technology to create a more scalable, responsive and intelligent marketplace designed to expedite and simplify the onboarding, matching and fulfillment of food to a connected network of farmers, suppliers, buyers and charities. $2.00M $2.44M 2020-08-06 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Project ABC Cambian, LifeLabs, IBM, WELL Health, Shift Health Paradigms (Tickit Health), Providence Health Care, Simon Fraser University (SFU), Digital Health Circle, MITACS This project will enable automated assessment, authorization, booking, and coordination of widespread COVID-19 testing and, when available, immunization. $3.01M $4.04M 2020-08-06 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Project ACTT – Access to Cancer Testing & Treatment in Response to COVID-19 Canexia Health, AstraZeneca Canada, Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory Association (EORLA), Emtelligent Solutions, Xtract AI, GenoLife, Illumina, LifeLabs, Novateur, Queen's University, Semaphore Solutions This project will reduce resource burdens on the Canadian health system during the Covid-19 pandemic by deploying a minimally invasive circulating tumour DNA (ctDNA) test for cancer patients as an alternative to surgical tissue biopsies – which are currently being cancelled or delayed at an alarming rate. $1.59M $2.59M 2020-08-06 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Stronger Together: Social Infrastructure for Community Health Curatio Networks, Cloud DX, Interior Health Authority, University of British Columbia (UBC), Pacific Blue Cross, Simon Fraser University, University Health Network (UHN), Wellness Garage, On Call Health, This project will aim to keep patients healthy at home and socially supported; give healthcare providers a single, compliant solution for remote monitoring; and provide researchers and other health organizations with an open platform on which they can build, share and monetize their evidence-based programs and services. $1.41M $1.88M 2020-06-04 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Confidential Virtual Addiction Treatment for Critical Workers ALAViDA, Portage, University of British Columbia (UBC), Simon Fraser University (SFU) This project will provide critical healthcare workers that are struggling with substance abuse disease with 100% confidential, virtual, evidence-based treatment options during this period of increased need. It will also help to build a strong business case for widespread adoption of pre-disability substance use disorder treatment and the incorporation of this form of treatment into existing healthcare worker employee benefit plans. $0.82M $1.01M 2020-06-04 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Early Detection of COVID-19 through AI Patriot One, Cisco Canada, University of British Columbia (UBC), University of North Dakota, Cincinnati Reds Stadium, Maryland Hospital, LA County Sheriff's Office This project will use existing security cameras and computer vision technology to develop a passive screening system to identify people with a fever and who are at risk of having COVID-19, protecting the health and safety of Canadians. It will be an important tool that will enable the scanning of large numbers of people in hospitals, stores and airports. This will expedite the early detection and mitigation of potential infections, which will be critical to flattening the curve and minimizing future waves of pandemic outbreaks. $4.50M $5.21M 2020-06-04 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Mental Health for Health Care Workers Providing COVID-19 Care Starling Minds, University of British Columbia (UBC), Genome BC This project will build a suite of best practices and digital mental health tools & training for the Canadian workforce – with an initial focus on the unique needs and stressors of healthcare workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. $2.00M $2.53M 2020-06-04 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Digital Telework for Remote Physical Work Sanctuary AI, Blackbird Interactive, Expeto, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver Economic Commission, Revera, AInBC, Alpine Building Maintenance, Nurse Next Door, Forcen Technologies, Microsoft, Rogers This project will address the two most vulnerable Canadian populations affected by COVID-19: senior citizens and frontline healthcare workers by expanding the capabilities of telework technology, currently limited to video and audio interactions, to enable physical interactions by connecting and controlling general purpose robots from anywhere with LTE (4G/5G) networks. This will allow labour intensive industries to participate in the remote work economy with immediate application in healthcare and eldercare markets where urgent intervention is required. $4.00M $5.68M 2020-06-04 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Providing Safe and Effective Home Care During COVID-19 AlayaCare, Careteam Technologies, AceAge, e-Cobalt, University of Victoria, Saint Elizabeth Health Care, Partners in Community Nursing (PICN), Paramed, Fraser Health, Acclaim Health, Bayshore This project will make broader enhancements to the AlayaCare home health care platform by leveraging the vast footprint of AlayaCare deployments across Canada while integrating solutions and platform components from other project partners. This will enhance the existing technology, and create new digital tools for risk management that will serve to protect the home healthcare industry from this pandemic and future pandemics. This includes taking a longer-term approach and working with partners to strengthen application programming interface as well as enabling data utilization for health data studies. The platform will accelerate patient pre-visit mandatory screening, schedule optimization for homecare providers, and real time alerting of symptomatic employees or patients. $0.96M $1.62M 2020-05-26 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Protecting Canadians by Predicting the Evolution of COVID-19 Terramera, Microsoft, D-Wave, Menten AI, University of British Columbia (UBC), ProMIS Neurosciences, bioLytical Laboratories, Precision Nanosystems This project will develop a computational model that accurately predicts the conformational structure of mutant versions of the SARS-CoV-2 Viral Spike Protein Receptor Binding Domain (RBD), and an index of functionally permissible point mutants, thereby permitting pre-emptive development of tests, vaccines and therapies against likely variants that will arise once herd immunity is established. $1.83M $2.07M 2020-05-26 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Point-of-Care Ultrasound for COVID-19 Providence HealthCare, Clarius, Change Healthcare, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), University of British Columbia (UBC), Rural Coordination Centre of BC (RCCbc) This project will deliver AI and expert-supported point-of -care ultrasound for immediate COVID-19 diagnosis, and create the first gold-standard pulmonary ultrasound dataset in North America for COVID-19. $0.68M $0.50M 2020-05-26 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Improving ICU Capacity During COVID-19 Outbreaks Altis Labs, Bayer AG, Quantitative Imaging for Personalized Cancer Medicine, Trillium Health Partners, University Health Network (UHN) This project will leverage and advance development of Altis' image-based patient outcome prediction technology for COVID-19 inpatients to predict ICU admission and expected date of discharge. Clinicians will be able to make better decisions sooner regarding capacity of beds, staffing, and ventilators during patient surges, leading to higher quality care, efficiency gains, and better patient outcomes. $0.93M $1.28M 2020-05-26 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster Rapid Deployment Emergency Digital Case Management Careteam, The Ottawa Hospital, Caredove, AlayaCare, CognisantMD, University of Ottawa This project will enable rapid cross-organization coordination of both health and social services for people in at-risk situations who are isolated in the community during public health and environmental crises such as COVID-19. This platform will initially be deployed in the Ottawa area focused on fragile seniors with aims to enhance the platform for concurrent provincial/national expansion. $0.54M $0.54M 2020-05-26 Vancouver, BC
Digital Technology Supercluster xrAI 1Qbit, Saskatchewan Health, Fraser Health Authority, First Nations Health Authority, Trillium Health Partners, Microsoft This project will develop a medical software that applies AI and machine learning to improve the accuracy and interpretation of chest X-rays, and diagnosis of COVID-19 patients. This tool supports clinicians by identifying lung abnormalities on chest radiographs within their existing clinical workflow and was recently fast tracked for approval by Health Canada. The AI software will enable clinicians to save lives through the early identification of COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases such as SARS, pneumonia, and tuberculosis. $2.00M $2.81M 2020-05-07 Vancouver, BC
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster COVID-19 RNA Test Kit LuminUltra Technologies This project will support the development of a novel SARS-CoV-2 test kit based on nucleic acid (RNA) detection of novel corona virus; including associated advanced manufacturing scale-up to meet national and international demand. $3.10M $4.99M 2020-08-25 Fredericton, NB
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Repurposing Anaesthesia Machines to Ventilators DMF Medical This project will enable the modification of anesthesia machines for ICU ventilation applications using memsorb™ medical membranes, instead of chemical reactions to filter CO2 from the circuit. This eliminates the current need for mandatory replacement of devices after 8 hours of use, allowing for continuous use for 12 months. $0.28M $0.55M 2020-08-25 Dartmouth, NS
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster DPX-COVID-19: Manufacturing and scale up of neutralizing-epitope based synthetic vaccine Immunovaccine Technologies Inc. This project will aim to establish a complete end-to-end Canadian supply chain for the development and manufacturing of synthetic vaccines allowing the production of large scale quantities of the DPX-COVID-19 vaccine. The production objective of this project is to manufacture 25 million doses per year. $2.50M $5.05M 2020-08-05 Dartmouth, NS
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Disinfection Service Robot (DSR) Solution Global DWS Corp This project will provide a fully autonomous service robotic platform that is spatially aware and capable of seamlessly navigating any given one-level space while avoiding obstacles to ensure human safety. It is equipped with virus disinfectant and UV-C lamp capabilities to provide sanitization solution to essential businesses and public workplaces by eliminating 99.9% of bacteria and viruses without any human intervention needed. The project will leverage cognitive capabilities (custom vision, voice interaction and autonomous navigation) and the integration of multi solutions on a single, integrated and secure platform. $1.00M $2.09M 2020-07-06 Toronto, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Cleanbot Crosswing This project will manufacture Cleanbot UV and Cleanbot MIST, two next-generation robots that will deliver targeted UV light to where it is critically needed and a precisely measured spray dose to all common pathogen hotspots. $1.60M $3.20M 2020-07-06 Aurora, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Autonomous Mobile UV-Light Emitting Robotic Vehicle PrecientX, Clearpath Robotics This project will rapidly develop and deploy a fleet of self-driving mobile robotic vehicles integrated with an Ultra-Violet (UV) light disinfection system to quickly, intelligently and continuously sanitize essential workplaces. The first wave of mobile UV light-emitting vehicles will be deployed immediately in controlled-access healthcare settings for patients, medical staff and cleaning workers entering hospital examination rooms, test centers and treatment facilities. A second wave of vehicles are targeted for essential workplaces and commercial industrial environments to sanitize medical and food supply chains, decontaminate busy warehouse operations and disinfect front-line manufacturing and assembly lines between shifts. $0.70M $1.50M 2020-07-06 Kitchener, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Autonomous mobile robotic UV disinfector (AMRUD) A&K Robotics This project will convert AMRUD's current prototype (a self-driving robot capable of autonomously disinfecting large areas of floor spaces and high-touch surfaces with a targeted approach specially designed to combat viruses and germs that can linger and be transmitted from surface to surface) into an MVP that can be rapidly brought to market and rolled-out in a collaborative fashion with key industry testing partners. This robot was developed specifically for use in commercial spaces, and supplements janitorial staff to keep places clean, reduce the spread of germs during disease outbreaks and aid in efforts to proactively prevent public health crises. $0.76M $1.52M 2020-07-06 Vancouver, BC
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Disinfection Robot Advanced Intelligent Systems Inc. This project will provide a robot that will map large scale environments such as hospitals, navigate to interest points, perform hands-free UV disinfection without presence of humans, report the task details and move to the next interest point to repeat the same actions. AIS cloud capabilities allows the collection and reporting of data from the environment; monitoring of the performance; interactive controlling; and updating and troubleshooting the robot to increase safety and AI capabilities. $0.98M $1.95M 2020-07-06 Burnaby, BC
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Fast manufacturing of plastic injection molds for COVID-19 diagnostic and treatment ExaCad This project will aim to quickly respond to Canada's urgent need for plastic consumables for diagnostic and treatment procedures related to COVID-19, by rapidly manufacturing complex plastic injection molds. $1.83M $1.83M 2020-06-20 Boisbraind, QC
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Remote Monitoring for Patients at Home Cloud Diagnostics This project will enable many non-acute patients to be discharged early with at-home monitoring through a hardware/software platform, freeing up beds and relieving staff. Patients can continue oxygen therapy in the comfort of their homes with this wrist cuff artery pulse and symptom monitoring technology. $1.76M $3.51M 2020-06-20 Kitchener, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Smart Garments for Biometric Monitoring Myant, Celestica, Bayshore, CardioComm Solutions This project will enable the manufacturing and production of a new textile-based monitoring system for patients and frontline healthcare workers. This "smart garments" line of underwear, bras and other tech-filled undergarments named "Skiin" have the ability to read and collect biometrics from the user's body via novel sensors which are then analyzed by Myant's AI platform to identify signs of health issues. $2.49M $4.98M 2020-06-20 Toronto, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster RNA Viral Detection Kits Precision Biomonitoring, Evik Diagnostics This project will set up a manufacturing facility in Ontario for point-of-care COVID-19 test kits, replacing imports from the U.S. and elsewhere. The project positions Canada for world leadership in the manufacturing of mobile test kits and provides a secure supply for the health authorities. $4.99M $4.99M 2020-06-20 Guelph, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster N95 Respirator Mask Automation Eclipse Automation The project will expedite the Canadian-based manufacturing of N95 respirator masks which are federally and provincially identified as PPE (personal protective equipment) in "critical-need" for healthcare workers. $2.11M $2.45M 2020-05-20 Cambridge, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster 3D-Printed face shields Mosaic Manufacturing, Glia Inc., Rockmass Technologies Inc., Redetec Inc. This project will directly benefit frontline health care workers by using a proven, compliant design and an existing supply chain to manufacture 45,000 face shields. $0.44M $0.44M 2020-04-03 Toronto, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Precision Molded Personal Protection Visor Molded Precision Components (MPC), Sterling Industries, supply chain contractors This project will produce a fully recyclable two-piece face shield design that will be cost effective, address the short term need for frontline healthcare PPE and create a long term supply chain. The goal is to produce 48 million face shields annually. $5.00M $5.00M 2020-04-03 Toronto, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Accelerated Test Kits for Point-of-Care Response Biomedical This project will extrapolate current test methodology to expediently develop COVID-19 test kits, allowing for test results being returned in less than 15 minutes. These tests, designed to detect the presence of the virus, can be performed in Point of Care settings. This project expects to manufacture 500,000 test kits per month. $2.74M $2.74M 2020-04-03 Vancouver, BC
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Ventilator Components BOMImed, Synergy Mouldworks, Precision ADM This project will support the rapid development and production launch of high quality, fast-to-produce and cost effective ventilator components to fulfill critical requirements for Canada's COVID-19 response. $0.93M $0.93M 2020-04-03 Winnipeg, MB
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Self-Sterilization Coating Materials Envision SQ This project will scale-up an advanced coating product that maintains surfaces in a clean state even after dirty contacts. This product can be applied to high-touch surfaces in public, commercial and residential environments to help prevent spread of COVID-19 virus. $1.74M $1.74M 2020-04-03 Guelph, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Face shields using 3D printing Burloak Technologies Project partners will be expediting product design, regulatory approvals, and sourcing of materials to enable the 3-D manufacturing of protective face shields. $1.15M $1.15M 2020-03-31 Oakville, ON
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Open-source ventilator design Starfish Medical, Linamar-MacDon and Cerebra Health, Product Creation Studio This project will increase the availability of ventilators in Canada. Project partners will develop an open-source, safe, effective, and cost-efficient ventilator design, and identify manufacturers and suppliers to quickly ramp up production. $5.00M $5.00M 2020-03-31 Victoria, BC
Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster Rapid Test Kits Sona Nanotech This project will use nanotechnology to develop point-of-care test kits that will improve the accuracy of virus detection and provide results in 5-10 minutes. $4.13M $4.13M 2020-03-31 Halifax, NS
Scale AI Supercluster COVID-19 screening and virtual home visits AlayaCare, Polytechnique Montréal and Bien Chez Soi This project will enhance the AlayaCare home health care platform to respond to immediate needs emerging because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will ensure that Canadians in need continue to receive home healthcare in the early, most critical stages of the pandemic, while protecting the health and safety of both patients and care providers. Partners will use the platform to provide a new virtual care offering up and running as soon as possible in order to mitigate cancelled homecare visits. Through this project, the platform will also offer the ability to create COVID screeners to collect symptom data and protect care workers and patients from exposure if any symptoms are present before a scheduled visit. The main objective of this is to virtually collect and analyze screener data to help to pinpoint hot zones of infection and identify high-risk individuals and areas. $0.30M $0.31M 2020-05-03 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Telemedicine for coronavirus patients Dialogue Technologies, MILA This project will expand Dialogue Technologies free AI-powered assessment tool, "Chloe for COVID-19", to include infection risk assessments, question-answering capabilities and automated follow-ups. $0.50M $0.50M 2020-05-03 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Data-driven project to unravel the coronavirus MILA This project will take advantage of a new deep learning algorithm to exploit the capabilities of artificial intelligence in fundamental research and to transfer this knowledge into applied research to accelerate the interpretation of research data for effective antiviral molecules in the fight against COVID-19. $0.13M $0.30M 2020-05-03 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Digitization of coronavirus-specific clinical trials The Montreal Heart Institute This project will explore a digital solution to speed up clinical trials for treatment protocols being used to tackle COVID-19. The institute is using a digital approach to trial subject monitoring requiring only a few follow-up calls or "video" visits – approved by Health Canada and the Food and Drug Administration. $0.10M $0.30M 2020-05-03 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster CDL Recovery Program Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) This project will launch a mentoring program targeted at developing a range of skills in high demand as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawn from leading entrepreneurs, economists, scientists, inventors, business leaders, and investors from around the world – this mentorship program will help to rapidly transform technological innovations into useful products and services in the areas of public health and economic recovery. $0.50M $0.50M 2020-05-03 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Optimization of the distribution of diagnostic tests for COVID-19: Roche This project will enable rapid response distribution capabilities for diagnostic tests that will benefit public health stakeholders, healthcare professionals and patients. This will be done by leveraging a robust forecasting model, and an allocation optimization engine that takes into account constraints in global supply, as well as national testing capacity and changing circumstances. $0.50M $0.60M 2020-05-03 Montreal, QC
Scale AI Supercluster Intelligent digital assistance system Careteam, FleetOps, Collingwood Neighborhood House, the Vancouver Foundation This project will aim to equip and enable community organizations, local stakeholders and volunteers to manage interventions, and share data through a digital platform in a coordinated manner. This is important because the support network for vulnerable people, including professional home services and caregiver interventions, is completely disrupted by the current crisis. $0.50M $0.50M 2020-05-03 Vancouver, BC
Scale AI Supercluster Rapid distribution capacity of essential cargo The Montreal Port Authority, CargoM, Montreal Gateway Terminal Partnership and Termont Montréal Inc. This project will optimize the sorting and prioritization of cargo ships entering the Port of Montreal to ensure the rapid distribution of essential goods across Canada, such as medical equipment and food products. Distribution networks are under stress, with the need to quickly deliver basic necessities in the health and food sectors. $0.50M $0.50M 2020-05-03 Montreal, QC

This list is current as of October 30, 2020 and is updated monthly.

Note: This list includes those projects that have been announced and launched, and totals will differ from the data on the home page, which references all approved projects, including those that have not yet launched.

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