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Possibilities grounded in research: independent reports

Access research to learn more about the concept of Superclusters, how they are performing in other global economies, and the kinds of benefits that come from developing these ecosystems.

The Superclusters Initiative: An Opportunity to Reinforce Innovation Ecosystems

The study from the Institute for Research on Public Policy examines the Government's key performance indicators for the Superclusters program and argues for the development of new indicators that can measure the impact and potential of these ecosystems.

— By Catherine Beaudry and Laurence Solar-Pelletier. (October 2020). Institute for Research on Public Policy (IRPP).

Read the report from the Institute for Research on Public Policy

Understanding Innovation Ecosystems: A Framework for Joint Analysis and Action

This paper from the Cambridge MIT D-Lab offers a framework for practitioners to promote a better understanding of local innovation ecosystems. It is intended to be used as a tool during conversations with ecosystem actors on the state of a particular ecosystem and how to further develop.

— By Elizabeth Hoffecker, Elizabeth. (2019).Cambridge: MIT D-Lab.

Read the Cambridge MIT D-Lab's report on understanding innovation ecosystems

Rethinking Cluster Initiatives

This Brookings Institution paper is intended to help regional leaders make informed decisions about cluster initiatives. It takes evidence from a literature review, expert interviews, and five case studies to explore why clusters matter, interventions to support clusters, the organizational structures of clusters, and common traits in successful clusters.

— By Ryan Donahue, Joseph Parilla, and Brad McDearman. (July 2018). Brookings Institute.

Read the Brookings Institution report on rethinking cluster initiatives

Clusters and Innovation Districts: Lessons from the United States Experience

This Brookings Institution paper examines the benefits of clusters as well as common success factors needed for cluster development. By examining the role of government interventions in each cluster, this paper offers key lessons for policymakers and other local actors such as universities, community leaders, and businesses.

— By Martin Neil Baily and Nicholas Montalbano. (May 2018). Brookings Institution.

Read the Brookings Institution report on clusters and innovation districts

Growing Innovation Ecosystems: University-Industry Knowledge Transfer and Regional Economic Development in Canada.

This report undertaken at the University of Toronto for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada discusses the importance of knowledge transfer between universities and industry in stimulating regional economic growth.

— By Allison Bramwell, Nicola Hepburn, and David A. Wolfe. (May, 2012). Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto – Final Report presented to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Read the Munk School of Global Affairs report on growing innovation ecosystems)

Écosystèmes et modèles d'affaires : Introduction

This study shows that the joint mobilization of the concepts of business models and business ecosystems facilitates the analysis of new innovation processes, such as the understanding of how an economic system is organized, managed or evolves.

— By Amel Attour, Thierry Burger-Helmchen. Écosystèmes et modèles d'affaires : introduction. Management Science, INFORMS, (2014).

Read the report on ecosystems and business models (Only available French)

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