Photo-journaling for disruption: Case study

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Client:Ontario Region at Innovation, Science and Economic Development


How to create a better employee experience that stimulates innovation in the workplace?


Designed for disruption. Developed three options for the conceptual design of a Regional Innovation Lab that would support mental health, wellbeing and creativity.


Using photo-journals, the team at Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada's Ontario Regional Office constructed poster models of their current work environment, detailing facilities, technology, and collaboration needs. Building on common themes, models of a new aspirational space were created by combining images from multiple sources. These maquettes were shared with the regional office team for comment and revision before the end of Fiscal 2016.

Today's session to quote one Director participating was 'phenomenal', and I concur! Creative juices were flowing and we truly got exactly what we needed—you managed our limited time and were an incredible facilitator and developed a fantastically well-designed design thinking morning. I cannot thank you enough.

Mark Lehman, Executive Director
Ontario Region, Strategic Policy Sector, Innovation, Science and Economic Development of Canada

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