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Can I Help? A game on workplace wellbeing and inclusion in the workplace: Case study

Project summary


Beta tests





Client: ISED mental health champions & team


How can we design an experience for public servants to destigmatize mental health and barriers to inclusion by engaging in open and honest dialogue?


Designed for dialogue. Developed an original serious card game for 4-7 players that creates a safe space to discuss workplace wellbeing and inclusion issues without facing judgement or stigma.

What happened

Extensive beta testing showed that the first prototype design of the game was a failure; the game was too complicated. Consequently, game mechanics were redesigned and further beta testing proved successful at creating a simpler, more robust, and dialogue-focused game. Additional testing suggested that content should be expanded to include seen and unseen barriers to participation in the workplace such as gender identity, diversity and other wellbeing and inclusion related topics.

Just when you thought you had it all figured out, the Innovation Lab brings you to a thinking that you never thought possible and challenges you to think upside down, rather than out of the box (which is now old thinking).

Katherine Parker, Mental Health Commission
(Interchange Canada assignment)

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