Clean Growth Hub Newsletter: Issue 3

May 2019

Dear Clean Technology Community,

In keeping with our mission to help Canadian clean technology companies and researchers identify the right support for their businesses and projects, this newsletter is your source for the latest on Government of Canada programs and services that support innovation and deployment of clean technology. For a current list of major federal clean technology programs, please visit the Clean Growth Hub website.

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Transport Canada's Clean Transportation System Research and Development Program provides up to $100,000 to projects that help reduce air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation, marine and rail sectors. Eligible projects include researching, developing, testing or deploying clean technologies. Apply by May 8, 2019.

Transport Canada's Northern Transportation Adaptation Initiative Program provides up to $50,000 to projects that address the effects of climate change on northern transportation systems. The three streams are: asset/site-specific research; development, testing and/or deployment of transferrable tools, technologies and practices; and training and exchanges. Apply by May 13, 2019.

Environment and Climate Change Canada's Climate Action Fund provides up to $250,000 to projects that raise awareness of climate change and build capacity in order to increase climate actions that contribute to Canada's clean growth and climate change plan. Apply by May 13, 2019.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada's Canadian Agriculture Strategic Priorities Program provides up to $1 million per year to projects that help facilitate the sector's ability to address emerging issues and capitalize on opportunities. The four priority areas are: adoption of new technology; environmental sustainability; strategic development and capacity building; and emerging issues. Apply at any point during the life of the program, until available funds have been fully allocated.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) provides financial assistance for industrial energy management projects and can cover up to 50% of eligible costs, to a maximum of $40,000 for the implementation.

Spotlight on intellectual property

Speed up your patent applications for clean technology inventions

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) is responsible for the administration of intellectual property (IP) in Canada, including trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyright. Did you know that CIPO offers an expedited examination process for clean technology patents, at no additional fee? The accelerated examination service is intended to assist in reducing the time it takes to patent clean technology inventions, enabling businesses to bring them to market more rapidly.

How to apply for an expedited examination:

  1. Submit a written request to the patent office asking for an expedited examination.
  2. Submit a declaration stating that your application relates to clean technology and that commercializing it would help to resolve or mitigate environmental impacts or conserve the natural environment and resources (see subsection 28(1) of the Patent Rules).

For more information, visit CIPO's resources:

Did you know?

NRCan's IP portfolio and opportunities for licensing for clean technologies

NRCan has an extensive IP portfolio consisting of training and workshop material, software and a number of revolutionary technologies available to the public for use through various licensing agreements.

View NRCan's IP portfolio and search for technologies by the relevant industry and NAICS code. Each IP technology in NRCan's portfolio includes a link to the CIPO website with abstracts, representative drawings and additional information. To inquire about a licensing agreement, visit Intellectual Property at NRCan.

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Focus on the Clean Growth Hub

We are featured in the Twenty-Sixth Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada as an example of diversity of perspectives.

Mackenzie Larwill

"It is incredibly interesting to work with people who come from various different departmental cultures and interests and see the impact a common purpose can have. I am most proud of helping to build those relationships and continuing to foster them to increase collaboration across departments to improve clean technology outcomes."

— Mackenzie Larwill, Senior Analyst
Natural Resources Canada

Clean Growth Hub is a whole-of-government focal point for clean technology focused on supporting companies and projects, coordinating programs and tracking results. The Hub's team of experts from across government helps companies pursuing clean technology projects to identify and navigate the federal programs and supports most relevant to their needs. Hub representatives also provide advice and connections regarding regulatory, standards, government procurement, and skills and training matters; and help connect companies to international markets.

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