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Stories to inspire: Companies shift in response to COVID-19

Be inspired by stories of companies who've benefitted from the Clean Growth Hub service and have innovated to shift their operations during the pandemic.


"I'm a nanotechnology engineer and worked on producing coatings for healthcare and biomedical applications to reduce infection rates. Due to COVID-19, anti-viral coatings became a necessary technology in commercial and public environments."

Agnese Bregnocchi, Senior Product Manager at NanoPhyll

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Agnese Bregnocchi, Senior Product Manager at NanoPhyll


"With support from the Government of Canada, TransPod is moving quickly to deploy an innovative medical device to improve the standard of care for respiratory patients both during the pandemic and beyond."

Sadira Beekha, Director of Finance, TransPod

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A closed TransPod ventilator case and an open TransPod ventilator case with components and instructions for use inside.

mCloud Technologies

"While COVID-19 has required everyone to make significant changes to how they live and work, it has also created new opportunities."

Russ McMeekin, CEO of mCloud Technologies

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Russ McMeekin, CEO of mCloud Technologies

Dairy Distillery

"We continue to innovate and now produce gel hand sanitizer. This has allowed us to continue to supply large groups like the Ottawa Hospital."

Omid McDonald, CEO of Dairy Distillery

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Nova Institute

"Our company's pivots have allowed us to support Canada's call to action for medical supplies and to employ a larger and more diverse workforce. It's so rewarding to see the difference our new business activities are making in people's lives."

Maja Maher, CEO of Nova Institute

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Ahmed Maher and Maja Maher, the respective CEOs of DiamondV and Nova Institute, holding one of their fever detection devices

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