Clean Growth Hub

Clean Growth Hub

Canada's clean technology advantage

The global transition to a low-carbon, low-pollution and resource-efficient economy is an economic opportunity for Canada. Canada's clean technology producers and users are well positioned to compete and win in this global market. That's why Budget 2017 announced more than $2.3 billion to support clean technology in Canada and the growth of Canadian firms and exports.

Dedicated help for clean technology projects

Get advice from our team of experts from across government who can help you find and understand what programs and services may be right for you. Whether you're in the early stages of research, conducting technology demonstration or growing your business and exporting, the Clean Growth Hub can point you to the support that fits your needs. Services are available to firms of all sizes in the clean technology space and across all sectors of the economy.

When you connect with us, we'll ask you for some basic details about your company and your project. We'll review your information and get back to you, answering any of your questions and connecting you to the programs and services that may be right for you. We can also help answer questions regarding policy, regulatory and procurement issues.

The Clean Growth Hub is a whole-of-government focal point for clean technology focused on supporting companies and projects, coordinating programs and tracking results. The Hub also advances the Clean Technology and Innovation pillar of the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change, and is part of the Innovation and Skills Plan.

Clean technology programs

Here are a few of the main programs and initiatives that are specifically geared toward supporting clean technology projects:

Research, development and demonstration
Agricultural Clean Technology Program

The Agricultural Clean Technology Program is a $25-million, three-year investment (2018 – 2021) which aims to support the research, development and adoption of clean technologies through investments in, and promotion of precision agriculture and agri-based bioproducts.

These technologies will help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, generate a wide range of positive impacts, and promote sustainable and clean growth.

Support is available in the form of non-repayable contributions from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada through projects delivered by provincial and territorial governments.

Now accepting applications. Projects must be completed by March 31, 2021.
Sustainable Development Technology Canada – SD Tech Fund The SD Tech Fund supports the development and demonstration of pre-commercial clean technologies (renewed with $400 million over five years in Budget 2017). Applications are accepted on a continuous basis.
Impact Canada Initiative – Cleantech Impact Program

A new initiative to help focus and accelerate efforts in solving Canada's big challenges. Cleantech Impact, part of Impact Canada, will invest $75 million over four years in five challenges.

Challenge 1: The Women in Cleantech Challenge offers six women an opportunity to develop their idea into a marketable cleantech solution and compete for a $1 million prize.

Challenge 2: The Sky's the Limit Challenge will stimulate the development of sustainable aviation fuel supply chains so that the Canadian aviation industry can further reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and lower the flying public's environmental footprint. The Challenge consists of two competitions open to a range of innovators:

  • The Green Aviation Fuels Innovation Competition provides $2 million apiece for four teams who develop the most innovative solutions, which, in turn, will support their next endeavour: an 18-month competition to produce the most economical and environmentally sustainable aviation fuel and win the $5-million grand prize.
  • The Cross-Canada Flight Competition offers a $1 million prize to the first participant to fuel a Canadian commercial flight using a minimum 10% blend of made-in-Canada biojet fuel.

Challenge 3: The Power Forward Challenge will award six teams up to $3 million to demonstrate solutions that can best integrate diverse energy resources into the existing grid in the most flexible, reliable and secure way. The team with the highest-performing technology will be awarded an additional $1 million. Each team must include both Canadian and British innovators.

Women in Cleantech Challenge: The application deadline is now closed. The finalists have been announced.

Sky's the Limit Challenge: The Green Aviation Fuels Innovation Competition is open for applications with a deadline of February 2019. The Cross-Canada Flight Competition begins in March 2019. 

Power Forward Challenge is open for applications for financial support with a deadline of December 17 2018.

Energy Innovation Program Funding for clean energy research, development and demonstration for climate change mitigation. The program is fully subscribed at this time. The next call is anticipated in late 2018.
Green Infrastructure – Demonstration component National programs are investing more than $800 million in the demonstration and deployment of green infrastructure. Of this amount, $188 million will be used for demonstration projects across four streams: smart grids, reduction of diesel use in rural and remote communities, electric vehicle infrastructure, and energy-efficient buildings. Check out the link to find out the status of various components.

Clean Growth in the Natural Resources Program

Clean technology research, development and demonstration projects in Canada's energy, mining and forest sectors ($155 million over four years).

Funding will be allocated to projects that receive support from provinces and territories.

Program application is now closed.

Growing your clean technology company
Business Development Bank of Canada Making available both new equity and debt financing to help promising clean technology firms grow and invest in assets, inventory, talent and market expansion. Contact BDC to talk about investment possibilities.
Export Development Canada Specialized project finance to help advance high-impact clean technology projects. Contact EDC to discuss your project.
Exporting your technology
International Business Development Strategy for Clean Technology The Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) will deliver an international business development strategy to help Canadian clean technology firms become world leaders and capitalize on growing global market opportunities. Contact the Clean Technology Team.
Cleantech Global Workshop Series The TCS will work with export partners to deliver a series of workshops across Canada over the next three years to tell clean technology and green infrastructure firms about government programs that can help them capitalize on growing global market opportunities. Contact the Clean Technology Team.
Climate Finance Business Development The TCS will deliver services to better prepare Canadian firms to take advantage of the significant business opportunities generated by climate finance in emerging markets. Contact the Climate Finance Business Development Team.
Adoption of market-ready technologies
Green Infrastructure – Deployment component National programs are investing more than $800 million in the demonstration and deployment of green infrastructure. Of this amount, approximately $481 million will be available for deployment projects across four streams: smart grids, renewables, reduction of diesel use in rural and remote communities, and electric vehicle infrastructure. Check out the link to find out the status of various‎ components.
Low Carbon Economy Fund (LCEF) Funding to support Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change commitments related to buildings, the industrial sector, agriculture and forestry and other priorities. The LCEF supports market-ready technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Leadership Fund submissions are under review. Program application for the Champions stream of the Challenge Fund is now closed.


There are two parts: $1.4 billion is being invested through the Leadership Fund, which is open to provinces and territories. The remainder is being invested through the Challenge Fund, which is broken into two streams: Champions (over $450 million) and Partnerships ($50 million). The Partnerships stream will be open for applications later in 2018.
Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program Assists industry-driven adoption or adaptation of market-ready clean technologies, processes and/or sustainable practices in the operation of aquaculture facilities, wild capture harvesting and seafood processing to improve environmental performance. Now accepting expressions of interest and complete applications.
General innovation measures
Strategic Innovation Fund Primarily repayable contributions to firms of all sizes across all sectors through four streams: research and development, growth and expansion, attracting and retaining large-scale investments, and advanced industrial research (total envelope $1.26 billion). Streams 1–3 open for application, stream 4 call to follow.
Innovative Solutions Canada New innovation procurement program with over $100 million dedicated to supporting the scale up and growth of Canada's innovators and entrepreneurs by having the federal government act as first customer.

Check out the site for the current list of challenges.

Several grant-based plastics challenges are open for application with a deadline of December 12 and 13 2018.

Innovation Superclusters Initiative Strategic investment of nearly $1 billion to strengthen up to five of Canada's most promising clusters. This is a cooperative effort where private sector, academic institutions, not for profits and others come together to energize economies and create stable, well-paying jobs. Program application is now closed. Canada's new superclusters have been announced. Learn more about how to get involved.

Clean technology data strategy

The Government is taking action to improve data on clean technology development and use in Canada.

The next data releases will be posted in Events and News.

Events and news

October 26, 2018 Government of Canada sets sights on transformative carbon-free energy technology in British Columbia
October 26, 2018 Canada Invests in Modernizing Saskatchewan's Electrical Grid
October 19, 2018 Government of Canada invests in clean technology for the mining industry
October 17, 2018 Canada Invests in Bioheat Conversion Technology for Indigenous Peoples
October 16, 2018 Canada and U.K. Launch $20-Million Transatlantic Challenge to Develop the Smart Energy Systems of the Future
October 9, 2018 Canada’s First Near Net-Zero Supermarket Leads the Way for a Clean Energy Future
October 3, 2018 Government of Canada invests in clean technology to create well-paying green jobs
September 20, 2018 Canada’s Environment, Oceans and Energy Ministers announce concrete action to advance economic progress through healthy, sustainable oceans at G7 Ministerial Meeting
September 18, 2018 Canada’s Women Entrepreneurs Impress at the Women in Cleantech Challenge Live Pitch Session
August 17, 2018 Challenging Canadian Innovators to Develop Cleaner Aviation Fuel
August 15, 2018 New Climate Action Fund open for applications
July 13, 2018 Canada Invests in Cleantech to Transform Quebec Pulp Mill
July 12, 2018 Government of Canada provides research grants to reduce air emissions from rail transportation
July 11, 2018 The Governments of Canada and Quebec Contribute to Fortress Xylitol's $33M Project
July 10, 2018 Atlantic Growth Strategy delivering results and creating more opportunities
July 9, 2018 Aerospace business on leading edge of 3D clean technology
July 5, 2018 EDC launches program to help early stage Canadian cleantech companies succeed
June 21, 2018 Over $2,400,000 in CanNor funding supports development of clean energy projects in Yukon communities
June 20, 2018 EDC invests $7M in Canadian cleantech firm helping farmers reduce water and energy use around the globe
June 1, 2018 Smart Cities Challenge improving the lives of Canadians through innovation, data, and technology
June 1, 2018 The Government of Canada is helping plan and build greener, more sustainable infrastructure for Canadians
May 30, 2018 Government of Canada invests in world-leading clean technology innovations
Events and news archives
May 24, 2018 Canada Welcomes the International Clean Energy Community to Vancouver in 2019
May 17, 2018 Government of Canada Invests in Next-Generation Smart Grid Technology
May 10, 2018 Alcoa and Rio Tinto announce world's first carbon-free aluminum smelting process
May 10, 2018 Canada Challenges Women Entrepreneurs to Lead Our Cleantech Future and Win $1 Million
May 7, 2018 A trillion-dollar market ripe for Canadian cleantech exporters
April 23, 2018 BDC to invest $40-million in four leading Canadian cleantech scale-ups
April 13, 2018 Helping Sentrex Wind Services Inc. Lead the Way in Wind Technology
April 12, 2018 Government of Canada launches Expert Panel to help Canada tap into trillion-dollar opportunity from clean growth and climate action
April 11, 2018 Government of Canada invests in cutting-edge clean technology
April 10, 2018 British Columbia businesses supported in clean technology adoption by Fisheries and Oceans Canada
April 4, 2018 Ontario's fisheries and aquaculture industries receive federal and provincial funding to adopt clean technology solutions
March 19, 2018 Government of Canada launches Agricultural Clean Technology program
March 15, 2018 Minister of International Trade announces funding for Canadian clean technology companies at GLOBE Forum
March 15, 2018 Canada and New Brunswick to make significant investments that will improve the lives of Canadians
March 14, 2018 Low Carbon Economy Challenge will leverage Canadian ingenuity to reduce carbon pollution and drive clean growth
March 7, 2018 Clean Technology Economic Strategy Table (interim report released)
February 16, 2018 Government of Canada Supports Clean Energy in Rural and Remote Communities
February 15, 2018 Government of Canada's new innovation program expected to create tens of thousands of middle-class jobs
February 13, 2018 Canadian Agricultural Partnership: Building a Strong Agriculture and Agri-Food Sector
February 6 2018 Investing in geothermal clean tech opportunities
February 5 2018 Clean resources industry leader joins expert group to advise on new business opportunities and jobs for Canadians
January 25, 2018 Support for research and innovation in clean technologies in Sherbrooke and Granby
January 24, 2018 Canadian companies boast record showing on the Global Cleantech 100 list
January 24, 2018 Investing in Canada's clean tech ecosystem will promote effective mining waste management while reducing greenhouse gases
January 22, 2018 Investing in Quebec's clean tech ecosystem will contribute to improving energy efficiency and reducing the use of pesticides, while supporting the agriculture industry
January 22, 2018 Investing in Quebec's clean tech ecosystem will contribute to improving energy efficiency and reducing the use of pesticides, while supporting the agriculture industry
January 18, 2018 Government of Canada investing in clean technology
January 18, 2018 Canada supports next wave of emerging renewable power
January 10, 2018 Government of Canada invests in the development of clean water technology program
January 8, 2018 Government of Canada invests in Manitoba clean technology projects
December 20, 2017 Diversifying Calgary's economy by bolstering its clean technology sector
December 19, 2017 Government of Canada sets ambitious GHG reduction targets for federal operations
December 19, 2017 Government of Canada Supports Wind Energy Study in Canada's Arctic
December 18, 2017 Canada launches clean technology program for the fisheries and aquaculture industries
December 15, 2017 Government of Canada announces funding for energy efficiency and climate action in New Brunswick
December 13, 2017 Environmental and Clean Technology Products Economic Account, 2007 to 2016
November 27 to December 1, 2017 EDC’s Cleantech Export Week
November 20, 2017 Clean Growth Program launched
November 3, 2017 Governments of Canada and Alberta invest in cutting-edge clean technologies to encourage clean growth
October 31, 2017 Survey of Environmental Goods and Services (New clean technology data released)
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