Why tourists from China choose Canada

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Tourists from China come to Canada to have unique and exciting experiences, but the specific kinds of experiences they are looking for will differ. Here are some of the most popular kinds of experiences that visitors from China are seeking during their time in Canada. Understanding how your business can offer one (or many!) of these can help you better market to Chinese guests.

The local experience

Some visitors from China will want to experience Canada the way that we, as locals, do. They visit Canada seeking out authentic experiences that they cannot get anywhere else. These tourists are likely to gravitate toward small businesses where they can taste local cuisine, purchase local products and get recommendations for other interesting attractions. Highlighting your business' connection to your area and the unique experience you can offer is a good way to connect with tourists seeking authentic experiences. Tourists who are interested in local experiences are also likely to be attracted to local heritage and may seek out museums, historic sites or heritage houses.

Connections to home

Many tourists from China travel to Canada to visit family or friends, and they are likely to make travel decisions based on their hosts' recommendations. Reaching out to local Chinese communities can be a great way to tap into the Chinese tourism market. The more well-known your business is in the local Chinese community, the more likely members of that community are to recommend you to their guests!

Some tourists from China are also interested in visiting places that are linked to China. Landmarks and historic sites that are connected to China and Canada's shared history, like the trees planted by Chinese leaders at Rideau Hall or the Norman Bethune Museum in Gravenhurst, Ontario, are attractive to tourists from China. Highlighting connections to Chinese history or culture can be a way to pique Chinese interest in your business and your community.

Prospective students

Some families travel to Canada to explore university campuses and scout out education opportunities for their children. Engaging with these tourists is a great opportunity for universities across Canada and for local businesses that cater to students. Connect with tourists from China by marketing yourself as an invaluable part of the local student experience.

Exploring the outdoors

One of Canada's most attractive features to tourists from China is its beautiful landscape. People come here to explore the outdoors and connect with nature. Outdoor explorer tourists will be attracted to backpacking opportunities, theme tours and eco-tours and will want to take part in exciting experiences like mountain climbing, hiking, camping or skiing.

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