Connecting with tourists from China

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Understanding the different ways that tourists from China research and make decisions about travel destinations can help you connect with these tourists and attract them to your business.

Before making travel decisions, tourists from China often search for information on online travel platforms like TripAdvisor, Ctrip or eLong. These platforms allow people to book flights and hotel rooms. They also have reviews, destination and hotel information, local maps and travel tips. Having a strong presence on online travel platforms will most certainly support your efforts to attract tourists from China to your business. Another benefit of using travel platforms is that they allow businesses to interact with potential guests by answering questions and sharing up-to-date information.

Consider developing a version of your website in Mandarin. This will help tourists from China find your business when researching places to stay, eat or visit.


There are popular keywords that tourists from China tend to search for when researching travel destinations. Including these on your website or in other online marketing materials might help tourists from China find your business.

Keywords: island, delicious food, nature discovery, outdoor activities, parent-children bonding trips, five-star hotels, winter escape, summer escape, city leisure, in-depth experience, and recovery or nurturing resorts.

Many tourists from China also book trips through travel agencies or tour operators. Connecting with travel agencies and tour operators can help you attract tourists from China while mitigating some of the challenges posed by the language barrier. Take advantage of trade shows to network with agencies that can help increase your visibility in the Chinese market. You can also consult the Tourism Industry Association of Canada's list of registered tour operators (Opens in a new window) to connect with agencies that work in your area.

Tourists from China often make decisions about how to spend their time while travelling based on recommendations from friends and family. Making sure that you give guests from China the best possible experience will help spread the word about your business.

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