Accommodating tourists from China

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

There are several services or amenities that you can offer to improve the experiences of your guests from China. Stakeholders have said that tourists from China put a premium on safe, clean and efficient venues.

Free WiFi

Offering free Wi-Fi is one of the most important ways to help social media–savvy tourists from China have a positive experience at your business. It helps guests easily stay connected to their families and friends while travelling and allows them to post on social media and write online reviews about their experience at your business. Offering free Wi-Fi is a great way to improve your guests' experience at your business and increase your visibility in the Chinese market.

Information in Mandarin

Mandarin is the official language of China and is likely to be the native language of many Chinese tourists. English is taught as a second language in China, so many younger tourists are likely to feel comfortable speaking English or be fluent in English. It is less likely that tourists from China will speak or understand French.

Even tourists who do speak English prefer to read in their native language, so it can be helpful to provide information on websites, menus, brochures, maps and catalogues in Mandarin. Having pricing information in Mandarin is also useful. Developing your website (or app if you have one) will also help tourists from China find your business when planning their trip. Providing information in Mandarin will help ensure a positive experience for your guests from China and increase the likelihood that they will recommend your business to friends and family travelling to Canada.

Efficient service

Most tourists from China want to squeeze in as many experiences as they can while visiting Canada and will not want to spend extended periods of time waiting for a service. Offering efficient service that will allow them to experience your business without wasting time is crucial to ensuring a positive experience.

Cleanliness and safety

Canada's reputation as clean and safe is attractive to Chinese tourists. Ensuring that your business is clean and feels safe and comfortable will help ensure they have a positive experience.

Make recommendations

Train members of your front-line staff so they can recommend local attractions, shopping districts and restaurants. Many tourists from China want to experience places they visit as a local would, so highlight unique attractions that only your region has to offer.


Consider partnering with other local businesses or tourism associations to develop recommended itineraries that highlight interesting and unique businesses and experiences in your area. Here are some examples of mock itineraries for Vancouver (Opens in a new window) and Montreal (Opens in a new window) that Destination Canada has developed.

Familiar payment methods

Offering familiar payment methods will make tourists from China feel more comfortable and encourage them to spend money at your business. See our page on Payment Methods for information on which methods Chinese tourists prefer and how they are being rolled out in Canada.

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