China-readiness checklists

From: Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Implementing China-readiness strategies can be a multi-step process. Businesses should assess their China-readiness potential and research the Chinese tourism market to identify the best ways to attract and serve tourists from China. Some businesses may also need to develop new marketing and best practice strategies or adapt the services and products they already offer to accommodate the Chinese market. These checklists are designed to help businesses ask themselves many of the questions that will better enable them to attract and welcome tourists from China. Though not exhaustive, the checklists provide a great starting point, outlining the steps involved in adopting China-readiness strategies, from researching the Chinese tourism market to setting appropriate prices for services and products.


  1. Determining viability of serving the Chinese market
  2. Researching the Chinese market to inform product development
  3. Tailoring products and services to the Chinese market
  4. Implementing strategies for increasing share in Chinese tourism market
  5. Pricing products and services for the Chinese market
  6. Tailoring promotional materials to the Chinese market
  7. Addressing the safety and security needs of the Chinese market
  8. Understanding Chinese culture to better serve tourists from China
  9. Serving tourists from China
  10. Developing a strategy to address complaints from tourists from China
  11. Handling concerns and complaints (for front-line staff)
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