Innovations eligible for additional sales

Additional sales is a procurement tool that allows testing departments to buy extra units of an innovation beyond the quantity purchased under the initial (former) Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) or Innovative Solutions Canada Testing Stream contract. It also allows departments to test innovations who have previously been tested by other groups.

The benefits of additional sales

Testing departments benefit from additional sales because they are given the opportunity to:

Innovations available for additional sales

Expiration Date Company Name Innovation Description City/Province Component Priority Area Call
2022-04-17 Richard Element SmartBlind SmartBlind converts commercial off the shelf venetian blinds and shutters into intelligent automated window coverings. It turns windows into intelligent apertures, sensing sunlight intensity and incident angle and adjusting the slat angle of the window coverings to permit the ingress of perfect levels of natural daylighting whilst blocking excessive sunlight. Castleton, Ontario Standard Environment 7
2022-04-24 Zacxon Inc. Water Pipe Protection System The Water Pipe Protection System is an automated proactive system made in Canada, for use in residential, commercial, and industrial real estate sectors. It aims to protect properties from water and other associated damages that result from water pipes freezing and bursting. Edmonton, Alberta Standard Enabling Technologies 7
2022-05-11 0890278 BC Ltd. (DBA Lumex Instruments Canada) High-speed real-time PCR on a microchip AriaDNA AriaDNA real-time PCR system provides fast and easy-to-use microchip based nucleic acids analysis. Low volume per analysis (1.0-3.6 µL) and extremely fast heating and cooling cycle shortens analysis time threefold. Analysis cost is significantly reduced, as well. Existing PCR applications can be easily adopted to be performed with AriaDNA. Mission, British Columbia Standard Health 7
2022-05-26 Aerial X Equipment Inc. Striker Airborne Fire Engine Striker Airborne Fire Engine is an innovative specialized aerospace system designed for Canadian armed forces (CAF) helicopters providing a highly-effective technology for suppressing large-scale wildfires. Using the Striker system, CAF can suppress wildfires in a more accurate, efficient and effective manner compared to existing systems. Brampton, Ontario Military Command & Support 7
2022-05-29 BI Pure Water (Canada) Inc. Biperliminate ™ Biperliminate™ is a low-cost proprietary Canadian Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) particularly well-suited for treating difficult-to-destroy (refractory) chemicals such as phenols, poly-aromatic hydrocarbons, aromatics, chlorinated compounds and pharmaceuticals. It has been demonstrated to safely, effectively and selectively destroy these refractories at lower costs than any other AOP including ozone Surrey, British Columbia Standard Environment 7
2022-06-08 Aetonix Systems Inc. aTouchAway (formerly CarePlan Outreach) CarePlan Outreach is a mobile communications platform designed for healthcare professionals seeking to improve efficiency and communication between residents and their circle of care within long term care. Staff members can notify family members of care plan modifications through a secured/PHIPA compliant App. They can review, respond and acknowledge changes. Ottawa, Ontario Standard Health 7
2022-06-11 Cohort Systems Inc. Autonomous Patrol Vehicle The Autonomous Patrol Vehicle (APV)is an unmanned self driving vehicle intended to replace manned patrols that protect the perimeters of critical infrastructure such as: borders, bases, depots, airports, power stations, refineries, and sub stations. The APV is proprietary intellectual property developed by Cohort Systems. Ottawa, Ontario Standard Safety and Security 7
2022-06-12 Sensible Building Science Inc. The Bridge Innovation The Bridge innovation connects Wi-Fi activity data to HVAC controls in commercial buildings. Bridge measures the number and location of Wi-Fi mobile devices to estimate occupancy in building zones. Occupancy data is used optimize HVAC control. The innovation leads to improvements for indoor comfort and energy savings. Vancouver, British Columbia Standard Environment 7
2022-06-22 4DM Inc. (Steve McArdle) Object Motion Mapping – OMM OMM is the ability to use optical satellite image for extracting speed, trajectory, position, size and colour of ships and land vehicles. The technology is applicable for maritime domain awareness, coastal surveillance, environmental protection, and land transportation monitoring. The technology can be use for daily monitoring and historical assessment. Toronto, Ontario Military Arctic and Maritime Security 7
2023-06-22 Lind Equipment Lind Equipment Apollo UVC LED Light A purpose-built portable LED light that emits UV-C wavelength light, capable of killing bacteria and viruses. This innovation can be used to decontaminate PPE, equipment, and areas. Markham, Ontario Non-Medical Sanitization COVID-19
2022-06-25 Mariner Partners Inc. Energy Optimization Software (EOS) SHIFT Energy's cloud based Energy Optimization Software auto-adjusts in real time, improving building efficiency. Optimizing automation will save you resource time and money while making everyone in your building
more comfortable. SHIFT Energy offers solutions for: venues and arenas, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, airports and data-centres.
Saint John, New Brunswick Standard Enabling Technologies 7
2022-06-30 Star Solutions International HF The innovation establishes a private LTE network within minutes and seamlessly connects to VHF/UHF Radio links to establish long reach voice and text communications between users in different locations. This creates an added benefit of not relying satellite connectivity which can be jammed, damaged and not available at all. Richmond, British Columbia Military Command & Support 7
2023-07-06 AusculSciences Canada Inc. Auscul-X™ Touchless Stethoscope System Auscul-X™ is designed to protect physicians and nurses from COVID-19 and other infectious diseases by providing a method to listen to the patient's heart and lungs from a safe distance, while also conserving PPE. All elements of the system which contact the patient are disposable to reduce risk transmission of infection. Ottawa, Ontario Medical Prevention and Protection COVID-19
2022-07-06 Lock-Block Ltd. Arch-Lock™ Structures Arch-Lock structures are an innovative, modern way of building bridges, culverts, tunnels and storage vaults. The Arch-Lock patented interlocking system uses pre-cast, pre-cured, concrete voussoirs to achieve unparalleled geometric fit and tolerances, eliminating mortar. With our patented Zipper Truck™ assembly process, construction time is reduced by as much as 90%. Richmond, British Columbia Standard Environment 7
2022-07-07 iCan Systems Inc. Smartsettle One (Ss1) Smartsettle One is a cloud-based app for single numerical issue negotiations between two parties. Using proprietary algorithms, Ss1 puts parties in control of a process that promotes collaborative behaviour to achieve timelier and fairer outcomes. When negotiators reach agreement with Ss1 a formal settlement document is generated. Abbotsford, British Columbia Standard Enabling Technologies 7
2022-07-09 VLN Advanced Technologies Inc. Pulse Water Jet Assisted Hydro Demolition The objective of this project is to adapt VLN's patented Ultrasonic waterjet apparatus and to integrate the apparatus into a commercially off-the-shelf Hydro Demolition ergonomic manipulator arm. Ottawa, Ontario Standard Environment 7
2023-07-14 Global Spatial Technology Solutions Inc. Maritime Situational Awareness and Response Coordination System – OCIANA OCIANA is an AI-based, maritime risk and response coordination tool. This innovation improves maritime situational awareness for users (healthcare, safety and security agencies) and supports real-time decision making during public health emergencies (COVID-19 pandemic, or other safety, security, or environmental events). The tool can also be used to support and quantify economic recovery and establish supply chain resilience through the analysis and management of maritime trade. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2022-07-14 Waterotor Energy Technologies Inc. Electrical Energy from Slow Moving Water Waterotor-Energy-Technologies-Inc. (W.E.T.)(Ottawa) is a PATENTED BREAKTHROUGH ENERGY TECHNOLOGY. No other water energy extraction device manages to produce an equivalent of high energy-output while operating in low water flow speeds, as slow as 0.9m/s. Waterotor produces consistent and economical electricity without noise, smoke or a heat-signature; it is ideal for Canadian-Military-Applications Ottawa, Ontario Military Arctic and Maritime Security 7
2023-07-16 Fusion Genomics Corp. ONETest CoronaViruses (CoV)-FAST Fusion Genomics ONETest CoV-FAST is capable of sequencing the genome of all known human and animal coronaviruses (including SARS-COV-2). The assay provides fully assembled coronaviruses genomes and transmission data, enabling health care officials to trace, track, and deploy well-informed control measures in addition to addressing future issues (e.g., testing the efficacy of newly developed treatments vaccines and safeguarding against the next pandemic). Burnaby, British Columbia Medical Testing and Diagnostics COVID-19
2023-07-17 Alexandre Cloutier (Innovatools Inc.) RE-usable Surgical/procedure mask A barrier mask intended to replace the conventional surgical/procedure mask that can be hand-washed and reused without the use of any organic materials. It enables organizations using it to be self-sufficient and much more ecofriendly. We have prototypes ready to be tested to pursue development. Vars, Ontario Medical Prevention and Protection COVID-19
2023-07-23 Natural Semantic Modules Corp. (NMODES) COVID-19 Instant Response Solution NMODES Instant Response solution (powered by a conversational AI) relieves pressure from triages, ER, hospitals, and government organizations in the time of crisis. Using conversational AI (text and voice), NMODES Instant Response solution both pre-screens and manages large volumes of online traffic and inquiries (public and customer). Toronto, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2022-07-28 9037-7797 Quebec Inc.(Operating as: Novatek International) Cognistat Francophone(CF) The Innovation is a cognitive impairment screening test specialized for Francophone users. The structure and linguistics of the test questions and normative reference data are particular to a French first language speaker. Cognitive impairment is assessed across attention, orientation, language, memory and constructions and compared to normative data. Saint-Laurent, Québec Military Protecting the Soldier 7
2022-08-05 Discrete Integration Corp. Mirage Mirage is a security-related software package that can be installed onto existing commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) computer hardware devices. Ottawa, Ontario Military Cyber-Security 7
2022-08-11 Solutions Ideation6 Inc. ideation6 ideation6 is a patent pending collaborative idea generation platform that simplifies and speeds up the brainstorming process. Competing teams use a simple five step guided process using six different forms of media to express an idea. Teams submit their best idea to a jury to identify the most innovative solutions. Montréal, Québec Standard Enabling Technologies 7
2023-08-13 Zighra CrowdShield As the Coronavirus outbreak spreads globally, users are beginning to change their digital behaviors. One emerging trend is the exponential increase in the use of remote access. Zighra's patents combines the strength of decentralized Artificial Intelligence with the information from many security layers, cognitive behaviour modelling, sensor analytics, as well as network, device, and social/crowdsourced intelligence – to provide situation awareness and critical response to cyber threats. Ottawa, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2022-08-17 Spare Labs Spare Platform A cloud-based application that dynamically routes and provides on-demand and scheduled shared ride transportation management, dispatching and bookings for transit agencies, transportation operators, and campus transportation operators. Vancouver, British Columbia Standard Enabling Technologies 7
2022-08-24 TalentMarketplace TalentMarketplace TalentMarketplace is an online recruitment platform tailored to project management in enterprise environments powered by a machine learning algorithm utilizing a neural network classifier to match candidates and employers. The platform's automated, project management specific approach to candidate qualification and matching increases speed to hire and quality while reducing cost. Vancouver, British Columbia Standard Enabling Technologies 7
2022-09-01 Sparx Smart PODS Inc. (Operating as Smartpods) The Pulse Technology An interactive device that connects to any electric sit-stand desk, monitors health, ergonomics and facility surroundings while providing Ai recommendations through automated movements and processes to improve employees' wellbeing and facility efficiencies. Moncton, New Brunswick Standard Health 7
2022-09-04 TopSpin360 Inc. TopSpin360 The Topspin360 (TS360) is a neuromuscular training device that helps prevent concussion risk by improving neck musculature and function. London, Ontario Military Protecting the Soldier 7
2022-09-10 Aexos Inc. Aexos Project X – Cervical Support Our product is designed to attenuate anatomical strain in typical cervical spinal injuries, such as whiplash, and offsets overall neck fatigue. Our product performs like an exoskeleton, but rather than a heavy, mechanical, expensive apparatus, we have designed a lightweight, highly engineered base layer system. Kitchener, Ontario Military Protecting the Soldier 7
2023-09-10 Cubresa Inc. NuPET Bio Understanding the pathogenesis of SARS-CoV-2, as well as the development of antivirals and a vaccine, are key components in the fight against COVID-19. The NuPET Bio is the world's first portable PET scanner, specially designed for use with highly infectious pathogens. Incorporation of the device into preclinical work will enable researchers to understand how prospective antivirals/vaccines affect the physiology of the body, their toxicity, and their effectiveness at fighting/preventing disease. Winnipeg, Manitoba Medical Testing and Diagnostics COVID-19
2022-09-15 Awake Labs Reveal Reveal is an AI-powered digital health tool that offers novel ways to empower care for people with autism. Reveal creates opportunities for families, therapists, and educators to engage with each other, develop personalized interventions, and improve long-term outcomes. Reveal uses AI to gain powerful insights into therapy and learning goals. Toronto, Ontario Standard Health 7
2023-09-23 CryptoMill Cybersecurity Solutions Circles of Trust – Data Security and Privacy for COVID-19 Information Sharing CSE warns Canada's COVID-19 researchers that hackers may "steal ongoing key research toward a vaccine". Circles of Trust protects government, healthcare, defence, and commercial-sensitive information by using a unique model based on "Circles", which restricts access on a need-to-know basis (enforced using encryption). Once in a Circle, security travels with the data, and assets stay protected on endpoints (mobile devices and in the cloud); thus, ensuring shared data stays protected anywhere, everywhere. Toronto, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2023-10-14 Alstari Corporation (Operating as: Amika Mobile Corp.) Amika® COVID-19 Incident Manager for Critical Recording, Tracking, Monitoring & 2- way Communications Amika® COVID-19 Incident Manager for Critical Recording, Tracking, Monitoring, 2-way Communications with AMS, Amika® Situation Commander, Amika® Mapper and mobile apps Amika®Alert, Amika®Guard for COVID-19 automate contact tracing as daily check-ins expend tremendous time from Health Canada, CBSA and RCMP. Its AI-based intelligent distributed agent architecture automatically contacts travelers and their networks through daily alert-response to ensure quarantining, public safety and enforcement. Ottawa, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2023-10-21 Copper Biocide Inc. (Operating as: Plasticopper) Coper Based Antimicrobial Coatings This innovation provides active (24/7) antimicrobial coatings powered by a copper-based, nanostructure additive for polymeric matrices (coatings, thermoplastic, and nonwoven fabrics). It prevents fomite transmission by reducing the growth and reproduction of viruses, bacteria, and fungi which may have come in contact with the surfaces of these antimicrobial materials. Edmonton, Alberta Non-Medical Sanitization COVID-19
2022-10-30 Applied Quantum Materials Inc. Quantum Dot Trace Explosive Sensor Applied Quantum Materials Inc. (AQM) has developed a method of detecting trace high-energy explosive compounds using non-toxic, photoluminescent silicon nanocrystals or quantum dots. St. Albert, Alberta Standard Safety and Security 7
2022-11-05 Logiag Inc. LaserAg 1 Agricultural and horticultural soil analysis using LIBS technology. Châteauguay, Québec Standard Environment 6
2023-11-18 DeepPIXEL Inc. Safetrackapp SafeTrack provides real-time spatial intelligence using anonymous data and signals from existing infrastructure to drive operational efficiency and user experience. We use a combination of Internet of Things (IoT) plug-in sensors, and proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered machine-learning algorithms to analyze collected data and generate insights for employers, corporations, event organizers, etc. The technology can be easily deployed in a scalable manner, providing individual and group journeys, heat-maps, real-time occupancy data and forecasts.  The insights are available via interactive dashboard or APIs to see the trends in real-time. North York, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2023-11-25 Chaac Technologies Inc. Interactive virtual reality, photorealistic training for health care staff Our innovation generates virtual, photorealistic environments based on real locations. These virtual environments are used to create immersive virtual reality training. These training modules are custom-built and aligned with specific learning objectives. These training modules have an acquisition retention rate of 75%, five times higher than online or in-class training. Montreal, Québec Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2023-12-02 Intelli Network Corporation Intelligent Escalation System (IES) Intelli Network is a citizen communication system that brings together public systems, private sector, and individual citizens. The system requires all citizens to generate a persistent digital ID that would be used to report safety issues, view critical alerts and generate a bottom up approach that would escalate real-time concerns to the right local, provincial and federal levels with an AI chat bot. This solution ensures maximum local engagement before issues are escalated. Calgary, Alberta Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2022-12-03 Vitalhub Corp. WellLinc Blockchain Solution A decentralized blockchain solution that enables secure sharing, storage, and tracking of mental health records between multiple stakeholders and jurisdictions, and across multiple technology platforms. Toronto, Ontario Standard Health 7
2022-12-04 InStage InStage InStage is a virtual reality training tool that improves verbal communication skills. We combine virtual reality and data science to simulate the sensation of speaking in front of a live audience and generate metrics relating to your performance. Toronto, Ontario Standard Enabling Technologies 7
2023-12-10 A&K Robotics Inc. Autonomous Mobile Robotic UV Light Disinfector (Amrud) The Amrud is a self-driving robot capable of autonomously disinfecting large areas of floor spaces and high-touch surfaces with a targeted approach specially designed to combat viruses and germs that can linger and be transmitted from surface to surface. Developed specifically for use in commercial and public spaces, the Amrud supplements janitorial staff to keep places clean, reduce the spread of germs during disease outbreaks, and aid in efforts to proactively prevent public heath crises. Vancouver, British Columbia Non-Medical Sanitization COVID-19
2023-12-18 Ecopia Tech Corp. Geospatial analytics system to provide location-based intelligence for enhanced disease response This system leverages various geospatial datasets (including digital maps generated by Ecopia's artificial intelligence system) in conjunction with anonymized mobile location data to generate predictive analytics surrounding the behaviour and movement of people (within digital maps). The end goal is to help government stakeholders better understand and respond to factors that affect the spread of and response to COVID-19 and other outbreaks. Toronto, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2022-12-18 NTEO (Operating as: BLINK) NOVO NOVO uses Natural Language Processing, Inferential Statistics, Relevance Ranking, Automatic Searches and fine-tuning of information sources to cut through the noise of the Internet and let you read relevant news.
Using NLP and numerical analysis NOVO creates graphs and alerts you of possible upcoming trends on your topics of interest.
Montréal, Québec Standard Enabling Technologies 7
2023-12-23 World Clean Crystals Corp. Stericlean Crystals Stericlean Crystals are an innovative technology that keep surfaces sterilized and germ-free. This technology utilizes ambient light and humidity in the air to produce hydroxyl radicals (one of the strongest oxidants) to attack and terminate organic matter (bacteria, viruses, mildew, etc.). Surfaces treated with Stericlean Crystals will remain sterilized and germ-free for a long duration and in principle, be effective against COVID-19 (by significantly reducing its transmission from surfaces). Victoria, British Columbia Non-Medical Sanitization COVID-19
2023-12-31 MindBridge Analytics Inc. General Anomaly Detection Tool (GADGET) GADGET was developed by MindBridge to analyze raw data, without bias, to identify interesting patterns. GADGET analyzes datasets using machine learning to find unusual sequences, groupings, outliers, rare interactions, trend shock, and time-based anomalies. GADGET can help the Government of Canada address its COVID response (as well as other public health emergencies) in a non-medical capacity through improved situational awareness via anomaly detection as it relates to non-conformance, misinformation, scams, and fraud. Ottawa, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-01-05 Cyberworks Robitics Inc. Transferable Automated Self-Driving Platform for Sanitation Disinfection Machines Hospitals use manually operated ride-on floor scrubbers, UV, and chemical mist machines to disrupt the spread of COVID-19 and other pathogens; however, human operators routinely miss critical areas. Our solution is an add-on kit that converts existing (manually operated) disinfection machines to self-driving robotic operation, resulting in 100% disinfection at all times. In addition to allowing redeployment of staff to more complex tasks, this innovation can also be transferred to new equipment as older equipment is decommissioned. Markham, Ontario Non-Medical Sanitization COVID-19
2024-01-06 2749614 (Indiea Inc., Operating as: General Civilian) Re-usable Plastic PPE Face Mask This innovation is a plastic PPE face mask capable of accepting a variety of different filter media which can be sterilized and safely re-used multiple times. This mask can replace both N95 masks and surgical masks. Cobourg, Ontario Medical Prevention and Protection COVID-19
2023-01-07 PAL Aerospace Ltd. Force Multiplier Force Multiplier is an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) platform based on the Canadian built Bombardier Dash-8 Q300 aircraft. Modified, integrated and owned/operated by PAL Aerospace (PAL), the aircraft is designed for domestic and international special missions operations as either a surge, training or bridging capability for military and paramilitary organizations. St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador Military Arctic and Maritime Security 7
2024-01-11 SmartCone Technologies Inc. Intelligent Thermal Detection and Tracking System SmartCone Technologies' (SC) Thermal Body Heat Scanning and Personnel Tracking System provides critical return-to-work solutions. Our technology tracks people's temperature and real-time location to ensure that expedient and accurate contact-tracing measures can be taken if someone is found to be sick (to help contain the spread of illness). Through its technology, social distancing is also easily enforced with alerts when someone enters another's pre-set personal zone. Stittsville, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-01-12 Sky Canoe Inc. Contagion-Free Critical Response For Maritime, Defense and Remote Communities Canadian ships at sea, and citizens in remote communities with limited access to healthcare, are highly vulnerable to COVID19. Sky Canoe has developed the world's most advanced unmanned cargo aircraft to assist these customers and make shipping goods to them safer and less expensive. In the context of COVID19, our UAV Cargo solution is urgently needed by vulnerable Canadians, and will remove the risk of contagion from critical responses which require the movement of goods/medical samples. Toronto, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-01-13 Installations/Deliveries Plus Ottawa Inc. (Operating as: IDP Group Inc.) Sina Sina is a mobile, scalable, modular quarantine unit that can be used in healthcare, long-term care, correctional facilities or other similar organizations. Sina can contain ICU, acute care, isolation units, labs, pharmacies, and other features. It can assist with hospital surge capacity to decrease overcrowding (known to result in a higher mortality rate). The bidder is currently engaged with Toronto General Hospital (TGH) and The University Health Network (UHN) to pilot the first field hospital. Chesterville, Ontario Medical Patient Monitoring, Tracking, and Wellness COVID-19
2024-01-20 The Northern Food, Fuel and Medical Supply Chain Solution This is an Indigenous-led solution for Northern communities. Northern supply chains are particularly vulnerable during COVID-19. With no Plan B, these communities will be at risk of not having life-sustaining supplies. To prepare for interruptions, we will leverage best-in-class solutions from suppliers: Yellowknives Dene First Nation, Forrest Green, D&B and Microsoft. It includes daily calls and financial health monitoring of Indigenous and non-Indigenous companies in the supply chain. Ottawa, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-01-22 Userful Corp. Virtual Operations Center: Advanced Remote Crisis Collaboration and Emergency Response Streaming Emergency situations and disrupted work teams can realize immediate benefits by restoring situational awareness. This platform enables rapid deployment of both physical and virtual screens, cost-effectively enabling advanced collaboration and directive information presentation anywhere. Rapidly deployed visual collaboration, situational awareness, and critical response can aid with critical decision making and help triage and guide people to informed and optimal decisions. Calgary, Alberta Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2023-01-28 Engineering Technologies Canada Ltd. SepticSitter SepticSitter is an Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring and early-warning system for onsite sewage systems. Non-contact sensors easily install in septic, pump tanks and drain fields, preventing hazardous system overloads. Real-time measurements are displayed in an online dashboard, historical data is stored for informed proactive maintenance and decision making. Stratford, Prince Edward Island Standard Environment 7
2024-02-01 Geonavo Positioning System Inc. (Tenera Care) Tenera Care Tenera Care is an accurate, wearable technology that automates the collection and monitoring of user movements as well as interactions within indoor environments. We monitor user locations with sub-room precision (>6"), in real-time. Positions for each user are shown on a graphical interface in a user console. Custom geofences and alerts allow the system to send notifications and historical reporting for use in contact tracing, social distancing measures and quarantine management. Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-02-03 Raposify Solutions Inc. 5 Revive

COVID-19 isn't just a virus – it's the beginning of a global mental health crisis. Canadians are fighting to preserve our physical health, but the social and financial fallout brings about a mental cost as well. This would be further amplified by another wave of COVID-19 this winter.

Stuck at home? With just your phone, take 5 minutes to escape, destress, and connect with friends. Trick your mind into better mental health with immersive environments of 360° videos and surround sound.

Vancouver, British Columbia Medical Patient Monitoring, Tracking, and Wellness COVID-19
2024-02-04 Umay Care Holdings Inc. Umay Rest Thermal Meditation Stress Reduction Unit Umay Rest is a portable wellness device that addresses sleep problems, stress, and digital eye strain through sessions ranging in duration from 90 seconds to 9 minutes. The device helps front-line workers relax, refresh, and restore their eyes, mind, and body so they can continue to combat the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Umay is an easy solution to manage the effects of stress and our constant connection to screens through a sensory experience built around thermal therapy and vibrotactile stimulation. Etobicoke, Ontario Medical Patient Monitoring, Tracking, and Wellness COVID-19
2024-02-11 BioIntelligence Technologies inc. Smart instruments to increase the effectiveness of biofabricated COVID-19 vaccines Smart instrument platform to accelerate the development of bioprocesses and increase the effectiveness of biological components biofabricated in cell cultures in a GMP environment for the purposes of Canadian production of COVID-19 vaccines. Sherbrooke, Québec Medical Prevention and Protection COVID-19
2024-02-11 AI Training Workspaces The goal of an automated response system is to reduce operational costs while delivering immediate and accurate responses to those that require them. Organizations struggle to integrate conversational AI, while the users they serve are frustrated by the performance of existing automated response systems. AI training workspaces empower organizations to collaborate on an AI integration and accelerate their path to more effective and delightful response automation. Toronto, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-02-15 O/E Land Inc. UV pulsed fiber laser technology for pathogen inactivation and disinfection of COVID-19 This new high-efficiency, high-power ultraviolet (UV) pulsed laser is proposed for the inactivation of COVID-19, the sterilization of biologicals, pharmaceuticals, reagents, etc. When compared to typical UV light lamps or LEDs, our UV pulsed laser can reduce the total sanitization time from tens of minutes to less than 1 minute. This new UV laser system can be used in high traffic gateway places (e.g., airports, train stations, hospitals and factory production lines) as a fast and efficient sanitization process. Lasalle, Québec Non-Medical Sanitization COVID-19
2024-02-17 KA Imaging Dual Energy Mobile X-ray Machine KA Imaging has developed the world's first portable dual-energy X-ray detector (Reveal) that detects pulmonary abnormalities, including consolidation and ground glass opacities (signs of COVID-19) earlier than a conventional mobile chest X-ray. The proposed innovation can help determine if a medication works, and help choose the right time to put COVID-19 patients on ventilators (to optimize ventilator usage and patient recovery). Reveal is portable so it can be used in the ICU, parking lots, or senior's homes. Waterloo, Ontario Medical Testing and Diagnostics COVID-19
2024-02-23 Deep Trekker Inc. DT640 Remotely Operated Disinfectant Robotic Vehicle Portable disinfectant spray or nebuliser distribution robot that can be remotely operated by an integrated hand-held controller from up to 400M away. The 20kg, three-wheeled, zero-turn radius vehicle has 2 camera feeds to enable any operator to drive the robot into a contaminated area and apply disinfectant liquid in a spray, atomized or nebulized form to air, surfaces, people or objects from a safe distance. Kitchener, Ontario Non-Medical Sanitization COVID-19
2024-02-23 IR&T – Imaging Research & Technology Preclinical PET scanners TEP Ultra-high resolution LabPET Ultra-high resolution preclinical LabPET II PET scanners provide optimal precision across the globe. These scanners are used in preclinical imaging centres (mice, rats, ferrets) to study organs, and to develop new medications and treatments (e.g., for COVID-19). Sherbrooke, Québec Medical Testing and Diagnostics COVID-19
2024-02-24 BC Research Inc. In-place copper plating of stainless steel surfaces Copper containing surfaces have been shown to deactivate viruses (including COVID-19) and other bacteria much faster than other materials. Replacement of existing components is very disruptive to hospitals and other facilities, especially during the current pandemic.
BC Research has developed a fast, simple, safe, cost-effective, one-step method for electroplating copper onto stainless steel surfaces and items while still in place (e.g. door handles, bed railings, faucets, etc.)
Richmond, British Columbia Medical Prevention and Protection COVID-19
2024-02-26 1929803 Ontario Corp. (Operating as: Flosonics Medical) FloPatch FP 120 FloPatch is a single-use, wearable, wireless hemodynamic monitor for guiding resuscitation of critically ill patients, including those with COVID-19 infection. FloPatch enables dynamic blood flow assessments which are required for precision fluid management of COVID patients who are at risk of developing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and/or requiring ventilation. The technology is compliant with the World Health Organization March 13th, 2020 Interim Guidance for COVID-19. Sudbury, Ontario Medical Patient Monitoring, Tracking, and Wellness COVID-19
2024-02-26 Nodalblock Canada Holdings Inc. OARO ACCESS with Elevated Body Temperature Screening OARO ACCESS uses state-of-the-art facial recognition and Blockchain Identity Management to secure restricted areas. In less than 2 seconds, multiple security checks are performed as individuals approach the access point. OARO is developing a prototype (elevated body temperature screening module) to mitigate the risk that an individual with a fever can access a protected area. Halifax, Nova Scotia Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-03-04 Thius Canada Inc. AiO-D – All in One Disinfection system Drone capable of flight, traveling on ground as a rover, and in water. The AiO-D changes modes automatically, without human intervention. The AiO-D is used for automated remote sanitization of confined areas (e.g., hospitals, warehouses, stores, businesses, transportation vehicles, etc.), thus avoiding human exposure to contaminated areas, and the use of PPE. The drone enters areas to sanitize as a ground rover, avoids collisions, obtains a 360° view and flies, emitting UVC light and spraying disinfectants. Ottawa, Ontario Non-Medical Sanitization COVID-19
2024-03-08 Bluenode Inc. MFCTrace MFCTrace is a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) solution using Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms to clean, integrate, and analyze supply chain data. In the context of COVID-19, MFCTrace collects, integrates, and analyzes data to understand the supply chain resilience and optimization (i.e., medical supplies and food supplies). Commodities can be accurately traced to know the kind, source of origin, number, and other critical supply chain data for medical and food supplies. Halifax, Nova Scotia Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-03-11 B-Line B-Line B-Line is an AI-powered contact tracing platform that enables building owners to easily collect occupant health and commuting data to help contain the spread of infectious disease in commercial offices and campuses. Through the use of mobile devices, B-Line passively collects health and mobility data on users' trip time, duration, distance, purpose, mode, and health to notify building owners and occupants if they have come in contact with another tenant that has contracted COVID. Halifax, Nova Scotia Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2023-07-14 Userful Corp. Userful Control Room Video-Wall (UCRVW) Userful Control Room Video-Wall (UCRVW) is a new product leveraging the Userful Networked Video-Wall (UNVW) to provide reliable low-cost and easily installed multi-source command and control video-wall functionality. Calgary, Alberta Standard Enabling Technologies 7
2023-07-28 Silvacom Ltd. Jambo – a Stakeholder Engagement & Consultation Platform Jambo is a new cloud platform designed to simplify stakeholder engagement and consultation. To achieve this, we created three core innovations; Unified Communications, On-Premises SaaS, and Flexible Reporting, all to make it the fastest and easiest stakeholder engagement software. Edmonton, Alberta Standard Enabling Technologies 7
2024-03-15 Flourishing Life Technologies A Strengths-Based Assessment and Well-Being Intervention for Traumatized COVID-19 Students in School With the current COVID-19 pandemic, schools will need to be prepared to engage and support varying levels of traumatized students. For many students, schools will become their main source for mental health care. As opposed to a risk reaction and mitigation model, Flourishing Life Technologies proposes a strengths-based assessment and intervention approach to engaging and preparing students to thrive and experience positive well-being during current crisis and future life challenges. Port Moody, British Columbia Medical Patient Monitoring, Tracking, and Wellness COVID-19
2024-03-15 SIMBL Business Enablement Inc. PHACT- Passive Historical Aggregate Contact Tracing A scalable system that utilizes ubiquitous radio interactions and geofencing in order to establish the historical movements of individuals, and identify areas of high interaction with other individuals. The platform is designed to sweep predetermined areas continuously and generate a time-stamped database of interactions between fixed position scanners and mobile devices. The system does not require individuals to download any software, or opt-in permissions, and adheres to Canadian privacy laws. Toronto, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-03-19 Black Arcs Inc. Short-cycle Community Transmission Modelling for Economic Restart This innovation will deploy Black Arcs Inc.'s modelling software to serve as a local spatial model of community transmission for communicable outbreaks such as COVID-19, and give decision-makers tools to prototype policy steps towards economic recovery. This gives decision-makers a flexible tool for prototyping and discussing public health and land-use measures within one platform. Fredericton, New Brunswick Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-03-31 Stantec Architecture Ltd. Customer Sentiment Analytics Customer Sentiment Analysis (CSA) will help Government of Canada departments and agencies (including partnerships with provinces, territories and municipalities) address challenges and impacts posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and other future public health emergencies. CSA processes and displays real-time customer interaction data from social media and internal sources to identify issues, complaints, sentiments, and track campaigns, departments, or emergency response performance. Toronto, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-04-07 1947796 Ontario Inc. dba Lumenix Artificially Intelligent Monitoring System (AIMS) AIMS is an autonomous, intelligent device designed to prevent hospital acquired infections (HAIs) caused by improper hand hygiene. By leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision techniques, AIMS watches for violations of hand hygiene policies, and actively attempts to prevent potential infections from occurring. Since AIMS does not use facial recognition or personally identifiable information, the privacy of both patients and clinicians are strictly maintained. Ottawa, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-04-12 Invision AI, Inc. Three-dimensional camera-based situational awareness for social distancing and lockdown enforcement. Invision AI proposes a technological, camera-based solution to assist the Government of Canada help track and enforce social distancing in public spaces in real-time and in a fully privacy-compliant manner. By applying Invision AI's integrated camera-based machine vision-powered solution, the Government of Canada will be able to dramatically reduce the direct operating cost of a social distancing program, as well as the risk of infection for law enforcement and first responders. Toronto, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-04-15 Dymedso Inc. A novel non-invasive airway clearance device for COVID-19 Dymedso's Frequencer® V3 (Hospital) is a non-invasive device, compatible with ventilated patients, that effectively clears airway secretions, recruits smaller airways, and would be extremely valuable to treat COVID-19. It is a novel and painless device that uses sound waves to cause the lungs to vibrate and the viscosity of mucus to decrease, making it more liquid and easier to expectorate. The Frequencer V3 is amendable for use in COVID-19 patients. Montreal, Québec Medical Patient Monitoring, Tracking, and Wellness COVID-19
2024-04-16 Telops Inc. (Bruno Bourliaguet) Qualification of remote fever measurement systems – Fever screening qualification A thermal camera is an obvious solution for remotely identifying a person with a fever. This technique is as reliable as digital thermometers and avoids all contact, and therefore all contamination. But this is not just any camera used in any old way. A new protocol must guarantee the qualification of commercial cameras. A Telops scientific camera, with new dedicated software, ensures reliable and law-abiding reference measurements. Québec, Québec Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-04-22 E2Metrix Inc. E2mox Liquid Disinfectant Production Station for Simple, In situ Surface Disinfection The E2mox™ Liquid Disinfectant Production System is a pre-packaged, skid-mounted, automated, turnkey unit, which through electrolysis, produces a neutral anolyte (a liquid disinfectant) called E2mox™. This solution is produced in situ (where disinfection needs are required), providing effective disinfection of hard surfaces from bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Water, salt, and electricity are the only consumables required to run this unit. Sherbrooke, Québec Non-Medical Sanitization COVID-19
2024-04-30 MOBIA Technology Innovations, Inc. SurgeCon SurgeCon is a surge software solution for Emergency Departments and Acute Care Hospitals. It allows hospitals to improve their ability to handle surges in patient volumes, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. SurgeCon is the only ED Flow Solution that directly and automatically informs clinicians with specific instructions (based on situational changes as they occur). This is achieved through our surge protocol algorithms, which allows for improved flow and capacity within the ED, and across departments. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-05-17 CleanAir A.I. (Michael Petgrave) Active Polarized Ultraviolet HVAC Filter proposes to develop an IoT-enabled HVAC filter system that utilizes active polarization technology in combination with UV light to remove airborne bacteria, germs, and viruses.'s proposed technology would increase filtration efficiency of HVAC filter systems to 98% down to the 0.007 micron range. Brampton, Ontario Medical Prevention and Protection COVID-19
2024-06-08 Econse Water Purification Systems Inc. OZOCAV Surface Disinfectant System OZOCAV for rapid and frequent surface disinfection to stop the spread of COVID-19. Proven, portable, 100% chemical-free technology to kill 99.999% of all viruses. OZOCAV uses only water and electricity for treatment at a fraction of the cost of chemicals. Safer surface disinfection of all large public spaces is now possible for governments, businesses, parks, school yards, sports centres and more. Scarborough, Ontario Non-Medical Sanitization COVID-19
2024-06-15 Laflamme Aero inc. LX300™ unmanned helicopter The LX300™ is a new multitask unmanned helicopter capable of embarking up to 180 kg of payload. Thanks to its unique architecture, the LX300™ offers up to 10 hours of endurance, more than any current manned and unmanned rotorcraft. This new Canadian RPAS is positioned to become a worldwide game-changer for surveillance and other defence and security missions. The LX300™ VTOL unmanned system is well-suited for ISR mission, last-mile and cargo delivery, and other military and defence applications. Saint-Joseph-de-Coleraine, Québec Military Other Defence Capability Enablers TS1
2024-06-21 Forrest Green RMC (Resource Management Corp.) Secure Online Police Record Check Solution Secure web-based platform allowing individuals to apply for a police record check with the RCMP. Secure payment (PCI Compliant) and secure identity verification is built-in. The RCMP are able to download the application information securely, process the police record check, and return the results. Ottawa, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-06-23 DappWorks Technology Inc. Blockchain Based Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Traceability and Quality Audit System The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the rational use of PPE in health care and community settings (in the context of COVID-19); however, such devices are in shortage globally and many counterfeit devices prevail in the market. Counterfeit PPE can provide insufficient protection and lead to an increased public health risk. Conventional audit-based solutions cannot guarantee the quality of every device in the market. This project will integrate the latest blockchain technology into the entire supply chain to solve this problem. Richmond, British Columbia Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-07-05 Kelvin Zero Inc. SHERLOCK Kelvin Zero SHERLOCK is a unique real-time graph-based investigative platform that focuses on overcoming coordination and collaboration challenges in the automation of cryptocurrency, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Indicator of Compromises (IoC) analyses. Kelvin Zero SHERLOCK serves organizations that seek to fight cyberthreats, prevent fraud, cybertheft and other criminal activities facilitated by or leveraging cryptocurrencies and other digital systems. Montreal, Québec Standard Safety and Security TS1
2024-07-09 Copperstone Technologies Ltd HELIX Copperstone has developed a series of amphibious robots named HELIX. Built on a unique propulsion system, the robots are able to float on water or scroll across any terrain, including mud, snow, ice, and rocks. Inspired by designs of the past, HELIX modernizes the screw-drive concept and combines four-wheel drive capabilities and remote or autonomous operations. The amphibious robotic platform is designed to access environmentally sensitive sites that are inaccessible or dangerous for humans. Edmonton, Alberta Standard Clean Technology TS1
2024-07-12 Barnacle Systems Inc Rapidly Deployable Remote Monitoring System (BRNKL Rapid Deploy) The BRNKL Rapid Deploy is a portable system intended for use in remote and extreme environments that require 24/7 security and monitoring from smartphones and computers. The system was prototyped for the Canadian Coast Guard Vessels of Concern and has been used to remotely monitor and send alerts from derelict vessels that are at risk of dragging anchor, taking on water, or having unwanted visitors. Other use cases include emergency response, environmental monitoring, and asset protection. Victoria, British Columbia Standard Clean Technology TS1
2024-07-13 CloudMask (TradeMerit, OnLogics) CloudMask OneChain OneChain is an open blockchain framework where organizations (of any size) can privately share their supply chain data while receiving network-wide analytics and machine learning insights. As a result, supply chain weaknesses (such as dependence on a single supplier for critical goods) can be identified ahead of time. In addition, supply/demand disruptions can be immediately propagated such that impacted parties have sufficient time to adjust their plans and take mitigating actions. Ottawa, Ontario Non-Medical Situational Awareness and Critical Response COVID-19
2024-07-20 Uncharted Research and Development Inc. Environmentally Friendly Robotic Target Boats for The Royal Canadian NAVY and Canadian Coast Guard Affordable, high fidelity, environmentally friendly, unmanned robotic boats for use by the Royal Canadian NAVY and Canadian Coast Guard for training in self defence, drug interdictions, boarding parties, counter- piracy, and small arms fire while at sea. The ship hulls are made of environmentally friendly renewable resources with end-of-life disposal in mind, the motor and circuity are reusable and powered by recoverable batteries instead of petrol to minimize environmental impact. Namaimo, British Columbia Military Training and In-service support (ISS) TS1
2024-07-22 SubC Control Ltd. Seafloor imaging system with post-survey report generation A survey media and data presentation software coupled with a tow system for seafloor imaging at depths up to 500m. Its economical design consists of a lightweight towed frame configured for passive altitude control, SubC PLE technology, up to 410m of tow cable, and an electric or manual winch. The combination of the towed camera solution paired with post-survey review and report generation software enhances the seafloor imaging process and makes for a more efficient process for researchers. Clarenceville, Newfoundland and Labrador Standard Clean Technology TS1
2024-08-11 EXAR Studios Inc. Engage ARt Hub Engage ARt Hub is an augmented reality platform that transforms data streams into visual storytelling adventures and interactive experiences for the tourism industry, education, culture, heritage, and sustainability. Imagine walking down the street and being able to see the hidden digital layer that connects the past, present and future within cities. Engage ARt enhances tourism experiences while providing insights for data-driven tourism and economic development strategy for smart cities. London, Ontario Standard Digital TS1
2024-08-24 RocketChicken Interactive Inc. Motive Immersive Training Platform allows training departments to create and deploy VR training at scale without relying on a programming team. Users can choose to use's regional service clusters to manage and deploy content, or can use a fully on-premises option for highly sensitive workloads. North Vancouver, British Columbia Military Training and In-service support (ISS) TS1
2024-09-08 NewEnergy Community Inc (dba Machine Trust Platform (MTP) The NuEnergy Machine Trust Platform™ (MTP) is a cloud-based software system to help organizations ensure that the artificial intelligence (AI) they develop or deploy is trustworthy. The MTP builds on TBS directives (AIA). It lets organizations place guardrails on AI technologies so they can be deployed with confidence that ethical and regulatory guidelines are met, whether the AI is early in its life-cycle (e.g. data collection), being developed, or after deployment (when AI can drift). Ottawa, Ontario Standard Digital TS1
2024-09-09 ARA Robotique Inc. Tactical Resupply RPAS Remotely Piloted Aircraft System allowing tactical resupply of troops at medium range. Montréal, Québec Military Other Defence Capability Enablers TS1
2024-09-13 Peer Ledger MIMOSI Health MIMOSI Health is a system for collaboratively preventing COVID19 spread via community tracking of disease, antibody testing chains of custody, and virtual healthcare. The system records the chain of custody from community testing for disease through to home isolation, community nurse assignment/care, and antibody testing. The MIMOSI workflow includes optional nurse-patient video and real-time customized reports to health authorities on Federal/Provincial/Territorial levels. Toronto, Ontario Medical Patient Monitoring, Tracking, and Wellness COVID-19
2024-09-15 JASCO Applied Sciences (Canada) Ltd Realtime Marine Mammal Monitor Service via Uncrewed Surface Vessel Monitoring enabled by advanced marine robotics and autonomy provided by the Open Ocean Robotics Xplorer Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV). Real-time detections and measurements (and raw data collection) by an intelligent, directional, passive acoustic sensor system called OceanObserver. Cloud-based, secure information system which permits the validation, interpretation, navigation, visualization, dissemination of the collected data. Thunder Bay, Ontario Standard Clean Technology TS1
2024-09-16 RailVision Analytics EcoRail – Fuel savings application for rail We have developed an app called EcoRail which is a driver-assist platform for railroads to operate in a safer and more efficient manner. From initial tests, we believe that this has the potential to save up to 20% of traction fuel consumption. Our core differentiator is our AI algorithms that learn from crew operations, continuously improving efficiency under different operating conditions. We provide immediate feedback to crews to then motivate improvement. Gloucester, Ontario Standard Clean Technology TS1
2024-09-22 11712381 Canada Corporation 100% electric, semi-autonomous sidewalk snow plowing & salting robots We've developed the world's first 100% electric, semi-autonomous robots for sidewalk snow plowing and salting. The company is operating in stealth mode and has 24 employees with headquarters in Kitchener. Most of our staff are graduates of University of Waterloo or Wilfred Laurier University. North Vancouver, British Columbia Standard Clean Technology TS1
2024-09-24 OVA Inc. AuraX OVA's AuraX augmented reality technology applies artificial intelligence to identify pieces of equipment and components, which significantly reduces maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) times and optimizes the process as a whole. This will position the Department of National Defence to innovate in the broader area of augmented reality mixed with artificial intelligence user-aware assistive systems, opening a wide range of emerging new possibilities for training and In-service Support (ISS). Quebec, Québec Military Training and In-service support (ISS) TS1
2024-09-27 Teser Technologies Inc. Teser ACT Sanitization Chamber Teser Technologies, backed by Reggin Industries' 30 years of hospital equipment manufacturing excellence, has developed unique ultraviolet light sanitization chambers to eradicate pathogens and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2 and variants which cause COVID-19). Validated by our research partners at the University of Alberta and InnoTech Alberta, the easy to operate 'Teser ACT' chambers kill 99.99% of viruses in 60 seconds, and can be easily set up in offices, health, and commercial environments.; Calgary, Alberta Standard Health TS1
2024-09-28 Datifex Inc. DigitalTwin 3D Software Platform The DigitalTwin 3D Software Platform gives developers the power to build realistic and abstract immersive 3D digital twin web applications for any browser, OS and device. The platform reduces the complexity of building these web apps with tools, methods and a high-performance game engine for creating immersive 3D venues. Within the personalized venue, users interact with objects that represent real-time data from any source and control external systems all from within a "single pane of glass". Kanata, Ontario Military Digital Defence TS1
2024-09-28 RaceRocks 3D Inc Virtual Reality Magnetic Motion Helicopter Simulator (the "Innovation") A virtual reality full motion helicopter simulator that uses high end gaming environments and magnetic field manipulation to deliver a better, faster, less expensive simulation solution for close to earth and long line training. Halifax, Nova Scotia Military Training and In-service support (ISS) TS1
2024-10-01 Avalon Holographics Inc. Holographic Display Prototype Avalon Holographics is pioneering the next wave of display technology with professional holographic displays for natural 3D viewing that enhance cognitive performance without the nausea, fatigue, and other physical effects of headgear, glasses, and other wearables, allowing users to synthesize complex visual data for enhanced analysis, and improving decision making performance and communication for Digital Defence, Air Traffic Control, Medical Imaging, Scientific Analysis and many others. St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador Military Digital Defence TS1
2024-10-18 Penfield.AI Intelligent Security Decision Automation Human analysts are required to resolve security incidents at a Security Operations Center (SOC). Penfield.AI uses an artificial intelligence (reinforcement learning) platform to model human analysts' behaviour when they are interacting with security incidents. This model is then used to optimize analysts' performance by efficient task routing, electronic training and coaching, and intelligent auditing. As a result, Penfield.AI improves the speed and accuracy of analysts on security incidents. Toronto, Ontario Military Cyber Operations and Resilience TS1
2024-10-19 GHGSat Inc. Satellite Wide-Area Surveillance of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (SWAS-GHG) Satellite Wide-Area Surveillance of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (SWAS-GHG) for Government Regulators uses artificial intelligence to detect methane hotspots and predict areas of high emission risk to intelligently task a satellite to measure those sites. This will enable government regulators to monitor wide areas of jurisdictional responsibility (e.g. a province or a territory) with localized high resolution that would otherwise not be possible without an impracticably large number of satellites. Montreal, Québec Standard Clean Technology TS1
2024-10-19 SNAP Innovations Inc. Talon and SEA-Snap Introducing the SEA-Snap family of unique and practical quick connectors. There are 4 standard sizes available, typically for use in marine and harsh environments. Every SEA-Snap, regardless of size, is designed using high-strength 17-4 SS components for load bearing members, corrosion-resistant rivets for assembly, and tough, plastic outer shells for comfort, durability and ease of handling. The Talon offers a lighter weight aluminum assembly while offering the same quick-connecting features. Kanata, Ontario Military Other Defence Capability Enablers TS1
2024-10-20, Inc. Decentralized Identity Citizen Experience Management Platform Decentralized Identity will revolutionize the quality, convenience and privacy of digital experiences. and the Microsoft Decentralized Identity Engineering team are working together to enable organizations to captivate users whenever a mobile device connects at a digital touchpoint. This solution will enable Government of Canada departments to innovate and deploy the digital experiences required to achieve their strategic goals and ensure the privacy of Canadians. Ottawa, Ontario Standard Digital TS1
2024-10-20 Kraken Robotic Systems Inc. OceanVision: providing underwater data acquisition and analytics as a service OceanVision™ provides an end-to-end digitalization service, offering advanced sensors, robots and data analytics as a turnkey service for imaging and mapping of the seafloor as well as seabed assets and infrastructure. \nThe high fidelity data collected by OceanVision™ is an absolute requirement for coherent input to machine learning algorithms. Kraken will build, own and operate the sensors and drones; will run the missions; and will analyze the data for their customers. Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador Military Digital Defence TS1
2024-10-20 MarineLabs Data Systems Inc. CoastAware Vessel Wake Insights CoastAware is a real-time coastal intelligence service that provides persistent real-time data from fleets of rugged, cell network connected marine sensor units. CoastAware Vessel Wake Insights leverages Automated Information System (AIS) and machine learning algorithms to detect, quantify, and attribute vessel wake events to individual vessels and types. Vancouver, British Columbia Standard Digital TS1
2024-10-22 Adventure Lights Inc. Wearable Multi-Spectrum Emitting and Receiving Device The innovation analyses spectral radiation in the environment and determines type and effect to warn the user of harmful presence. The innovation also communicates the status of spectral radiation to the individual, team member, the commander, and overwatch personnel. Furthermore the innovation emits spectral radiation to indicated status and ID in both common and uncommon bandwidths for covert operation. Calgary, Alberta Military Enhanced Soldier Systems – Close Combat TS1
2024-10-26 Simthetiq Inc. Virtual training environment for high-risk naval operations Integrated simulation environment which utilizes immersive content and virtual reality technologies to offer superior training and familiarization to military Canadian personnel. This innovation is designed to bring crew members to a pre-determined and validated level of readiness before deployment and to continue assessment of this readiness while at sea for high-risk operations, including replenishment at sea. Edmonton, Alberta Military Training and In-service support (ISS) TS1
2024-10-26 Spexi Geospatial Inc Scalable RPAS Deployment and Training Spexi is an end-to-end drone photogrammetry platform that delivers accurate user-defined products on any scale. High-resolution imagery and geospatial products can be shared with a quality guarantee & cost-effective pricing.
Training on drone operations & image capture while also offering a Canada-wide network of advanced pilots is included. Our expertise in standardizing customers' processes ensures usable, high accuracy, high compliance, analytics & data are captured and delivered efficiently.
Delta, British Columbia Standard Safety and Security TS1
2024-11-01 CVTCORP Transmission Inc. VariGen (High Efficiency Variable Speed Genset) Low fuel consumption variable speed generator (VariGen) for continuous use (primary energy source). Unlike conventional fixed-speed generators, the VariGen uses a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) to adjust the diesel motor to its optimal point at all times, and to save >20% of fuel. Sainte-Julie, Québec Standard Clean Technology TS1
2024-11-01 DW Product Development Inc. Modular Component System for Remote User Interface (MCS) The Modular Component System is a flexible system of human interface elements designed to facilitate communication between travellers & Border Services Officers (BSO's) at CBSA land border crossings. The proposed system addresses critical needs such as; flexible installation, rapid serviceability & simplified wiring compared to the status quo. Designed for 365/24/7 use in the Canadian climate, intuitive use by travellers & BSO's, with a robust & visually attractive package. Nepean, Ontario Standard Safety and Security TS1
2024-11-04 Enersion Incorporation Solar Powered Cooling, Heating and Electricity Enersion offers a solar Trigeneration that produces cooling, heating & electricity with more than 70% energy savings and zero GHG emissions. The core technology is a patented cooling system that uses nano-porous material to directly convert low-grade heat into cooling without electricity and is integrated with hybrid solar thermal-electrical panels. The hybrid panels capture otherwise wasted thermal solar energy which allows our chiller to convert it into cooling; increasing efficiency by 4x. Toronto, Ontario Standard Clean Technology TS1
2024-11-05 CoLab Software Inc. Lean Engineering Agile Design Review (LEADR) Current engineering programs rely on outdated, manual processes and overly complex PLM solutions throughout the design process that are difficult to maintain, impossible to implement across company boundaries, and cost millions of dollars – LEADR is a cloud-based framework that programmatically applies the principles of lean & agile to engineering design workflows, digital twin creation and change management. Montreal, Québec Military Other Defence Capability Enablers TS1
2024-11-05 Rockport Networks Inc. Securing Forward Operating Bases (FOB) and Platform Command and Control (Platform) networks Rockport Networks Inc provides a "direct interconnect" form of Ethernet networking that provides major improvements in simplicity of deployment and maintenance, reductions in operating costs and material (power, cooling, space, weight) and substantial gains in network performance, resilience and security. These elements create opportunities for improving the command and control network functionality and resilience in FOBs and Platforms, while reducing complexity, cost and material. Kanata, Ontario Military Fully Networked Command, Communications, and Control TS1
2024-11-09 D-TA Systems Inc. Upmast Electro-Magnetic Operational Environment (EMOE) Emulator (EAGLE 1) As Electronic Warfare (EW) involving electromagnetic spectrum manipulation to support friendly operations and impede enemy assaults is proliferating, the demand for testing EW systems like Radar, ESM & Radar Warning Receivers, Jammers, etc., is growing astronomically. The innovation addresses this growing demand with a low-cost and easily deployable EM signal emulator for rapid open-air testing of EW receivers inside Aircrafts, ships and ground vehicles by emulating operational EM environment. Ottawa, Ontario Military Other Defence Capability Enablers TS1
2025-02-04 DMF Medical Incorporated memsorb™ memsorb™ is a next-generation CO2 filter for anaesthetic circuits that uses membrane technology to separate CO2 from the re-breathing circuit.  memsorb™ uses patented advanced medical membrane technology to filter CO2 from anaesthetic circuits rather than absorption via a chemical reaction. Waterloo, Ontario Standard Health TS1
2025-02-04 Mawashi Science & Technology Inc. Hybrid Arm Assistive Exoskeleton (HAAE) for military logistics applications Hybrid (quasi-passive and passive) arm assistive exoskeleton to assist the user during logistics/sustainment tasks. This exoskeleton will assist the user's arms when performing logistics tasks in order to increase the user's performance and efficiency. Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec Military Other Defence Capability Enablers TS1
2025-02-04 2488336 Ontario Ltd. Display5 Desktop: Live Signage, info streams to desktop / screensavers Bring critical live digital info to the corporate desktop. Display5's platform enables the creation, control and management of digital media streams to digital screens in the workplace - digital signs, video walls, room panels, kiosks. A single CMS, enabling all types of digital content types to be streamed to these screen types, has many benefits and a robust ROI. Our innovation extends those digital streams to the desktop/screensaver. No matter where workers work. Stouffville, Ontario Standard Digital TS1
2025-02-07 Bosk Bioproduits inc. Bio-based, compostable and customizable 3D printing filaments Bosk Bioproducts produces 100% bio-based and compostable 3D printing filaments. These eco-friendly filaments are PHA based (a natural polymer), and can replace standard 3D printing filaments to reduce your impact on the environment. Because BOSK develops its own bioplastic formulations, we can customize the filament properties to meet your specific needs. Practice sustainable consumption without compromising performance.  Quebec, Québec Standard Clean Technology TS1
2025-02-09 The Lion Electric Co. Lion zero-emission Class 8 chassis trucks with the integration of specialized electric equipment This innovation proposes the creation, development, and manufacturing of Lion zero-emission Class 8 chassis trucks with specialized electric equipment to achieve a complete electrical and physical integration between Lion's electric vehicles, its partners' specialized equipment and complementary technologies. An integration never seen in the industry to this day. #VALUE! Standard Clean Technology TS2
2025-02-11 Centivizer Inc. 2RaceWithMe With 2RaceWithMe, users pedal over scenic video courses, and they can also pedal with others in a multiplayer mode that enhances social connection between individuals, or video chat with remote family and friends while they are exercising. 2RaceWithMe provides an innovative and enjoyable way to get upper and lower body exercise while selecting from a set of 100 scenic videos, and simultaneously connecting with friends and family. 2RaceWithMe strengthens social bonds and makes exercise fun.  Cowansville, Québec Standard Health TS1
2025-02-11 Trident Pump Inc. The Trident System At Trident Pump Inc. we have transformed large heavy diesel water pumping systems into lightweight, versatile, rapidly deployable high volume, high head pumping systems. Our pumps are designed handle water, salt water and fuel. They don't require 3rd party equipment such as pickers or hoes to lift. This is an All In One, community protection system with the Trident and hose deployer mounted on 6x6's, with 1.8KM of 4" layflat, 30,000 Lb trailer and all attachments! Athabasca, Alberta Military Other Defence Capability Enablers TS1
2025-02-16 OSI Maritime Systems Ltd. Collision Avoidance Decision Aid (CADA) - For Manned and Unmanned Vessels The Collision Avoidance Decision Aid (CADA) will provide the Ship's Bridge team (or vessel supervisor for unmanned operations) with advice on collision avoidance in a timely manner: that complies with the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea (COLREGS); that meets navigation safety; and that can be used to maneuver automatically (with an autopilot on a manned platform, or in an autonomous vessel navigation system), when circumstances allow. Burnaby, British Columbia Military Digital Defence TS1
2025-02-21 AECO Innovation Lab Inc. My Building Code My Building Code (MBC) is an innovative digital solution that delivers codes & standards used by building practitioners in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industries in an easy to use web and mobile application that is available anywhere anytime.  The app provides a seamless interface to navigate, search, bookmark, comment and share codes and standards enabling AEC professionals to improve their productivity and interactions with the resources they use regularly Toronto, Ontario Standard Digital TS1
2025-02-21 Technologies Ecofixe Inc. BIOFIXE Treating ammonia in cold water (below 4⁰C) is possible with BIOFIXE. Obtain a 98% reduction of the ammonia with BIOFIXE modules and an effluent up to 0.5 mg/L. Submerge the BIOFIXE in your aerated lagoons, SBR, or all other biological reactors—simple and efficient! The enclosure features the BIOFIXE media on which a fixed biomass develops. Each module is equipped with a fine-bubble aeration system placed underneath. The BIOFIXE is self-sufficient once installed and does not require an operator. Blainville, Québec Standard Clean Technology TS1
2025-02-22 Niricson Software Inc. Dronic & Autospex Niricson has developed a damage assessment software (Autospex), paired with an unmanned vehicle-based data collection technology (Dronic) to inspect civil structures. The technology collects multiple layers of data which allows for the detection and quantification of any surface and subsurface level defects. A deterioration model of the structure is created to track its condition change over the period of time. With more data, the software will be able to predict the condition of any asset. Victoria, British Columbia Standard Safety and Security TS1
2025-03-01 Total Pave Inc. Predictive Analytics for Road Asset Management Road engineers use asset management strategies to decide when and where to pave and do maintenance every year. The goal of a plan is to keep roads in the best condition at the lowest costs, thus optimizing the level of service for road users. TotalPave's machine-learning predictive analytics tools are able to automatically create these optimized workplans. The tools are lower cost, easier to use, and more accurate than market alternatives, and can be applied to road networks of all sizes. Edmonton, Alberta Standard Digital TS1
2025-03-03 IMRSV Data Labs Inc. Anvil Offline Speech Translation Android-based speech-to-speech translation application enabling users to have real-time face-to-face conversations without internet connectivity or an interpreter. Our primary use case is soldiers who need to communicate with partner forces and the local populace across language barriers. Our capability effectively replaces interpreters and provides full transcription, translation, and text-to-speech functionality. Supports Farsi and Levantine Arabic, Easily expandable to additional languages. Ottawa, Ontario Military Enhanced Soldier Systems - Close Combat TS1
2025-03-04 EnvisionSQ Inc. EnvisionSQ Air Purifier - enhanced bacteria/virus and harmful indoor gas removal The EnvisionSQ Air Purifier is a giant leap forward in air purification technology. As an all-in-one air purifier, it combines state-of-the-art technologies for the removal of particulate, bacteria, virus (including SARS-CoV-2), fungi, allergens, and harmful indoor gases (NOx and VOCs). Using proprietary advanced materials, GermStopSQ kills bacteria (>99.9999%) and viruses on contact and SmogStopSQ removes indoor gases (>55%, single pass efficiency). Joe Mimran will commercialize the technology. Guelph, Ontario Standard Clean Technology TS1

How additional sales work

Eligible testing departments

The same federal government department under the original BCIP or Testing Steam contract can request additional sales from the innovation.

Other federal government departments who did not participate in the initial BCIP or Testing Stream contract can also request additional sales from an eligible innovation.
More than one federal government department can request additional sales of an innovation.

Testing departments (or agencies) must be listed in the Financial Administration Act Schedules I, I.1 & II to be eligible to request additional sales.


For innovations from Call for Proposals 4-6, the contracting authority will determine the acceptable number of additional sales contracts per testing department.

Innovations from Call for Proposals 7 can each have up to three additional sales contracts.

Funding and contracting

Contracts for additional sales to further test an innovation are funded by the testing department.

Contracting is performed by the Science Procurement Directorate (SPD) of Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

Duration of additional sales contracts

The contract duration will be determined on a case by case basis depending on various circumstances, such as the time required to conduct test plans, seasonal requirements, manufacturing lead time, testing department resource availability, and security requirements.

In general, the contract period for additional sales will not be longer than 12 months.

For software applications, including licenses, and maintenance and support, the maximum period will be 12 months.

Contract terms and conditions

Contracts for additional sales will be negotiated under the same terms, conditions and pricing structure as the initial BCIP or Testing Stream contract

Process and resources for additional sales

Suppliers can promote this opportunity among eligible federal departments. Testing Departments interested in additional sales are responsible for:

Once the documents are completed, please email them to with the subject line "Innovation Procurement Directorate (SC Divison)".

Please note that SC Division must receive all required documentation a minimum of 35 business days prior to the additional sales eligibility expiry date in order to guarantee it being processed in time.

Questions about additional sales

Please email enquiries to: with "Additional Sales Enquiry" in the subject line.

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